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Snow-covered forests and mountains invite you to go for snow walks and tobogganing in winter. So that cold and wet feet don't spoil the winter landscape and the snow, snow boots are part of the everyday equipment for men in snow and cold. With the right footwear, winter days can be enjoyed wonderfully, whether in the mountains or in the city.

Are you thinking about buying men's snow boots? Are you not quite sure what to look for when choosing the perfect men's snow boots? We will help you and answer these and other questions below.

The Best Mens Snow Boots: Our Picks

Snow boots for men: The most important questions answered

When looking for the right snow boot for men, a few questions come up. The answers to the most frequently asked questions about men's snow boots are answered in the following sections. This will give you a deeper insight into the topic of snow boots for men.

What are the characteristics of good snow boots for men?

The search for the right snow boot for men is very individual, depending on your preferences. However, you should make sure that your men's snow boots are water-repellent and also keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. This is the only way to keep your feet warm and dry in snow and cold weather and to enjoy the winter weather to the full.

In addition, wearing comfort and a secure hold are essential for a good snow boot for men. It is worth testing the snow boots well before buying them and trying them out once. This can prevent injuries from slippery and icy floors.

How do I clean and care for my men's snow boots?

Men's snow boots can withstand the coldest and even the slushiest weather. Even the best men's snow boots are affected by snow, cold and wet over time. To ensure that the boots can be used in extreme winter weather next season, proper care of the shoes is key. With just a few steps, your snow boots will look like new again.

  • Waterproofing: Before winter, you should thoroughly impregnate your snow boots. This will not only protect your boots from snow and moisture. It also makes the snow boots easier to clean. Since there are different waterproofing sprays available depending on the material, you should find out which spray suits your snow boot.
  • Shoe polish: If the men's snow boots are made of leather, they need more intensive care from time to time. A greasy shoe polish helps to protect the leather from brittle spots.
  • Drying: If your men's snow boot got wet during a hike or after a day of sledding with the family, make sure that you dry the boot properly. Excessive heat should be avoided at all costs to protect the material. Newspaper from the previous day can help soak up the wetness in the shoe overnight.
  • Coarse dirt: Snow slush or road salt can get on your men's snow boots. Once the shoes have dried overnight, you can remove the dirt with a shoe brush or a damp cloth

By keeping these tips for caring for their men's snow boots in mind, they will extend the life of their favourite winter boots and keep their feet warm and dry during the cold season.

Styling tips for men's snow boots: How to achieve the perfect look with snow boots

Snow boots for men are primarily designed to ensure a secure grip, dry and warm feet in the winter landscape. But the boots can also be used stylishly:

  • The dapper lumberjack: Every man can combine his snow boots with dark jeans, a checked lumberjack jacket, a plain XXL scarf and an aviator cap. Whether at après-ski or in town, you'll leave a lasting impression with this look.
  • The chic business look: Do you want to make a serious impression with your snow boots? Then go for a turtleneck jumper and coat. In simple shades, they set off your snow boots perfectly.
  • Thehip type: Men's snow boots can be combined in a modern way with down coats with fur hoods. Add a plain beanie and the look is perfect.

Whether hip, chic or a little more rustic, snow boots for men can be combined in very different ways. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they also turn into a fashionable accessory.


Snow boots for men come in different shapes and colours. When buying men's snow boots, it is particularly important to ensure that the shoes are waterproof, comfortable to wear and provide support. To ensure that you can still wear your snow boots next winter, it is particularly important to care for them: waterproof them, protect them with shoe polish, dry them safely and remove any coarse dirt early on. With these care tips you can extend the life of your men's snow boots.

Men's snow boots can be stylishly combined. Whether in a lumberjack or business look or as a hip type - snow boots are always a successful eye-catcher.

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