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Men's slippers warm the feet and are comfortable. After a stressful day away from home, most men long for relaxation in their free time. Slippers for men are the perfect support, they are practical and offer a pleasant wearing comfort. The warmest are felt slippers, fleece slippers and men's slippers lined with e.g. virgin wool or lambskin.

There is something for everyone in the large selection of models in different colours and shapes, so that even fashion-conscious guys can find a suitable slipper. Some men's slippers can even be worn outside in nice weather, making them versatile. For humorous men with a penchant for comics or fans who want to pay homage to their football club, there are a variety of colourful plush slippers.

The Best Mens Slipper: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's slipper

To find out which men's slippers are best for you, you will find the most important criteria below.

  • Model
  • Material
  • Colour & pattern

A brief explanation of the criteria will make it easier for you to compare and make a purchase decision.


There are many different slipper models that have specific functions.

  • Open-toed slippers for men: these so-called mules are not only very trendy at the moment, but also super practical. Thanks to their robust materials, mostly leather and rubber soles, they can also be used outside in summer. The straps are usually adjustable and the footbed is pleasantly padded - a high level of comfort for every man.
  • Men's closed slippers: This model is the classic among men's slippers. Whether in the morning straight after getting up or after a long day at the end of work: slip into the slippers without any complications and convince yourself of the pleasantly warming comfort.
  • Half-high slipper for men: This slipper model offers the ultimate feel-good factor! The half-high slipper is ideal for the cold winter. The slippers for men are equipped with an upper that warms the ankles at the same time. These sock-like slippers are made of cosy materials such as wool felt or sheep's wool and are also lined with lambskin or fleece.

It is obvious that the choice is difficult with so many models. If you can't decide between two pairs, just take both pairs. The slippers will then not wear out so quickly and you will be able to enjoy them for longer.


Depending on the season for which you are looking for your slippers, you should consider the merits of the materials. Slippers made of leather are suitable all year round and are characterised by their durability and secure hold.

Felt slippers, fleece slippers or men's slippers made of virgin wool are particularly warm and therefore score points in the cold winter months. Most of these models can even be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

There are also slippers for men made of synthetic material. These are particularly quiet in their four walls and also very easy to clean.

If you choose a robust rubber sole (with a cork reinforcement), the slippers are even suitable for short stays in the garden or for going to the letterbox.

Colour & pattern

In general, the colour palette of the selection of slippers for men is rather dark. Grey, brown, black and blue are the most common colours. For the fashion-conscious gentlemen, some designers have also created more unusual styles or chosen special colours such as Bordeaux red.

If you are looking for a funny model in a comic design or for feel-good slippers of your favourite football team, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Many online suppliers produce a wide range of great models that make fans' hearts beat faster!

Slippers for men: The most important questions answered

In order to give you the best possible overview, the most important questions about men's slippers are listed below. The detailed answers should make your purchase decision easier.

Why do I need men's slippers?

After a long tiring day, your feet need relaxation. Men's slippers not only warm your feet, but ideally provide restful comfort. Even in summer, the slippers support you during activities in your own home, indoors as well as outdoors.

You can achieve the best possible feel-good effect with particularly cosy men's slippers. Such slippers sit lightly on your feet and keep you warm in cold winter months. Slip into your men's slippers made of virgin wool, felt or lambskin and enjoy your leisure time at home.

Even as a doctor or in nursing professions, slippers for men support you in everyday life. A well-bedded leather slipper will protect your feet and provide perfect support all day long.

Luckily, there are now a variety of trendy designs, great colours and stylish materials. So if you're the fashion-conscious type, there's no need to sacrifice the feel-good factor of men's slippers!

What types of slippers are there for men?

In order for everyone to find their perfect slipper, the market has produced a wide range of slippers for men. Below you will find a description of the types of slippers for men.

  • Mules for men: These open-toed slippers are all the rage at the moment and are therefore also integrated into summer outfits on hot days as a top fashion shoe. They are usually made of leather and have adjustable straps and rubber soles.
  • The classic men's slipper: This model is closed at the front and open at the heel, which makes it easy to slip into. Closed slippers for men offer good support and are particularly practical.
  • Half-high slipper for men: Are you more the cosy type and like to keep your slippers on when you're on the sofa? Then half-height slippers are just the thing! The men's slippers warm your ankles right along with them and are an absolute must-have in the uncomfortable winter months.
  • Fan slippers for men: If you are a big football fan and want to enjoy your favourite club every day, then simply opt for men's slippers from your favourite football club. From Hannover 96 to Bayern Munich to Mainz 05 , you'll find it all. Comic book fans will also find slippers with their favourite characters! Star Wars or various animals from the comic world are very popular, for example.

Be aware of what your requirements are for a pair of men's slippers and only then decide on a purchase.

How do I care for and clean my men's slippers?

You should take good care of your men's slippers to ensure a long life. The implementation of this always depends on the materials from which the slippers are made.

Many men get sweaty feet from warm men's slippers, so the slippers stink after repeated wear. Therefore, air your slippers regularly and use a care spray afterwards to support hygiene.

Men's leather slippers with rubber soles can be easily cleaned of dust, lint or dirt with a shoe brush and wiped with a damp cloth. For ultimate care, rub your mules with a shoe polish that matches the leather. This will keep your men's slippers flexible and supple and enhance your look!

Flexible half-high slippers, fleece slippers and slippers made of wool can be machine-washed on the wool cycle at 30 degrees. Make sure not to use fabric softener and do not use a tumble dryer! To ensure that the slippers for men keep their shape, stuff them with plenty of newspaper when wet.

All other materials must not be put in the washing machine and should only be treated very sparingly with water.

Which slippers for men are best to wear both indoors and outdoors?

Slippers for men have long since ceased to be worn only by grandpas as a means to an end. More and more young, fashion-conscious men are wearing the practical shoes and combining them with cool outfits. Men's open-toe slippers in particular are very popular and are also favoured for outdoor wear.

Open or closed men's slippers made of plastic are also suitable for wearing outside the living area. They are water-resistant, which is why you can use them safely for gardening. Dirt can simply be wiped off with a cloth.

In principle, you can wear any men's slipper outside as long as the materials are robust enough. Slippers with a rubber or plastic sole are suitable. The upper material should be water-repellent and not susceptible to dirt.

We strongly advise against the use outside the home of half-height slippers and all slippers for men that do not have a firm sole. Men's slippers made of wool, fleece, felt, etc. are also better left at home.


Slippers for men are an absolute must-have in every cosy home. They support relaxation in your leisure time and contribute to your health in the cold winter by protecting you from the cold. However, they are not only available in warming materials. A variety of models are designed for summer and can also be worn for gardening or activities outside the home.

A wide range of different types of men's slippers is offered. Whether open and closed slippers or mid-height slippers that warm the ankle, there are men's slippers in every style. Consider your requirements for a men's slipper so that you make the perfect purchase decision. You will get the most out of your slippers for a long time if you pay attention to their care and air them regularly and clean them appropriately.

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