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If you want to get a casual sock for autumn or winter, you should definitely look into thermal socks. Compared to the usual warm socks available for this time of year, thermal socks have certain advantages. We will answer exactly what these are in the Frequently Asked Questions.

In the following, we will give you information about the different types of men's thermal socks, where to wear men's thermal socks and when it is advisable to wear men's thermal socks. We will tell you what materials are used, what the special functions of men's thermal socks can be and how to care for them so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

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Thermal socks for men: The most important questions answered

It is common knowledge that when buying socks, one should pay attention to the size and orientate oneself on the shoe size. For men's thermal socks that have a specific function, you should also have answers to the following questions:

What are the types of thermal socks for men?

The types of men's thermal socks that exist can be differentiated by the material combinations or the fabric processing, which result in certain functionalities. There are

  • heat-insulating thermal socks: they are especially popular in the cold season.
  • climate-regulating thermal socks: these can be worn both in the cold and warm seasons.
  • coarse knitted and full plush thermal socks: these are also year-round thermal socks for men, which especially make the hearts of those who prefer natural fabrics beat faster.

The materials used and the proportion of the materials used in each case give the men's thermal socks their incomparable character: the materials used are, for example, sheep's wool, alpaca wool, cotton blends, polyacrylic, polyester, nylon, polyamide and / or elastane in varying combinations.

Where is it appropriate to wear thermal socks for men?

You can wear men's thermal socks in all areas of life without any problems. Whether you use comfortably warm thermal socks made of a pleasant full plush material at home, or whether you use the functionality of men's thermal socks for indoor and / or outdoor sports - you will always have great pleasure with your socks. They can be used for hiking or mountaineering in the cold season, as ski socks in ski boots or generally for longer stays outdoors.

What do you have to look for in the material of thermal socks for men?

The company Heatholders has developed a so-called TOG rating procedure, which evaluates the ability of a sock or the material it is made of in terms of its ability to store heat. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. Special products from Heatholders are compared with cotton socks or other "normal thermal socks".

This information is intended to underline the importance of the material composition of thermal socks. For example, Heatholders thermal socks are 7 times warmer than cotton socks and 3 times warmer than other men's thermal socks.

But the structure of the processing of the fabrics also plays a major role: in addition to the processing of synthetic materials, a loop structure can also make the thermal socks warmer. Many men's thermal socks are also 100% roughened on the inside, which in turn creates additional warmth through minimal friction.

What do I need to know about the functions of thermal socks for men?

Men's thermal socks primarily provide warmth. There are differences in how they warm: Wool socks, cotton socks and hand-knitted socks are suitable for the whole season, but especially for autumn

The more natural fabrics are incorporated, the less heat is retained, the more breathable these men's thermal socks are. The addition of nylon, polyester and spandex to the polyacrylic used in almost all men's thermal socks increases the degree of heat retention and climate regulation of the respective sock.

If you use your men's thermal socks mainly for sporting activities, e.g. skiing, it is advisable to prefer climate-regulating thermal socks to comfortably warm full plush thermal socks.

How do I clean and care for my thermal socks for men?

Cleaning and care naturally depend on the material composition of your men's thermal socks. However, all variations can usually be washed in the washing machine. You can do little wrong up to 30 degrees Celsius. Washing programmes are available for wool and easy-care thermal socks.

For highly functional socks that need to retain their properties, it is advisable to use special detergents. There are also special detergents for wool. In general, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions that come with men's thermal socks.


Thermal socks for men are highly recommended, especially in the cold season. In terms of materials, there are both heat-retaining and climate-regulating thermal socks, in which synthetic fibres make up a larger proportion in the manufacturing process. Natural fabrics favour the breathability of the thermal socks and have a different wearing comfort.

Thermal socks can adorn your feet in everyday life, during leisure and sports activities or even at work - they will thank you for it. The high wearing comfort and easy care of men's thermal socks are two more reasons for men to go for thermal socks.
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