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The men's signet ring is suitable as a fashion accessory for both special and everyday occasions. Where once only aristocrats were allowed to wear a signet ring, now everyone is allowed to, whether as a simple piece of jewellery or a symbolic heirloom. The signet ring for men can enhance a plain outfit and make for interesting conversation.

Signet rings for men are often very strikingly designed and can attract a lot of attention. If you find the courage to wear the signet ring confidently, it can add significantly to an appealing outfit. Men's signet rings come in different materials, styles and different motifs. Some signet rings for men even offer personalisation options. Used correctly, they are the fashion highlight at any event. Experiment with the most unusual models.


The Best Mens Signet Ring: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's signet rings

As the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, there are a variety of opulent and classy men's signet ring models to choose from. When choosing the right signet ring for men, however, there are a few things to consider, because only then will your ring not only be an eye-catcher, but also suitable for the appropriate occasion.

The following criteria are crucial to ensure that you choose the right signet ring for men.

  • Material
  • Style & Motif
  • Personalisation options

In the following sections you will learn how to choose the right signet ring for men.


Men's signet rings come in different materials. The material has a significant influence on how expensive and how durable the signet ring for men is. Precious materials, if they tarnish, can be cleaned better than other models to bring back the old shine.

Men's signet rings made of gold, platinum, silver or white gold belong to the signet rings made of precious metals. In most cases, these are among the more expensive models, but they bring the advantage of being a lasting and durable heirloom. These high-quality signet rings are also suitable as wedding rings, for example.

Men's signet rings can also be merely alloyed with a thin layer of gold or silver. These rings are somewhat less expensive and thus allow you to treat yourself to different variants for different outfits.

It is not only the ring material that should be mentioned. Some signet rings are decorated with stones. Here, a rough distinction can be made between real and synthetic stones. Signet rings with rubies, opals or diamonds belong to the high-quality and expensive stones. A cheaper and no less attractive alternative is a signet ring with zirconia.

When choosing materials, it is primarily important to consider the emotional value you want the signet ring to have. The expensive, high-quality signet rings are designed to be passed on to a family member at some point.

Style & Motif

Men's signet rings are rich in symbolism and can therefore be found in a wide variety of styles with different motifs. Antique, nautical, vintage and coat of arms signet rings for men can be mentioned among others. Depending on the desired symbolism, it is advisable to choose a different style.

Typical motifs on men's signet rings are lions or eagles. By definition, the lion symbolises courage and royalty. The eagle also means courage but also strength and eternal life. When choosing a signet ring with an animal motif, it is worthwhile to look into the symbolism in advance.

Another typical, non-animal motif is the anchor on the signet ring. The anchor is associated with hope, love and strong bonds. This motif is particularly suitable for weddings or anniversaries, for example, to wish another person or oneself all the best.

In addition to symbolism, personal taste plays a role in the men's signet ring. Antique signet rings and signet rings set with coats of arms and stones are among the more elaborate pieces of jewellery. Vintage and nautical signet rings can be a little more discreet.

Personalisation options

If you are planning to pass on your signet ring within the family or to a significant other, it is a good idea to find out about personalisation options in advance. By adding your own signatures to the men's signet ring, you can pass on a personal message for generations to come.

Not every signet ring material is suitable for personalisation. High-quality metals are particularly suitable for engraving. Models of men's signet rings that are more commonly referred to as costume jewellery should not be used for personalisation, as this is not particularly sustainable.

Personalisations can be immortalised especially on flat surfaces of the men's signet ring. Popular motifs are a family coat of arms or initials.

When deciding which signet ring for men to personalise, rings with stones already set should be avoided. With opulent rings set with stones, the personalisation can be visually lost.

Men's signet rings: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right signet ring for men is not always easy. Therefore, we have answered the most important questions about men's signet rings for you in a compact way.

In which styles are signet rings for men available?

As already mentioned in the buying criteria, men's signet rings are available in many material and style variations. To give you a better overview of the different types of signet rings, we present the most important models with their special features below.

  • High-carat signet rings for men: High-carat men's signet rings are rings made of precious and extravagant materials. They are available in different precious metals, such as gold, silver or platinum with different stones and can be combined with chic outfits on special occasions. A little bit of courage is required for high-carat signet rings for men, as they will make you stand out.
  • Men's signet rings for weddings: Signet rings for men are particularly suitable for one of the most important days in life. They can be both opulent and simpler designs. Men's signet rings for weddings are often bought together with the wedding ring for the bride to match.
  • Fashion jewellery signet rings for men: Fashion jewellery signet rings for men are suitable for the small wallet. Their purpose is to further accentuate a plain or even a striking outfit. At first glance, these men's signet rings can appear high-class, but are characterised by a lighter weight.
  • Stone-studded men's signet rings: With stone-studded men's signet rings, the focus is on a special stone. They are basically eye-catching but also available in subtle variations with dark stones. Zirconia stones are a cheaper option than expensive rubies or opals.
  • Inherited men's seal rings: Inherited men's seal rings radiate great symbolism and are suitable for daily wear. There is often a long family history behind the motifs. Typical motifs are, for example, the family coat of arms or initials. The material is often durable.

When styling a men's signet ring, personal taste is the most important thing! Wearing extravagant signet rings for men may take a little courage.

How do I know if my signet ring for men fits well?

In order to find the perfect fitting men's signet ring, a few things need to be considered, such as knowing your finger ring size. This is especially relevant if the ring is bought online and no comparison ring is available. We explain below in a few steps how you can find out your ring size.

  1. Have a piece of string and a ruler ready.
  2. Wrap the string around the root of your finger.
  3. Shorten the string at the meeting ends.
  4. The ruler will then indicate the ring size.
  5. Finally, it is important to be on the safe side by taking the width of your joints into account when measuring.

It's so easy to measure your finger ring size yourself for the right men's signet ring. If you are still unsure, you can also have your size clarified in a specialist shop, such as a jeweller.

Which finger should I wear a men's signet ring on?

The men's signet ring is generally worn on the ring finger. As a wedding ring, it is traditionally worn on the right hand. However, very old signet rings may only fit on the little finger, as hands used to be smaller.

However, there is no fixed rule as to whether the ring should be worn on the left or right hand, but there are different opinions depending on the symbolism of the signet ring.

In the case of engraved signet rings for men, the ring is turned so that the person opposite can look at the signet.

Wearing signet rings for gentlemen on the index finger or thumb was common practice in the Middle Ages. Today it is rather unusual.

How do I care for and clean my men's signet ring?

High-quality precious metal men's signet rings rarely need to be cleaned, but they can become discoloured or tarnish over time. On the one hand, you can have a professional ultrasonic cleaning done by a jeweller.

On the other hand, home remedies with Coca Cola can also work, but never produce the same results. Another inexpensive option is to soak your men's seal ring in a mild soap bath and then clean it with a toothbrush.

Styling tips for men's seal rings: How to achieve the perfect look

Finally, we would like to give you a few styling tips for your personal signet ring look.

  • Festive outfit / suit: Opulent men's signet rings, for example with precious stones, go well with extravagant outfits. These provide the finishing touch.
  • Simple outfit / everyday fashion: Crest and family seal rings can always be worn in everyday life, especially those made of precious metal. Due to the solid colour, these men's signet rings are only discreetly noticeable.

With these tips, you basically can't go wrong when styling.


The signet ring for men suits every occasion and allows a personal touch like hardly any other piece of jewellery. This accessory is a talking point, whether about symbolism, origin or appearance, the men's signet ring catches the eye and inspires.

This special piece of jewellery can be personalised and is available in various styles and materials for large and small wallets. Chosen correctly, the men's signet ring can last for generations. Sometimes it takes courage to wear such an ostentatious piece of jewellery, but the signet ring for men can become a loyal companion.

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