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There is a wide variety of accessories for men, so that a suitable piece can be found for everyone. Silver chains for men are particularly popular. They are a real all-rounder and are just as suitable for smart outfits as they are for everyday looks.

You can choose from a wide variety of models. It is important for the perfect look to choose the right chain according to your own ideas as well as the optimal styling. Because when combined correctly, a silver chain adds the finishing touch to a man's look and completes the outfit.

The Best Mens Silver Chain: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying silver chains for men

With the large selection of silver necklaces for men, the choice can be difficult. To help you decide which chain is right for you, here are some buying criteria to guide you.

With the help of these features, you can easily find out which men's silver chain best suits your needs:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Closure
  • Weight
  • Design

In the following sections, you will learn what these criteria essentially depend on.


The most common material for all silver jewellery is 925 silver. It is a very soft material, which means that chains and pendants can be made in all shapes. However, the silver can tarnish and discolour slightly over time, but this can be cleaned just as easily.

In addition to 925 silver, there are also silver-coloured alloys such as white gold, in which several precious metals are combined. These include silver, palladium or nickel.

Silver necklaces made of a material that contains nickel are not suitable for people who are allergic to nickel. Skin contact with nickel can cause redness, irritation and itching in the relevant area.


The various silver chains for men come in different lengths. However, it all depends on your personal taste and how you feel when wearing them.

Short chains with a length of about 40 centimetres lie quite close to the neck and usually rest on the collarbone. They are suitable for tops with a narrow round neckline as well as for slightly wider necklines.

Medium-length silver necklaces for men, on the other hand, are a little longer with a length of 50 - 60 centimetres. They usually reach down to the chest. They are therefore a little more striking and very trendy at the moment.


The clasp of the men's silver chain also plays an important role in the purchase decision. It is decisive for how easy it is to put the chain on and take it off again and that it holds well.

There is the classic lobster clasp. With this clasp, there is a hook that can be opened by a spring mechanism with the help of an arm. The hook is then hooked into a ring and as soon as the small arm is back in its original position, the chain is closed.

With a box lock, two parts that fit into each other are connected, which looks extremely elegant and decorative. So as soon as the slider and the box are connected and slightly under tension, the chain is locked. When the tension is released, the chain can be opened.

There are also chains that are closed with the help of magnets. In this case, the ends of the chain are fitted with jewellery elements into which a magnet has been worked. These attract and close the chain. However, this type of fastening is not very secure, as sometimes a small tug on the chain is enough to tear it off the neck.


The weight also plays a major role in choosing the right silver chain for men. It is crucial for a comfortable wearing experience, especially if you want to wear your chain all day or in your everyday life.

The weight is related to both the material and the design of the chain. Coarse-link chains consist of a larger amount of material and are therefore often heavier than finer models. On the other hand, they are usually more robust and are particularly suitable for sporty, casual looks.

Fine-link chains, on the other hand, are usually considerably lighter. The fine look is very simple and can be combined with any outfit. However, due to the light weight and the fine links, these chains can break or get knotted more quickly.


Every taste finds a different design visually appealing. But there are many different designs of men's silver chains on the market.

For example, there are chains that can be fitted with one or more pendants. This allows the chain to be individualised and made into a unique piece of jewellery.

But there is also enough choice for anyone who prefers a simple look. The links of the silver chain come in many different sizes and shapes. So you can not only choose the chain according to your personal taste, but also match it to your other accessories.

Silver necklaces for men: The most important questions answered

To make your decision for a men's silver chain as easy as possible, we have collected and answered the most important questions about silver chains for men.

In which styles are silver necklaces for men available?

In order to appeal to as many different tastes as possible, there are different styles of men's silver chains. In the following list you will find the styles with the most important features clearly listed in each case.

  • Panzerketten: In a curb chain, the individual links are each rotated 90 degrees so that the chain can lie flat. The links themselves come in all shapes and sizes, often in various combinations with each other.
  • King chains: King chains do not have individually visible links. The individual links are interwoven to create a patterned round shape that is very compact.
  • Chains with pendants: Some chains have special eyelets to which one or more pendants can be attached. This makes the pendant look matching and does not destroy the look of the necklace.
  • Multi-layeredchains: Multi-layered chains consist of several chains, but they are worked together at their ends so that all chains are held and closed with only one clasp.

The easiest way to find the style that suits you best is to try out different chains. Combining them with your favourite outfits can also help. Think about how you would like to look with a silver chain and then choose the right model.

How do I know if my men's silver chain fits well?

To ensure that your men's silver necklace looks good and complements your outfit, the following points will help you to test and optimise the fit of the necklace.

  • Neck: If you have chosen a shorter silver chain, it should still not be too tight around your neck. You should not be restricted in your movement and breathing.
  • Shape of the necklace: The necklace should not be twisted or knotted. Only then will it fall loosely and neatly around your neck.
  • Clothing: Match the chain to your clothing. Make sure that the chain does not get tangled in the collar of your top or covered by it.

By trial and error, you can easily find out how to wear your men's silver chain so that it fits well and is comfortable.

How do I care for and clean my men's silver chain?

If your chain is made of real silver, it may tarnish and discolour over time. However, this is quite normal and the chain can usually be easily cleaned again.

You have several options for cleaning, of which we would like to present the most popular ones here.

  • Jeweller: If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to take your silver chain to a jeweller to have it cleaned. The staff there are trained and have the right utensils. This way you can ensure that your jewellery will not be damaged during the cleaning process.
  • Toothpaste: You can easily make your tarnished silver chain shine again at home with a little toothpaste. Put a small amount on a fresh toothbrush and gently scrub your jewellery. Then rinse off and your men's silver chain will shine again.
  • Baking soda: Clean your men's silver chain in a solution of water and baking soda by placing your chain in the solution for a few hours. After soaking, rinse the chain with water and dry with a soft cloth.

After cleaning, your men's silver chain will shine again in its former glory and complement your outfit perfectly.

How can I personalise my men's silver necklace?

If you are looking for a very unique piece of jewellery, there are also silver necklaces for men that you can customise. For example, you can have a name, date or any saying engraved on a pendant or in the clasp in the chain.

Another way to give the men's silver chain an individual touch is to add a pendant. Especially those in the form of a letter. This way you can always wear your own initials or those of someone close to you. The piece of jewellery is then also very valuable emotionally.

There are also some brands or jewellers who offer pendants engraved with the zodiac sign. These can either be in the form of the constellation of the stars or the symbol of the zodiac sign. Here, too, you are free to choose the material, colour and any stones used.

Styling tips for silver necklaces for men: How to achieve the perfect silver necklace look

You can, of course, just put on your men's silver chain and you are ready styled for the day. But if you want to put a little more effort into your look and want the chain to look particularly stylish, we have some tips for you here.

  1. For a uniform look, it's a good idea to choose your other accessories in silver as well.
  2. If you want to wear your silver necklace with a suit, choose silver cufflinks. This will make the look very elegant and straightforward.
  3. Choose the length of the chain according to what you are wearing. If you are wearing a V-neck top, choose a longer, looser-fitting chain. If you have a round neckline, you can wear shorter chains without any problems.

With these tips, you can now style your silver necklace. Of course, there are no rules when it comes to styling in general and you are free to try it out and find your own style.


Silver necklaces for men are a very popular male accessory. Combined correctly, they can be worn for any occasion, whether for a chic dinner or for leisure. The accessory is particularly popular when going out in the evening, as it adds a special touch to the outfit.

If you listen to your personal taste when buying, you will enjoy this timeless accessory for a long time. Men's silver necklaces come in so many different designs that you are sure to find the right piece and enjoy combining and wearing it.

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