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Men's thermal underwear is designed to allow men to keep their bodies dry in situations where a lot of sweat can escape. Especially in winter, thermal underwear keeps you dry and comfortable during activities like sports in the cold.

However, thermal underwear for men is also worn under your own everyday clothes on cold days. Since thermal underwear ensures that the body temperature is maintained and moisture is carried to the outside.

The Best Men's Thermal Underwear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying thermal underwear for men

There are a few things to look out for when buying thermal underwear to ensure that you are really satisfied with your thermal underwear and that it serves its purpose properly.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Fit
  • Smell

In the following, we will explain in a little more detail what exactly the aforementioned buying criteria are.


Merino wool is actually often recommended for athletes, as the wool can absorb and release a lot of liquid. It is a high-quality form of wool and is obtained from sheep, the merino sheep. It is antibacterial and particularly good at absorbing sweat. It should be noted, however, that animal rights activists repeatedly speak out against the production of merino wool, denouncing the way the animals are kept.

There are also many good synthetic fibre alternatives that are almost as good as merino wool. Especially polyamide and polypropylene thermal underwear are highly recommended. Both materials are very elastic and last a long time. However, polyamide cannot absorb very much moisture and the combination of polypropylene and sweat can cause unpleasant odours. However, both synthetic fibres dry very quickly and are easy to care for.


When it comes to fit, it is important to pay attention to how the thermal underwear fits against the body. It is important that thermal underwear feels like a second skin. This means that there should be no airy areas between the skin and the underwear. The underwear should not wrinkle or crease. Contact with the skin allows the thermal underwear to perform its function and wick away fluid. There is also certain padding on joints, for joint protection.


The odour aspect is often underestimated when buying thermal underwear for the first time, but it soon becomes clear how important it is. Since most people sweat a lot while wearing thermal underwear, it is important to make sure that no unpleasant odours develop. The choice of material for thermal underwear is very important for this.

If you are going on longer hikes or even for days on end and cannot always change your thermal underwear, you need materials that neutralise odours. Merino wool is way ahead because it is antibacterial and has a self-cleaning function. Synthetic fibres are now also mixed with special ions or blended with merino wool to minimise odours.

It is important to make sure that your thermal underwear has the odour factor taken into account, so you are on the safe side.

Men's Thermal underwear: The most important questions answered

In this section we have listed common questions about thermal underwear for men and answered them for you.

What types of thermal underwear are there for men?

In the following, we have compiled the most important types of thermal underwear and their special features.

  • One-piece suit: The one-piece suit is a suit in which the thermal pants and the thermal top are sewn together. A one-piece suit is especially practical because it often fits better on the body and does not slip easily.
  • Short leg and short sleeve: There is also the option of getting thermal underwear that consists of shorts and a T-shirt. These are good if you tend to exercise in short workout clothes or if you don't want to wear too much fabric under your clothes.
  • Long leg and long sleeve: Long sleeve thermal underwear is especially recommended when the temperature is low. They ensure that the warmth remains constantly the same all over the body and that no liquid reaches the inside. Skiers in particular like to use long-sleeved thermal underwear.

Depending on the purpose for which you use your thermal underwear, you can choose a suitable variant from the types of thermal underwear for men mentioned.

How do I clean and care for my thermal underwear for men?

First of all, it is important to look at the label of the thermal underwear to see if the garment needs any special cleaning. Since each thermal underwear can be made of different materials, this step is especially important.

In the following, we explain what you should generally look for when cleaning thermal underwear.

  • Frequency of washing: do not wash your clothes too often in the washing machine so that the material of your thermal underwear is not unnecessarily stressed. You can sometimes just hang the underwear to dry after exercise. It is recommended to use a gentle cycle, without spinning, when washing your thermal underwear in the washing machine.
  • Separation of laundry: do not wash your thermal underwear with other laundry, as textile fibres from other fabrics can mix with the fibres of the thermal underwear. The underwear can then no longer guarantee protection.
  • Drying: Do not dry your thermal underwear in the dryer, but in the air. Here too, the dryer can cause the material to change and the underwear can no longer transport liquid to the outside.
  • Detergent: Do not use fabric softener and prefer liquid detergent.

What is short thermal underwear suitable for?

Short thermal underwear is especially practical if you wear thermal underwear for sports and your sportswear also has short sleeves and short legs. For football players, this is often a good option to use warm thermal underwear under the jersey.

Short thermal underwear is also recommended if you wear thermal underwear not only because you do sports, but in everyday life. You often sweat in low temperatures because your body is working on not getting hypothermic. Wearing short thermal underwear under your everyday clothes can help keep your body warm.

Why is thermal underwear also recommended for motorcyclists?

Many motorcyclists already wear thermal underwear. As motorcycling puts the body under constant stress due to riding, the body produces a lot of sweat. At the same time, you often ride through a strong headwind and your body cools down. Condensation could then form under the protective clothing of motorcyclists.

Thermal underwear is particularly suitable in this case, as the materials of thermal underwear for men can regulate the body temperature and carry the body moisture to the outside. The body stays dry and warm. You have a pleasant feeling while riding for a longer period of time.

When does thermal underwear fit properly?

It is particularly important that the thermal underwear fits well on the body and that you feel comfortable. Make sure that you choose the right size for you. The underwear must fit closely to your body and not slip around all the time. It is your second skin. The quality should be so good that the shape of the thermal underwear does not change even after you have put it on and washed it several times.

Try on the clothes beforehand and move around in them. The underwear should also not be too tight so that your movement functions are restricted. Also make sure that joints are protected.

What should you look for when exercising with thermal underwear?

It is important to look at what kind of sports you like to do and adjust your Themo underwear accordingly. If you are more into winter sports, then long-sleeved thermal underwear is recommended to keep your body warm.

At high temperatures, the body should not overheat and store all the heat, but also release it. It is advisable to use short thermal underwear.


Thermal underwear is a very good way for men to keep their bodies dry and warm during sports. Due to the special materials, sweat can be transported to the outside and the body remains dry and does not cool down.

No matter if it is summer or winter, with thermal underwear nothing stands in the way of you continuing to train your body and staying fit and dry!

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