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Wear suit shoes during the day, change into sneakers for shopping and sport shoes for the evening round of tennis. Our feet make us mobile. They guide us through the day. The wrong footwear leads to health problems. To support our feet, men's socks of good quality are just as important as suitable shoes.

We have our own shoes in our wardrobes for different occasions and everyday situations. Men's socks also come in different functionalities and shapes. There are many things to consider when buying socks for men. We would like to be your guide to suitable pairs.

The Best Mens Socks: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying socks for men

We often reach for indeterminate pairs of socks without giving them much thought. But there are a few things you should look out for when buying men's socks in the future.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Sensitivities (waistband, reinforcements)

We would be happy to present the individual criteria to you in more detail.


Men's socks are made of different materials. Socks made of cotton are popular. They are of high quality and durable. Socks made of cotton score points not only because of their high wearing comfort, but also during sporting activities. The natural raw material serves as a water reservoir and can absorb sweat. This prevents unpleasant odours. In addition to pure cotton socks, there are also material combinations with polyamide and elastane. A spandex content makes your men's socks more elastic and flexible. The socks fit your feet so well at the instep and the waistband.

Merino wool is also a popular material for men's socks. The material is particularly warming and gives you a pleasant feeling on your feet even under high stress. Because men's socks made of merino wool can also regulate perspiration.


This criterion is related to the shoes you want to wear the socks in. There are men's socks for suits or, more precisely, for suit shoes that reach a length below the knee. Casual or business socks that reach about mid-calf are a must-have in any wardrobe. Then, of course, there are also men's socks suitable for sports shoes or everyday trainers and sneakers. These reach just below the ankle and are thus inconspicuous. The shortest models cover the foot from toe to heel. These socks can be worn by men in moccasins or boat shoes.
Models from the winter and autumn collections are thicker and longer than those for the warmer months.


Some of us are very sensitive on the feet and men's socks cut into the skin. For this, there are socks for men without an elastic band or seam. Instead, a soft waistband or comfort waistband is incorporated. These socks for men are vein-friendly and suitable for diabetics. There are also extra models for particularly wide or narrow feet. These do not slip on the foot or in the shoes.

Socks for men: The most important questions answered

We want to clear up any further ambiguities or possible questions with this section.

When do I wear which type of socks?

Comfort in shoes is enhanced by matching men's socks. You can find out what you should look out for in the following key points.

  • Stockings: According to etiquette, naked men's legs are taboo on fine occasions. So with fine leather shoes, be sure to go for quality cotton stockings in dark colours. These should reach below the knee.
  • Socks for business: Depending on your business, casual socks can be worn with suit shoes only up to the mid-calf. A certain cotton content will guarantee you a high level of comfort even during a long day at work. Make sure that the socks for men do not constrict, but are wide enough at the calf. We recommend sticking to dark colours like black, dark blue or brown.
  • Casual socks: For everyday wear, it's best to opt for comfortable, fine-knit socks. Here you can also go for motifs or colours that match the shoe. At home, you can buy warm, non-slip socks for men.
  • Sneaker socks: Well-fitting men's socks for trainers are important to have. Sneaker socks remain invisible under fabric shoes. If you wear shorts or high-waisted trousers with fabric shoes, short socks remain inconspicuous. If you go for men's socks without patterns in black, white or grey, they won't interfere with your outfit.
  • If you want to spice up your outfit, wear casual socks with sneakers and shorts. These sit higher than sneaker socks and can be a real eye-catcher with several colours.
  • Sports socks: There are also matching socks for different sports or sports shoes. Men's socks can be reinforced at the sole or heel. This gives you optimal support during sports and allows you to perform at your best. Also make sure you get the right size to support the fit in the shoe and prevent blisters.
  • Socks: Shoe styles such as boat shoes or moccasins are becoming increasingly popular among men. Wearing men's socks gives you a more comfortable feel in the shoes. But the wrong length can disrupt the look. For this, footies are excellent. They are completely invisible when you are wearing shoes.

Just as you enjoy investing in well-fitting shoes, you will enjoy high-quality socks for men for years to come.

How do I know if my socks fit well?

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, so not every men's sock will fit you. There are a few things you can do to tell if your socks don't fit. We will now briefly list them for you. We have also collected some solutions for you.

  • If the socks slip, then you have bought the sock for men in the wrong size. If you have narrow heels, look for socks with a cuff next time you buy them.
  • If the socks constrict, they are too small for you. If you have wide ankles, next time go for socks for men with a wider waistband or elastic. Then there will be no unpleasant pressure points.

If you don't notice that the socks don't fit at all or if wearing them is more comfortable, then you have found the right size.

How do I care for and clean my men's socks?

To make sure you get the most out of your men's socks for as long as possible, we have set out 4 rules for care.

  1. To keep the colour, pattern and material looking good for longer, wash your men's socks inside out.
  2. Cotton socks should only be washed at a maximum of 40 °C on the gentle cycle. Use mild detergent or wool detergent. Full detergent destroys the fibres.
  3. Merino wool socks run the risk of shrinking. Therefore, wash only with wool detergent and at no more than 30 °C.
  4. Sports socks should also be washed at 40 °C. Higher temperatures can destroy the material and thus also the function of absorbing sweat.

If you follow our rules, your men's socks will last for many years and will not lose their functionality.

Styling tips for men's socks

To help you get through the day in style, we've laid down a few basic rules. These are:

  1. Men's socks should be a few shades darker than the suit trousers. For example, you should wear dark blue socks with a blue suit. With a green suit, it is best to opt for dark green socks.
  2. In your private life or if you have a relaxed dress code in your office, you can go for patterns or daring colours. This shows you have a sense of style. If you are unsure, stick to muted tones and solid colours. Black men's socks always go.
  3. Men's socks should not only be colour-coordinated with the shoes, but also with the trousers.

Rules are made to be broken, especially in fashion. Don't be afraid to set your own guidelines.


Men's socks are an important addition to your footwear wardrobe. Once you have found a perfectly fitting pair of socks, we recommend buying them directly several times and in different colours. Men's socks are often sold in packs of 5 or 10. You should also have matching socks in your wardrobe for the different shoes. It is best to have a selection of men's socks for suit shoes and in calf length, sports socks and sneaker socks at home.

Buy good quality men's socks. These will last you for years with proper care. You will also notice the difference when walking and wearing them. You can add that extra something to your outfit with men's socks in eye-catching colours or patterns.

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