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Almost every man owns it. The suit. For decades, this timeless classic has been the shining favourite of men's clothing. What's more, a suit for men is undoubtedly the perfect complement to a smart business look. But what is the most important thing about a suit? Of course! The suit jacket for men. A suit jacket, also known as a "jacket" or "blazer", exudes not only masculinity but also perfection in men's fashion taste.

But finding the right suit jacket can be difficult. Fortunately, countless variations of different suit jackets exist today, consisting of different textiles, colours and craftsmanship.

The best suit jackets for men: Our picks

Suit jackets for men: The most important questions answered

Since there is a huge selection of the finest suit jackets for men, the most important questions will be answered concretely and compactly below. This will eliminate any ambiguities for you while also making your search for the perfect suit jacket for men easier.

What materials are men's suit jackets usually made of?

Depending on the occasion or season, different fabrics are used to make suit jackets. Normally, a suit jacket for men is made of cotton or virgin wool. If you want to dress classically for hot summer days, it is advisable to switch to a suit jacket made of linen. Linen is a very light and above all extremely airy material and is therefore ideal for high temperatures. The disadvantage here is that a linen suit for men is very susceptible to creasing.

The best material for both cold and warm seasons, which is crease-resistant, is virgin wool. A suit jacket for men made of virgin wool is not only heat insulating, but also waterproof and adapts to any outside temperature.

What occasions are suit jackets for men to wear?

A stylish suit jacket is the eye-catcher par excellence for any occasion. They are best suited for parties, for work or for meetings. But a suit jacket doesn't necessarily have to be worn only for formal occasions.

Combined with flannel or cloth trousers and even jeans, a suit jacket for men is always a fashionable addition. For this reason, you can also wear suit jackets to completely casual events. The only difference is that when you wear a suit jacket, you will positively stand out from the crowd.

How do I care for and clean my men's suit jacket?

A suit jacket for men is a timeless speciality. To ensure that your suit jacket remains special for as long as possible, it is absolutely essential to clean, care for and store it properly. Therefore, there are some tips that you absolutely must follow for its care.

To avoid creases, you should always store your suit jacket in a storage bag with enough space in your wardrobe. If your suit jacket gets dirty, you should take it to a special dry cleaner. Washing a suit in the washing machine is never a good idea. This could ruin your jacket.

What types of suit jackets are available for men?

You can choose any colour you like when buying. It is also possible to choose your favourite style from a huge range of different designs. These are regular fit, slim fit or extra slim fit.

The final choice depends on your personal preference and body type. If you are a little stronger, the suit jacket for men is best suited as a regular fit. However, if you want to accentuate your figure, the slim-fit or extra-slim-fit variations are better suited.

Styling tips for men's suit jackets: How to achieve the perfect look

  1. Tip 1: The size must fit. To ensure that the sleeves of your suit jacket for men are not too short or too long, it is important to find out your exact measurements before buying.
  2. Tip 2: For the "wow effect", it is advisable that your jacket is colour-coordinated with the rest of your clothes.
  3. Tip 3: The devil is in the detail. Trainers, flip-flops or sandals generally do not go well with a suit jacket for men. To ensure that the overall look is right, you should rather switch to leather shoes.
  4. Tip 4: A colour-coordinated tie, bow tie and pocketkerchief can also be used as an option to give your suit jacket that certain something.
  5. Tip 5: A well-groomed appearance is the be-all and end-all for a perfect look. It is therefore very important that your suit jacket for men has neither stains nor creases.


Even though times are constantly changing, the suit remains an existing classic for the fashion-conscious man. Whether you are in a meeting or casually strolling around in everyday life. A well-groomed suit jacket for men is always an absolute eye-catcher.

A symbol of symmetry, grace and aesthetics, today's suit jacket represents the boundless perfectionism of fashion. Although a suit jacket for men has always been a classic, nowadays it is not just for businessmen. Combined with simple jeans, anyone can stand out from the crowd, even in ordinary everyday situations, and impress those around them with their style-conscious fashion.

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