Last updated: August 12, 2021

Different men's heads demand different men's headwear. A snapback for men in particular is probably the perfect men's accessory for young men. It not only covers slowly coming receding hairline, which becomes visible much earlier in men than in women, but also protects against rain and wind. Therefore, it should not be missing from any man's wardrobe.

They are available in different designs, so that there is something for every man and every shape of head. The decisive factor is the right combination of the snapback with other men's clothing. This way, every men's outfit can be upgraded quickly and easily. In this article, we will show you how to combine and style your snapback perfectly.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's snapbacks

As with probably every piece of men's clothing, there are also different models of snapbacks for men. You can find out what you should look out for when buying in the following section.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Closure
  • Adaptability
  • Air permeability
  • Care instructions

To give you a more detailed insight, you will find out below what is hidden behind the individual purchase criteria.


Most snapbacks for men are made of 100% cotton. This is not only pleasant on the skin or the man's head, but also looks high-quality. However, there are also snapbacks made of a cotton blend. This usually means a high proportion of cotton, while the other part can be made of polyester, felt, imitation leather or wool. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste which material is preferred.


The fastener plays a major role in ensuring that the men's snapback fits the man's head perfectly. A distinction is made between the following fasteners.

  • Velcro fastener
  • Synthetic leather strap with metal buckle
  • Leather strap with metal buckle
  • Cotton belt with metal buckle
  • Plastic belt with metal buckle
  • Plastic buckle

Ultimately, the choice of fastener also depends on personal preference and budget.

Air permeability

It is also important that the snapback for men is air-permeable. Especially on warmer days, men should not sweat too much underneath. So when buying, you should make sure that the material is breathable, as well as that there are enough holes in the men's cap to let the air through. Only in this way can the man's head breathe and there will be no uncomfortable feeling under the snapback.

Care instructions

Since sweating is common underneath a men's snapback, it is a good idea to check how the cap can be washed before buying it. It is recommended to wash the cap by hand. However, if you don't like to do this, there are also men's caps that can be washed on a care programme in the washing machine.

Men's snapbacks: The most important questions answered

With today's selection of different caps, it is usually very difficult to make the right decision. The following questions should not remain unanswered and might interest you before as well as after buying a men's snapback.

What types of men's snapbacks are there?

As with any other item of clothing, there are different types of men's snapbacks. Below we have compiled a list of the most popular ones.

  • Snapback Cap: Actually, a men'ssnapback is hardly different from a baseball cap. However, what makes them different is the closure of the cap. Normally snapbacks have a plastic closure with press studs, but as you can read in this guide there are other closures. The closure provides more air permeability than, for example, the Flexifit Cap.
  • Flexifit Cap: This is another type of baseball cap. Here, the men's cap is closed with a flexible elastic band instead of a plastic closure. It is therefore not individually adjustable and you first have to find the right size. Once you have found it, however, you will feel the perfect wearing comfort with this cap.
  • 5-panel cap: These caps are ideal for embroidery. They consist of 5 individually sewn-on areas, also called panels. In addition, the particularly good arrangement of the panels prevents them from buckling. This means the men's wheel is well suited for travel, as it can easily be stowed in a men's backpack.
  • 6-panel cap: This is a collective term for caps that consist of 6 panels. They come in many different variations, so there is something for every man's taste.
  • Trucker / Mash Cap: This is one of the most common men's headwear. They were mainly made famous by truck drivers in the USA, which is how they got their name. The distinguishing feature of this cap for men is that it is mostly made of mash and mostly a foam front, it also has an adjustable snap closure on the back.
  • Sandwich cap: This is a rather new phenomenon on the market. The special feature of this men's cap is the peak. There is a second layer of fabric between the top and bottom of the visor, from which the word sandwich is derived. So in most caps, the middle piece of the sandwich is made of a different fabric or colour than the rest of the visor, so it stands out.

We have thus introduced you to a few different types of snapback and are sure that there is something for every type of man.

How do I wear my snapback for men?

There are different ways to wear them. You have to find out for yourself which one you prefer for your head shape. Either the snapback for men can be worn in the classic way, i.e. with the visor in front. But it can also be worn with the visor at the back or at an angle. Thus, the snapback is characterised in particular by its different wearing variants.

How can I tell if my men's snapback fits well?

As with any other item of clothing, it is also important that the snapback for men fits well. Ultimately, it should not be too tight on the head, but not too wide either. The field of vision should also not be restricted by the visor. You should have a light feeling when wearing it, but not feel constricted.

Which snapback for men suits me?

Every man's head shape is unique. Therefore, it is difficult to say which snapback fits best. It also depends on individual taste. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and radiate this. It should simply fit your clothing style, whether it is sporty or elegant.

Styling tips for men's snapbacks: How to achieve the perfect snapback look

A snapback for men freshens up any outfit. Thanks to the different types on the market, everyone can find the right snapback to match their individual style of dress. Especially for men who like to conceal their receding hairline, such a cap offers the perfect added value. A snapback for men can be combined effortlessly. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Sporty: Like to wear a cap with a logo or lettering. Maybe something that reflects your personality. But make sure the snapback fits well and is breathable so you don't sweat too quickly.
  • Business: If you want to combine a snapback with your business look, make sure you don't bring any flashy patterns into play. Keep the snapback as simple as possible. Monochrome caps without logos or lettering are a good combination.
  • Casual: Almost anything goes. Wear the cap in a colour that matches your outfit. But also make sure that there is no mix of patterns between clothes and cap.

Snapbacks can also be combined in different ways and adapted to any style. Our styling tips are only meant to inspire you. Ultimately, please always wear what you feel comfortable with.


Men's snapbacks are especially popular with the younger generation. Whether for sports, combined with a casual outfit or even a business meeting, they give every man that certain something.

Many different looks can be created and worn with snapbacks. However, the most important thing, as with almost all men's clothing, is that you feel comfortable in it and that the cap makes you feel good to wear. It should also match your own style and you should not feel dressed down by this garment. Then you are doing everything right and you are sure to receive compliments.

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