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Swimming shorts are probably the most essential item of clothing in your wardrobe in the summer. Men's swimming shorts are not only used in your own pool in summer, but also when playing volleyball, at the beach and can just as well be worn when having a barbecue afterwards. It is precisely because of this versatility that it is important to have the perfect swim shorts for men in your wardrobe.

Due to the loose cut and the quick-drying material, men's swim shorts are a practical companion for any activity in summer. This includes sporting activities in the water and on land, but also relaxed summer evenings.

The Best Mens Swim Shorts: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's swim shorts

Men's swim shorts are suitable for many different occasions. Whether you're sunbathing on the beach, playing beach volleyball or having a barbecue with friends. With the right men's swim shorts, you are always well dressed. What's more, you can go into the water at any time. When buying them, however, you should keep a few things in mind.

The following buying criteria will help you find the right men's swim shorts for you:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Length
  • quick drying
  • Inner net

The following sections will tell you how to choose the perfect men's swim shorts.


The material of men's swim shorts must meet several requirements. Firstly, it must be made of an elastic material. This is usually polyamide or a mixture of elastane and polyester. Since these materials do not absorb water, they are perfect for swimwear. They also allow the material to dry quickly. The elasticity is of course also an advantage for freedom of movement. Your swim shorts should therefore be made of an elastic material so that the men's swim shorts do not simply tear when playing volleyball on the beach, for example. In summary, you can say that the swimming shorts for men should be made of a material that does not absorb too much water. The material should also dry quickly.


Men's swim shorts come in every conceivable colour. Here, of course, it depends on your preferences. Depending on the occasion for which you want to wear the men's swim shorts, you can tend towards different colours. For men's swim shorts for sports, I would tend to go for a plainer shade. For example, black or blue men's swim shorts. For summer holidays at the beach, bright colours are very popular with men. For example, red or patterned swim shorts for men. Currently, swimming trunks in pastel shades are especially trendy. White or cream swim trunks, on the other hand, should be avoided as they quickly become transparent in the water. When buying men's swim shorts, you should also pay attention to the even colour distribution. The swim trunks should not lose any colour in the water.


Men's swim shorts vary greatly in length. Again, you should decide for yourself which men's swim shorts length you like best. Men's swim shorts can end at the upper third of the thigh or a hand's width above the knee. How long the perfect men's swim shorts should be for you also depends on the intended use. Shorter men's swim shorts are suitable for high-movement sports such as beach volleyball or surfing, as you have more freedom of movement and legroom. If you just want to relax on the beach, you can go for a longer version. However, not if you want to get a tan. The longer the shorts, the less tanned your skin will be. The longer shorts protect you from sunburn and cool wind. In addition, longer swim shorts for men can conceal problem areas, such as thick thighs.

What is really important when buying men's swimming shorts is the freedom of leg movement. The shorter the shorts, the more freedom you have. If the men's swim shorts have additional slits or elastic inserts at the sides, then the shorts offer more freedom of movement. A rounded hem can also provide more freedom of movement.


Another important criterion when buying swim shorts for men is that the swim shorts dry as quickly as possible. Materials that dry very quickly and are used to make men's swim shorts include polyamide (also known as nylon) and polyester. So when buying, make sure that your men's swim shorts are made of these. Often, men's swim shorts are also mixed with spandex. However, this does not prevent the shorts from drying. So if your men's swim shorts are made of polyester or polyamide, you don't have to worry about getting into the car with wet swim shorts after a long day at the seaside. Your men's swim shorts will be dry again after a short walk to the beach bar or a spin on the bike.

Inner net

Another criterion when buying men's swim shorts can be the inner mesh. Since swim shorts are generally cut very loosely, the inner mesh ensures that everything stays in place. Men's swim shorts with inner mesh not only fit well, they also prevent prying eyes from peeking under the shorts.

Men's swimming shorts: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right swim shorts for men is not always easy. That's why we have answered the most important questions about men's swim shorts for you.

What types of men's swimming shorts are there?

Depending on the intended use, swimming shorts for men should have different functions and features. In the following, we have compiled the most important types of men's swim shorts and their special features.

  • plain coloured men's swim shorts: They are the classic among all men's swim shorts. There are swimming shorts for men in every conceivable colour. Black and dark blue shorts are the best all-rounders. They resemble normal leisure shorts and can be combined with almost any T-shirt. Black and dark blue men's swim shorts look classy and understated. With a pair of red, yellow or turquoise swim shorts, you can add some colour to your summer outfits. Coloured men's swim shorts are best combined with a simple black or white shirt. Men's swim shorts in bright colours are a real eye-catcher during sports. For example, when playing beach volleyball or basketball. However, plain coloured men's swim shorts always go well with patterned shirts.
  • patterned/eye-catching men's swim shorts: Men's swim shorts are not only available in one colour, but also in many different patterns and with motifs. These include, for example, floral or palm tree motifs, waves or stripes. These men's swim shorts with eye-catching designs are perfect for a surfer look. These colourful swim shorts, which are often worn by surfers, also often have a longer leg. The shorts then go down to the knee so that the surfers' thighs are protected from the sun and the associated sunburn.
  • Sports - Men's swim shorts: As already mentioned, men's swim shorts are also perfect for doing sports. But not every pair of swimming shorts for men is suitable for this. Men's sports swim shorts are usually extra casual and wide cut. They offer extra freedom of movement and legroom, as men's swim shorts usually only cover half of the leg. In addition, they are often equipped with side pockets with Velcro fasteners so that you can still carry your valuables such as your mobile phone or keys with you during sports. Men's swim shorts for sports are also often equipped with a logo or sporty stripes on the side. These swim shorts for men are therefore ideal for anyone who likes to be active on the beach or in the park in the summer and wants to jump straight into the water again afterwards.

How do I clean and care for my men's swim shorts?

To be able to wear your men's swim shorts for more than just one summer, it is important to wash and care for them properly. We have written down a few care tips for you below:

  • First of all, it is important to rinse your men's swimming shorts with clear water immediately after bathing if possible. This rinses off the residue from the salt water, prevents it from sticking and thus does not attack the fibres of the men's swimming shorts. Salt and chlorine residues on men's swimming shorts come from swimming in the sea or pool.
  • You can then wash the shorts in the washing machine. We recommend washing the shorts at 30°C on the delicate cycle. This should prevent shrinkage of the men's swimming shorts.
  • To avoid unattractive sunscreen stains on your men's swim shorts, we recommend that you wait about 20 minutes after applying sunscreen. You should not put on your swim shorts until the sunscreen has been absorbed. If you do not wait, the sunscreen may discolour the men's swimming shorts.

How do I prevent my men's swim shorts from wearing out?

Again, it all comes down to proper cleaning and care. If you have followed all the steps above according to our recommended instructions, the likelihood of your men's swim shorts wearing out is already very low. To prevent your swim shorts from wearing out, we would also recommend that you do not wash your men's swim shorts with fabric softener. Of course, it always depends on the quality of the swim shorts for men.

How do I find a good fitting pair of men's swim shorts?

To find the right men's swim shorts for you, you could use your favourite pants as a guide. What fit they have and what brand they are. You can then also look for swimming shorts for men. Basically, we recommend that you test the freedom of movement and legroom when trying them on. You can do this by taking larger steps or by lifting one knee and pulling it towards your body. The men's swim shorts should not be tight around the stomach or legs. We also recommend that shorter men do not go for very long swim shorts. These would visually compress your body and make you look even smaller.


Swim shorts are a must-have for every man in summer. No matter if you are sunbathing, at the beach, doing sports or having a barbecue in the garden. Men's swim shorts are very casual, comfortable and the perfect piece of clothing for the summer, as you can easily jump into the water for a cool down at any time.

The men's swim shorts have a comfortable fit and thanks to the integrated inner mesh, everything still stays in place during sporting activities. The men's swim shorts offer enough freedom of movement for any sport you want to do in summer at the beach, in the park or at home. Men's swim shorts come in every colour and almost every pattern and motif imaginable, so there's the perfect and individual swim shorts for everyone.

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