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Whether you're playing football or hiking, good sports socks for men are a must. They provide a comfortable feeling and round off the outfit. Sports socks for men even have different functions and can be adapted to the outside temperatures and the type of sport.

Every sporting goods manufacturer has such socks for men in their range, so the selection is very large. Therefore, we would like to give you a few tips on what you can look out for in order to buy the perfect men's socks for your sport. We also answer how you can wash the socks or what the difference is to normal socks.

The best mens sports socks: our picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying sports socks for men

Sports socks for men are available in different shapes and varieties. In addition, socks for men also differ in terms of the type of sport they are used for. To get the best possible wearing experience, we would like to give you a few tips.

So before you buy, you should think about the following purchase criteria:

  • The upper
  • The sock style
  • The sport
  • Technical function
  • Compression function

In the following section, we show you what you should look out for.

The upper material

Sports socks for men are made of different materials depending on their intended use. Often several fibres are combined with each other. Natural fibres such as cotton and merino wool or synthetic fibres such as acrylic or polyamide are most commonly used.

  • Cotton: Fabrics made of cotton have the advantage of being warm in winter and cool in summer. They are also easy to care for and comfortable to wear - perfect for endurance athletes.
  • Merino wool: The more expensive natural fibre has special properties. The fine wool keeps you particularly warm in winter, can absorb a lot of moisture and is also odour-neutralising. Ideal for skiers and athletes who like to be outdoors.
  • Synthetic fibres: They often reinforce men's sports socks at the heels and balls of the feet and thus provide more stability. They are also particularly hard-wearing and elastic. This means they fit the foot perfectly.

Sports socks for men can therefore be adapted to the season and have different properties. So it's worth taking a look at the materials.

Style of men's socks

Sports socks for men are usually medium-high, which means they go a bit above the ankle. In this way, reinforcements can protect the ankles and tendons better than with socks that already end at the ankle.

Sneaker socks are not visible when worn with normal sports shoes. They are therefore more suitable for the gym. Many manufacturers also offer this variant for running and jogging. However, they are not quite as popular with men.

Men's socks should not slip during movements or be too small. Sneaker socks are therefore not suitable for skiing or hiking.

Athletes who want to pay attention to blood circulation during their training often turn to knee socks, as these usually have a compression function built in. Men's socks can be used for many sports. They are particularly popular with skiers.


Different socks can be used depending on the type of sport and the type of exercise. For running and indoor shoes, the choice is flexible. For extra grip in the shoe, there are sports socks for men with a special grip coating.

Warming socks for men are advantageous for winter sports. In addition, the seams should be well made or preferably seamless, so that pressure points can be avoided.

Sports socks for men are also useful for hiking. Since the shoes usually go over the ankle, socks should be chosen that are flush with the shoe. Socks with elastane adapt particularly well to the foot, so you can spend the whole day on the mountain.

Technical features of sports socks for men

You can also choose sports socks based on their technical features. These features distinguish them from normal socks. Moisture-regulating socks are particularly popular, as they significantly improve the feeling of wearing them and are therefore made for longer sports sessions.

Many sports socks for men are also very durable, especially if synthetic fibres have been used. When men do sports, the socks have to withstand a lot, but should not rub against the foot. The waistband in particular should be elastic but not slip.

Seamless sports socks for men are specially processed and offer extra comfort. The seam can often be a nuisance, especially in the toe area. It is also advisable to have a reinforcement there, especially if you put a lot of strain on your feet.

Compression function

Sports socks with compression are very suitable for athletes who run and jump a lot. They promote blood circulation in the legs and thus prevent sports injuries and muscle pain. The muscles are also stabilised.

The function is usually incorporated into knee socks, as the pressure is highest in the area between the ankle and the knee. Sports socks with a compression effect make it easier for the blood to be pumped back to the heart. This also prevents swelling in the legs.

But the effect can also be very useful with stockings. Especially around the joint, compression is beneficial and has also been scientifically confirmed.

Sports socks for men: The most important questions answered

The choice of shapes and colours can be overwhelming. It can be very difficult to make a decision. In the following, we answer the most important questions about sports socks for men.

What are the advantages of sports socks for men compared to normal socks?

Athletes should not do without special socks for men, no matter what sport they do. There are many reasons why sports socks are better than normal socks, and everyone who has ever done sports with normal socks knows that blisters and pressure marks can occur.

So that you can concentrate fully on your sport and not be annoyed by your socks, it is advisable to invest in sports socks for men for the following reasons.

  • Special padding: The fabric is often reinforced, especially at the front of the toes, at the ball of the foot and at the heel. This prevents the formation of blisters and chafing.
  • Different fabrics: Men's sports socks are usually not only made of one fabric, such as cotton, but are reinforced with synthetic fibres such as elastane. This makes the socks even more durable and they fit the foot better than ordinary socks.
  • Special features: Due to the special processing, athletes can opt for cooling or warming socks. They also absorb liquid and thus contribute to a more comfortable feeling. Sports socks for men can also be odour-neutralising - perfect for after sports.

Which style is suitable for which sport?

Basically, sports socks for men can be chosen according to personal preference. Some men find certain lengths uncomfortable or annoying to wear. The following tips are only intended as a suggestion.

Both short sneaker socks and (knee) socks are suitable for jogging. For beginners, short socks are sufficient, whereas long-distance runners also like to use knee socks.

Footballers like to use slightly longer socks or knee socks. The socks should combine well with the socks without slipping.

Tennis players have even made the well-known tennis socks suitable for everyday use. The socks are ideally suited for this sport and offer sufficient flexibility.

Sneaker socks are not suitable for basketball players because they are too short for the slightly higher shoes. Sports socks should be at least as high as the shoe itself to avoid chafing. The same therefore applies to hikers.

For men who like to go to the gym, all varieties tend to be suitable, including short socks, also known as "no-show socks". For indoor sports, socks with wool content should not be chosen, as they get too warm.

What features should I look for when buying socks?

As already mentioned, sports socks for men have various functions. Not all of them have to be fulfilled, but this clearly shows the difference to normal socks. You can look out for the following points:

  • seamless
  • padded
  • warming/cooling
  • quick drying
  • elastic
  • Compression function

Decide how important the functions are to you.

How to care for and wash men's sports socks

Worn sports socks must be washed after every wear, as odours can form and bacteria can collect due to perspiration. What to look out for is described here:

  1. What material are the socks made of? Cotton and synthetic fabrics can be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees without hesitation. Merino wool socks should not be washed at higher than 30 degrees to keep their shape.
  2. No bleach or softeners: These should be avoided, not only for the sake of the environment, but also to maintain the shape and function.
  3. Washgently: The socks can be washed on the delicate cycle. It is best to turn them inside out so that they can be cleaned more easily. So that the socks do not disappear in the washing machine, washing nets can be used.

It is best to pay attention to the care instructions and the manufacturer's info.

Styling tips for men's sports socks: How to create the perfect sports outfit

Sports socks for men are no longer only available in black or white. Many manufacturers play with colours and combine them cleverly. But the colours don't have to blend in with the rest of the outfit. The male sports outfit can also be colourful.

With plain-coloured shoes, colourful socks are a special eye-catcher. The colours also often make the components of the sock easier to see and thus easier to distinguish from normal socks at first glance.


Sports socks for men are a must for every athlete. Due to the various advantages they offer, they support the joints and the feeling of wearing them. So you can concentrate on the sport and don't get blisters or pressure marks.

The design of the socks can be fancy. It is also worth testing different socks to have a good comparison.

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