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Tapered jeans for men are an important item in every well-stocked wardrobe. The jeans are available in many different colours and washes and can therefore be combined perfectly.

The tapered cut is a timeless and at the same time comfortable fit that will get you noticed by those around you. Whether in a trendy used look or quite classic, tapered jeans for men are a versatile companion.

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Tapered jeans for men: The most important questions answered

Tapered jeans for men come in different washes and in many colours. To help you get to know the material better, we have answered the most important questions on the subject.

What are tapered jeans for men?

The term tapered refers to a cut that narrows towards the feet. This means that the trousers sit a little wider at the hips and thighs, but are tight at the bottom. It differs from the carrot fit in the waistband height, which sits lower on the waist in tapered jeans.

The cut originated in Italy in the 1980s and was worn there by a youth movement called the Paninari. The tapered shape creates a wedge shape that combines comfort and elegance.

In which washes are tapered jeans for men available?

Tapered jeans for men are available in different washes, which have a great influence on the look of the jeans. We have listed the most important washes so you can get an overview:

  • Raw denim: Tapered jeans for men in raw denim have not been washed and are therefore in an untreated state. Prolonged wear and also washing will change the appearance over time.
  • Bleached: Men's tapered jeans in the bleached look are bleached with chlorine, resulting in a lighter shade of blue. Be aware of jeans that are only bleached in certain areas, as this can make the legs appear wider.
  • Stone Washed: Tapered jeans for men with a stone washed finish are the most common type of wash. The jeans are intentionally washed together with stones to make the jeans look worn. This type of wash also softens the hard denim fabric, making it easier to wear.
  • Acid Washed: Tapered jeans for men with an acid washed look have an eye-catching design due to the acid treatment. The acid creates a contrast between light and dark areas on the jeans.

Depending on the outfit you are aiming for, you can choose the right tapered jeans for men with the appropriate wash so that you are always perfectly dressed.

For which figure type are tapered jeans for men suitable?

Due to the wedge-like shape of the tapered jeans for men, this fit is particularly suitable for slim men with longer legs. Otherwise, the tapered jeans for men draw attention to your problem areas and make you look stocky.

For tall men, the low cut of the tapered jeans for men is particularly suitable, while shorter men should opt for a tighter jeans cut such as skinny jeans or a tapered slim fit.

Styling tips for men's tapered jeans: How to achieve the tapered jeans look

  • Tip 1 The casual look: You can combine your blue tapered jeans for men wonderfully with trainers and a white T-shirt to achieve a casual look that always looks contemporary.
  • Tip 2 The office look: Thanks to their wedge shape, tapered jeans for men also go wonderfully with business shoes. Combined with a shirt and jacket, you can also cut a good figure in the office.
  • Tip 3 The trendy look: You can also create an eye-catching trendy look in combination with Chelsea boots and a fabric jacket. Use dark colours for your men's tapered jeans and roll the trousers up a little to show off your shoes.
  • Tip 4 The retro look: Combine your light blue tapered jeans for men with a checked fabric shirt and a leather belt. Add to this your trainers and you have created the perfect retro look.

All options are open to you. It's up to your personal taste and the occasion you want your outfit to suit.


Tapered jeans for men have a timeless fit that is still in fashion and can be perfectly combined with different occasions. The shape, which is tapered towards the ankles, is a real highlight, especially for long legs and slim men.

They are available in many washes and colours, and their comfortable fit makes them very wearable in everyday life. You are sure to find the right model that reflects your taste.

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