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Shoes for men are considered items of clothing that reveal a lot about the character of the wearer. The variety of shoes is now immeasurably large. Opinions on individual shoes also vary widely and are just as versatile as the shoes themselves. Some people give little thought to the appearance of the shoes and focus primarily on comfort and usefulness in everyday life, for example in the rain or snow. For other people, the shoe is an important criterion in terms of style and design, which is why the appearance should by no means be left to chance.

Sneakers for men play a very special role in the shoe business. At the beginning, the shoe developed as a youth culture in the 50s. Here, the main focus was on the fact that young people were looking for comfortable shoes for their leisure time. This was mainly because they were looking for a shoe away from the men's fashion of the time. Over the years, the sneaker for men has been developed further and further and now takes up a large part of the market.

The Best Men's Sneakers: Our Picks

Buying Criteria: What you should look for when buying men's sneakers

Regardless of the brand of sneakers for men, you should make sure that they are comfortable to wear. It's best to consider which materials, cuts and laces are suitable before you buy. We have summarised the buying criteria for men's sneakers to help you make the right decision and avoid making the wrong purchase. This should make your purchase decision easier.

For this purpose, we present you with the buying criteria for different sneakers. These are the following buying criteria:

  • The right sneaker brand
  • The material of the sneakers
  • The colour of the sneakers
  • The occasion for sneakers

We will explain these buying criteria in more detail below to best assist you in your buying decision.

The right sneaker brand

The choice of brand depends entirely on your own preferences and wishes. Sneakers for men that cover the sporty area are mainly recommended by the leading brands Adidas and Nike. There is a wide range of styles and sizes here, so there is a suitable model for everyone.

Sneakers for the office or other occasions are available from brands such as Timberland, Bullboxer or Tom Tailor. Here, too, it is entirely up to you to decide which brand and which model is right for the desired occasion.

The material of the sneakers

The material of the sneakers for men is an important indicator for the purchase. If you want more elegant sneakers for the office or everyday wear, sneakers with a leather surface are recommended. These look classy and are protected from wind and weather by their natural surface. Care is usually quite simple and the shoe can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a special cleaning spray for leather.

Sporty sneakers are becoming more and more trendy and are especially suitable for casual occasions. They wear very well with both short and long trousers and are usually made of a fabric or mesh. Depending on the material surface, the sneakers are water-repellent or can be impregnated with an appropriate spray.

For very warm days, sneakers made of mesh fabric are also suitable, as they are particularly breathable and offer good ventilation for the feet.

The colour of sneakers

The colour of your sneakers depends on your personal preferences, the occasion and the outfit you want to combine them with. Dark and muted colours like earth tones, black or white go with any combination and can be a subtle eye-catcher.

In the meantime, sneakers are also available in striking colours and patterns, here you can give free rein to your creativity, for example by configuring your own sneakers.

The occasion for sneakers

If you are looking for a comfortable sneaker for everyday wear, basically any model is suitable, depending on your own ideas and wishes. Here, it is up to you whether you would like it to be more sporty or more elegant and whether the sneakers for men should rather be discreet or eye-catching.

On the other hand, if you want a sneaker for work or other more upmarket occasions such as weddings, a leather sneaker for men is recommended. These are elegant without being overbearing and can be combined with both tighter and wider cut trousers. This type of men's sneaker probably can't be washed in the washing machine, as is the case with canvas or mesh sneakers, for example, but the extra care is worth it for an elegant appearance in any situation.

Sneakers for men: the most important questions answered

After we have presented the buying criteria for men's sneakers, we will now go into the most frequently asked questions. Here you can find out everything you need to know about trendy sneakers, how to care for them and which brand is suitable for which foot.

Which sneakers are in?

There are now so many sneakers for men on the market that it seems almost impossible to decide on the hottest sneakers. Trends change quickly and there are more and more variations of sneakers. In the following, we present three categories of trendy sneakers with which you can definitely create the perfect look and which are currently in fashion.

  • Sneakersfor men without laces: Renowned manufacturers are increasingly designing sneakers that can be slipped into. Either they are not fastened any further, or they are fastened with elastic or Velcro. This can usually be done with one hand and is also suitable when things have to move quickly.
  • Sneakers for men with a suit: More and more sneakers are not only designed for a sporty or casual look, but also for the corresponding style with a suit. For this purpose, there is an ever-growing selection of sneakers made of leather or imitation leather, which go timelessly with any suit. They are usually available in brown or black to look classy but not overbearing. But they are also available in more striking colours. Here, socks are very important in order to guarantee an optimal removal of sweat.
  • Exclusive sneakers for men: In the meantime, you can create your own sneaker with most brand manufacturers. Here, the shape of the shoe, as well as its colour, accents and heel can be adapted to individual customer wishes. This way you can put together your own exclusive sneaker. But limited edition shoes are also becoming more and more trendy. Depending on the edition, only about 50 to 100 pairs are produced, which are in corresponding demand.

How do I know if my sneaker is right for me?

Sneakers for men are now available in such a diverse range that it seems difficult to find the right sneaker. To make this easier for you, we have listed a few points that should give you the best feeling for your new sneaker.

  • The sole of sneakers should be as thick as possible. This provides good cushioning and a good footbed. In addition, the foot does not cool down so quickly in winter because the sole keeps the cold away from the foot.
  • The shoe should fit closely to the foot to provide a stable hold in the footbed. However, the shoe should also not be too tight to avoid pressure points.
  • Blisters are a sign of inappropriate footwear or socks and should always be checked.
  • Sneakers should be worn with socks for optimal ventilation.

How do I care for and clean my sneakers?

How you care for your sneakers depends mainly on the material. For example, you can usually clean canvas sneakers in the washing machine without any problems.

White sneakers need more care than black sneakers. It is best to use a laundry bag and wash each pair of sneakers individually to avoid possible damage or discolouration.

Shoes made of leather or imitation leather should not be washed in the washing machine. It is advisable to wash them by hand, and you can find suitable care products in the shops to take perfect care of your sneakers. Most manufacturers provide special care instructions, which can usually be found on the shoes themselves. With the right care, you will be able to enjoy your shoes for a long time.

Which sneaker brand is best for me?

This question is very individual and therefore cannot be answered in general terms. Different manufacturers have their own styles and are suitable for different feet. Adidas and Converse, for example, offer relatively neutral sneaker styles.

Above all, you should be aware of which category of sneaker you want. Adidas offers sportier sneakers, whereas Tommy Hilfiger produces more elegant footwear.

Styling tips for men's sneakers: How to create the perfect look for every occasion

  • All sneakers for men combine well with jeans. Choose sneakers made of canvas or mesh for a sporty look. Combine leather sneakers, on the other hand, for a good outfit for work or other occasions.
  • High-cut sneakers work well with wider trousers to create a smart look.
  • White sneakers can be combined well with short jean shorts, sunglasses and a sleeveless T-shirt.
  • Men's sneakers also blend in with chinos and a shirt for an ideal outfit for every day.

As you can see, with sneakers for men you now have endless possibilities for combining them. In many offices and workplaces, the wardrobe is now so casual that sneakers are part of normal everyday life and can be combined in any way.


Sneakers for men are a timeless item that can now be combined everywhere. The large selection of different styles from sporty to elegant to very flashy means that the right sneaker can be found for every person. The care can vary depending on the material and is more or less frequent. Of course, this also depends on regular use and the weather conditions.

The buying guide has shown that the choice of brand depends on personal preferences. Advice from a specialist retailer is always recommended. Here, the foot can be measured and an individual analysis can be made as to which is the perfect shoe for the foot.

Image source: Unsplash / SoleSavy

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