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Whether at the beach or in the pool, a pair of swim trunks for men is the must-have for a day at the beach. As a man, a fashionable outfit is just as important as it is for women. Therefore, you should choose the right model of swim trunks for men according to your type.

If you are a little more daring, you can also go for a bold colour or pattern, so that the swim trunks for men are a real eye-catcher. With our small overview, we would like to help you choose the right trunks for bathing fun and have therefore described some important criteria in more detail.

The Best Mens Swimming Trunks: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's swim trunks

To ensure that the swim trunks for men suit your type of man, underline your figure and are of course as practical as possible, we have put together some buying criteria that you can use for your decision.

These are the following buying criteria for men's swimming trunks:

  • Inner mesh
  • Zipped pockets
  • Cut
  • Size

In the following, we will go into more detail about these four points and describe why they are important for the decision when buying swimming trunks for men.

Inner net

An inner net primarily ensures that the swim trunks fit comfortably and also protects against prying eyes. It also has a hygienic function and ensures cleanliness in the pool. The net also prevents chafing in very tight swimming trunks.

However, the net can also cause the opposite, namely itching. You should try on different swim trunks for men to assess the comfort of an inner net.

Zipped pockets

The advantage of pockets with a zip is that you can carry small change or a key while swimming without losing any of it. This way you can carry at least a small part of your valuables on your body and don't have to worry about them being stolen.


The cut of a pair of men's swimming trunks should be age- and type-appropriate so that the fashionable garment also fits you ideally. In general, for all men who do not want to show too much, slightly wider cut models of men's swimming trunks are more advantageous than very short and skin-tight ones. However, everyone should follow their own personal taste here. The different types of swimming trunks for men are described below.


Choose the dress size in which you also wear your boxer shorts. Of course, it depends a little on the manufacturer and the individual models how the size turns out. However, your usual trouser size is usually also applicable here for men's swim trunks.

Men's swimming trunks: The most important questions answered

Before making a purchase decision, we have answered the most important questions about swimming trunks for men. At the end of this guide, you will know all the details you should look out for in this item of clothing.

In which styles are men's swimming trunks available?

As already mentioned above, there are different types or cuts of men's swimming trunks. Depending on personal taste, nothing stands in the way of creativity here. However, some styles are slightly better suited to certain figure types than others. These are the individual cuts:

  • Shorts: Reach mid-thigh and have a loose but not too loose fit. An elasticated waistband and usually a drawstring provide the necessary support. For all men who are looking for a classic swimsuit that suits every figure, shorts are the perfect choice.
  • Pants: Pants are a very tight version of swimming trunks for men, usually made of elastane to sit very close to the body. They have only one very short leg and are suitable for anyone who wants to show off their toned figure.
  • Briefs: The even shorter and close-fitting version of pants is a swim brief. Here, the body stands out very precisely and requires a very sporty figure and also a little courage to wear these men's swimming trunks.
  • Bermuda: A very long and loose-fitting swimsuit is the Bermuda. This type of swimsuit for men is not particularly sexy and not very comfortable to wear because of all the fabric. If you absolutely want to hide something, you can possibly go for this cut. However, shorts are usually quite sufficient.

After our listing here, there are certainly some cuts of swimming trunks for men that come into question for you.

How do I care for and clean my men's swimming trunks?

In order to enjoy your swim trunks for men for as long as possible, you should follow a few care tips. First of all, you should change your trunks after swimming and wash them thoroughly with fresh water. Salt water and chlorine will damage the material of the swim trunks in the long run.

When applying sunscreen, make sure that the lotion does not touch your shorts. This could leave unsightly stains and damage the material after a long time. Swimming trunks can also be washed in the washing machine. Use a gentle detergent and follow the temperature instructions on the care label.

Last but not least, while wearing them, make sure they are not sitting on rough or pointed surfaces. These can make holes in the men's trunks and damage the fabric.

In which materials are swimming trunks for men available?

The material has a lasting effect on the comfort and functions of a pair of swimming trunks for men. In addition, most trunks are made of a mix of materials to combine the positive properties and increase comfort.

The main chemical fibres used are polyester, elastane and polyamide. Polyester is characterised by its ability to dry quickly, its resistance to light and its ease of care. However, it is sensitive to heat and must therefore not be ironed and also often causes irritation to sensitive skin.

Polyamide also dries very quickly, does not crease and is very light. The disadvantages of it are that it is sensitive to the sun and chemicals. Elastane is extremely tear-resistant and has a high elasticity. It also does not become statically charged. However, this material is not very breathable.


The perfect swim trunks for men depend first and foremost simply on one's own taste. Which cut fits best depends somewhat on the figure and courage of the wearer. With shorts, on average, every man is well dressed. To make them even more eye-catching, colours or patterns can of course be used.

When it comes to the material, you should choose a mixture of polyester, polyamide and elastane. This way, you have an extremely comfortable pair of swimming trunks for men that dries quickly and is resistant.

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