Last updated: August 23, 2021

Skater shoes have been popular since the 80s and are one of the classics among men's sneaker shoes, and not without reason. With good grip and stable hold, they are essential for skateboarding. No perfect stunt without them.

But not only that. They are now available in a wide range of colours and variations. This makes them easy to combine with any outfit. There is a matching pair of men's skate shoes and the right look for every man. Whether cool and casual, fit and sporty or chic and stylish? No problem with the skate shoe for men.


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Skate shoes for men: The most important questions answered

You don't know what differences there are in men's skate shoes or what soles they should have? No problem. Below we answer the most important questions about skate shoes for men.

What types of skate shoes are there for men?

There are different types of skate shoes for men. Basically, three types can be distinguished here. They differ in the height of the shaft.

  • High-tops: This type of skate shoe for men is characterised by its high-cut shaft. This usually ends above the ankle. Due to the higher shaft, the shoe offers more stability, which can prove advantageous when skateboarding. In addition, this type of shoe has more padding, which contributes to greater protection and more safety for the ankles and ankles.
  • Mid-Tops: The mid-top shoe is the middle ground between high-top and low-top. Ideal if you can't decide between the two types of shoe. It is not as high-cut as the high-top shoe and ends at ankle level or just below. Due to the slightly higher shaft, it offers more stability and support than the low-top shoe, but at the same time is more breathable than the high-top shoe.
  • Low-tops: This men's skate shoe is breathable flat shoe. The upper ends below the ankles. With a flatter upper, this shoe is lighter but still offers support and stability through the inner soles.

Which of these three types of men's skate shoes is suitable for you? That depends on whether you prefer shoes with a higher or lower shaft. It also depends on which season you want to wear the men's skate shoes and which shoe sole is best for you.

During which seasons can I wear men's skate shoes?

Depending on the shoe type, men's skate shoes can be worn all year round. Due to the high shaft, the high-top shoe can be worn perfectly in winter. If you are looking for a skater shoe for a transitional period, then the mid-top shoe is recommended here. It offers warmth due to the ankle-high shaft, but is also not too warm on somewhat warmer days. Would you prefer a shoe for warmer days? Then take a look at low-top shoes. These offer maximum functionality during movement and also look chic.

What kind of sole should the skate shoe for men have?

A good sole is characterised by a cushioning insole and an outsole with grip. But whether you prefer a cup sole or a vulcanised sole depends on your personal preference. Do you want to hit the ground running and have a good board feeling? Then a vulcanised sole is recommended. However, if you want more stability and protection while boarding, you should choose a cup sole.

Which men's skate shoes are best for skating?

Now the question remains, which skate shoe meets the demands of skating. The shoe should absorb shocks, but at the same time be soft enough to get a good board feeling. In order to have fun with this shoe for a long time, it should also be abrasion-resistant. After all, the shoe should also withstand the grip tape. Among other things, the upper material is important here. To meet the demands of skateboarding, different types of leather are particularly suitable.

Styling tips for men's skate shoes: How to achieve the perfect skate shoe look

  1. For a casual look, the skater shoes for men can be super combined with loose-fitting jeans and a shirt and sweat jacket. These sneakers look super cool with a brown sole.
  2. Men's skate shoes can also be combined with a sporty look. A pair of tighter-fitting black jeans with a loose-fitting T-shirt and sweat jacket looks great here. A loose-fitting hoodie also looks cool here.
  3. For a dressier outfit, a black skater shoe for men looks great with chino trousers, a plain shirt and leather jacket.


Skater shoes for men are an all-rounder, a must-have for every man. Due to the different shaft heights, there is a suitable shoe for every season. Not only that, a men's skater shoe can be combined with all looks. Whether casual, sporty or more stylish. You can never go wrong with a skater shoe for men.

Not that the men's skate shoe only looks great, no. With them, skateboarding reaches a new level. It provides stability and has a firm grip. What would a good stunt be without a good skate shoe for men?

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