Last updated: August 11, 2021


The pleasant and comfortable feeling of wearing good slides for men is becoming more and more popular. This allows you to combine an elegant appearance with maximum comfort. Whether as a pleasant alternative in summer or as a reliable companion even in bad weather today you can find slides for men for every occasion. Just slip them on and feel comfortable from the first moment.

The range of slides for men is almost limitless: from open or closed to sporty or classic. The variety will fulfil all your wishes. In our detailed buying guide & tips for the perfect outfit, we have summarised various buying criteria and answered the most frequently asked questions about slides for men. This should make your buying decision as easy as possible.

The Best Mens Slides: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying slides for men

Since there are so many different slides for men, it is not surprising if you find it difficult to choose a model. To find the perfect slides for you, there are some buying criteria you can use as a guide.

Based on these characteristics, you can find out which slides for men best suit your requirements:

  • Wearing comfort
  • Size
  • Material
  • Occasion

In the following section, you will find out what the individual aspects essentially depend on.

Wearing comfort

Especially high-quality slides for men with an ergonomic footbed should not be too small or too big. If the slides do not fit exactly, the footbed cannot fulfil its function and is often the main cause of aching feet.

The soles of the slides for men should be elastic and relatively soft so that the natural rolling movement of the feet is restricted as little as possible. The advantage clearly lies in wearing comfort.


To increase the special wearing comfort, various manufacturers offer slides for men especially for narrow or wide feet. Most slides are cut according to the usual slides size. If you already own slides for men that fit, order the known size. Above all, slides have to fit well! Only if the slides for men are the right size do they offer the best wearing comfort and support foot health.

In fact, it is often not so easy to know what size slides you need. In any case, it is important that the feet have enough space to roll naturally. After all, healthy walking should not be hindered.


Slides for men are made of robust and quick-drying synthetic or leather materials, are fast, easy to clean and super comfortable. In addition, the slides offer non-slip grip on damp ground and protect your feet optimally.

A firm, thicker sole made of leather protects your feet from stones. The foam in the midsole gives you a beach-like feel, provides optimal cushioning and a relaxed style. The particularly light and breathable material also makes the slides suitable for especially long and hot days.


Time and again, people are surprised at how often they actually need slides. Slides for men are indispensable companions in the office, during sports, on holiday, in everyday life or the pool. Many people also use their slides for the garden or as comfortable slippers.

Slides for men have become an important part of our lives. The slides for men in brown or black smooth leather or nubuck leather is especially fashionable for a summer walk through the city.

Slides for men: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of different slides for men, it can be very difficult to make a decision on a model. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about slides shoes.

The classic among slides for men is the good old mule. They are very practical.

What are slides for men?

The word "slides" usually refers to slippers that have a flat sole and are open at the toes. The latest trendy models are not only made of plastic, but high-quality models made of leather and other natural materials are also available. It is particularly worth mentioning that slides for men are very easy to slip into.

Sporty, modern and yet very comfortable, the slides for men are ideal for trendsetters. Sporty designs, fashionable colours and casual shapes make the open slides for men a stylish leisure shoe.

How do I choose the right size of slides for men?

The perfect slides for men is exactly the one that not only looks good, but also fits perfectly on the foot! The shoe should be neither too tight nor too loose. In any case, it is always easiest to take a shoe that is as comparable as possible and check the inside size. Sometimes the size is also written on the sole. If the manufacturer is the same, it is very easy because then they also have the same size range.

If you do not know which shoe size you need, please follow the 4 steps below:

1.Prepare measurement. Get a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler or tape measure.

2. Mark out feet. Step on the paper with one foot and mark the heel and the longest toe with a pencil.

3. Find the distance from the toe to the heel. Now take a ruler or tape measure and measure the length from the longest toe to the heel.

4. Determine shoe size. Let's imagine that your foot is 27 centimetres long. Then we add 1.5 centimetres as a reserve and arrive at 28.5 cm. The result multiplied by 1.5 is 42.75. We round this value down to 43, which should now be your shoe size.

When is it best to wear slides for men?

Slides for men can be perfectly integrated into your everyday looks. From beach looks to casual chic to classic interpretations, slides have something for everyone.

Slides for men are particularly popular for the following occasions:

Outfit 1: Slides at the beach club. Exuberant atmosphere, sand, sun and sea, here you will feel especially comfortable with slides.

Outfit 2: Slides for the city. Nowadays, slides for men are just as comfortable as trainers. That's why they are also very suitable for city walks or sightseeing tours.

Outfit 3: Slides for a classic interpretation in the evening. Men can also wear slides in the evening. The comfortable slides for men can look especially good with fashionable chinos and an elegant shirt.

Why should I choose slides for men?

Slip them on once and you're done. Sliders for men are probably the most comfortable and easiest shoes to slip on. Slides are very practical and look great with a good outfit.

Slides for men are a real fashion all-rounder that cut a great figure, whether you're having a drink on a summer evening or on holiday at the beach. These shoes simply look classy, can be wonderfully combined with shorts and men's T-shirts and impress with their optimal wearing comfort.

Styling tips for slides: How to achieve the perfect slides for men look

  1. Don't wear slides for men in combination with sweatpants, then you won't look fashionable at all. However, slides are more likely to be combined with smart jeans or black suit trousers.
  2. Under no circumstances should you combine slides with a hoodie/sweater, but, for example, love white shirts.
  3. Wear the slides of your choice with swimming trunks and an open linen shirt.
  4. Sunglasses or a cap round off the beach look perfectly.
  5. In the city, combine your slides with a plain T-shirt and your favourite shorts.
  6. The comfortable slides for men can be combined very well with fashionable chinos and an elegant shirt for an evening out.
  7. A special highlight can be a nice wristwatch.


Slides for men offer a pleasantly light feel and feel wonderfully comfortable. There are many occasions to wear fashionable slides for men in everyday life. Despite great variations, remember that you should only wear closed shoes with your suit. Choose slides for men rather for your holiday or a walk in the city.

Slides for men are very often referred to as mules. The term "slides" refers to practical and casual slip-on shoes with open toes and heels. If you have chosen slides, you must also make sure that your feet are well cared for at all times. Slides for men are particularly characterised by soft soles and above all offer a pleasant wearing comfort. Your feet will certainly be grateful if you choose slides for your everyday life.

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