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They are suitable for almost any sport and are one of the most popular pieces of sportswear among men: men's sports shorts. Whether basketball, football or fitness training in the gym, the men's sports shorts are a real all-rounder and fit every figure, thanks to the elastic waistband.

However, the men's sports shorts are not only ideal for sports, because they can also be combined casually and simply worn in everyday life. The lightweight material makes them comfortable to wear and the perfect companion on the playing field or in the gym.

The Best Mens Sports Shorts: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's sports shorts

Choosing the right pair of men's sports shorts can sometimes be very difficult, especially with so much to choose from. We have picked out what you should look for when making your purchase decision and would like to present the most important aspects to you in more detail.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Fit
  • Functionality
  • Style

You can find out exactly what you should look out for in the following sections.


The material of the men's sports trousers is very important. It should be light and feel good on the skin. It is also important that the men's sports trousers are breathable so that you can train effectively and are not restricted by the material.

Most men's sports trousers are made of polyester. This is a particularly light material and is perfect for exercising in. Thanks to the lightweight fabric, you also have enough legroom and are not restricted.


The fit depends a lot on your own preferences. Some like wider sports trousers to have more legroom and not feel restricted. These types of men's sports trousers are particularly suitable for the summer months, as they are nice and airy and light, making it easier to do sports.

Others prefer tight-fitting sports trousers. These are ideal for cycling, for example, as you have less air resistance and can therefore train more effectively.

So the fit you choose also depends on what sport you do.


Men's sports shorts should not only look cool, but also be functional. The most important thing about a pair of men's sports shorts is that they are light and comfortable to wear. It is also just as important that the trousers are breathable and that sweat is absorbed and transported away during sports. This means that the sports trousers always stay dry and you don't feel uncomfortable.

Some men's sports trousers also have sewn-in light reflectors, which means you are still visible in low-light conditions when jogging or similar and can be safer on the road.


Men's sports shorts come in a wide variety of styles. Most are equipped with an elastic waistband so that the trousers sit perfectly on your hips and you don't have to worry about them slipping up or down unintentionally.

Other models also have a drawstring that allows you to adjust the circumference of the shorts. Men's sports shorts are also available with or without pockets. Which variant suits you better depends on whether you carry something with you during sports, such as a mobile phone. In this case, it is of course practical to have a pocket to keep the item safe.

Others, on the other hand, find it annoying to have something in their trouser pocket during sport and prefer a mobile phone holder on their arm. It all depends on your own preference.

Men's sports shorts: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of short sports shorts for men, many questions naturally arise. We have found out the most important ones for you in order to answer them collectively.

What types of men's sports shorts are there?

There are also many models and variants of men's sports shorts. You can find out what makes each type different in the following sections.

  • Tights: Tights are close-fitting and are best suited for colder temperatures. They are also ideal to put on under another pair of trousers with a slightly wider cut. Tights are mainly used for cycling because they have less air resistance and are easier to train in.
  • Functional shorts: Functional shorts for men are usually made of a lightweight fabric that is breathable and absorbs and wicks away sweat. They are best suited for the gym or home workouts.
  • Sweatshorts: Men's shorts in soft sweat fabric are good for just wearing in your free time. They are very comfortable and can be easily combined with a cool T-shirt.

How do I clean and care for my men's sports shorts?

When it comes to cleaning and care, it depends on the fabric of the men's sports shorts. Shorts made of polyester, for example, should never be washed at more than 60 °C. The optimum washing temperature is 40 °C. The optimum washing temperature is 40 °C.

A mixture of polyester and cotton does not shrink, unlike pure polyester, and can be washed at 60 °C without any problems.

However, to be on the safe side and not do anything wrong, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label first. This is the only way to ensure that the material is well preserved and you can wear your men's sports shorts for a long time.

How do I find the right size for my men's sports shorts?

You should always buy your men's sports shorts in your normal fitting size. If the waistband is too tight despite the elastic band, it will be very annoying when moving. You feel uncomfortable and distracted.

If the waistband is too big, however, the sports trousers have no support when running or jogging and could slip. Here, too, you are more distracted and less able to concentrate on your sporting exercises.

Therefore, it is important to buy the right size for the perfect fit.

Buy men's sports shorts with or without pockets?

When it comes to men's sports shorts, you have a choice between shorts with and without pockets. Sports shorts with side pockets usually have a zip so that the contents do not get lost while jogging or running. The pockets are ideal for storing small items or your mobile phone or keys.

Whether this is the right choice, however, depends on your own preferences. Mobile phones and keys can be very heavy and thus get in the way during sports. If this doesn't bother you too much and you don't want to do without your mobile phone during sports, men's sports trousers with pockets are perfect for you.


Men's sports shorts are the perfect garment for sports. They are suitable for any type and offer comfort. The different models not only look cool, they are also functional. The lightweight fabric made of polyester absorbs sweat and wicks it away to keep you feeling dry and comfortable against your skin.

Men's sports shorts are also great to wear in everyday life. Combined with a simple T-shirt, you have a casual outfit for a relaxed day outdoors or even at home. They are extremely comfortable, thanks to the elastic waistband, and don't slip when they fit properly. A real all-rounder that no wardrobe should be without.

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