Last updated: August 23, 2021

A thong for men is as inconspicuous as it is exciting. Whether you wear this type of underwear every day or are just starting out, the wide range of designs leaves nothing to be desired.

In this article, we have listed and answered all the important questions about thongs for men. So if you have specific questions about care or are just getting to grips with the topic, you'll find answers and information here.


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Tanga for men: The most important questions answered

Anyone who dares to try on a thong for men and possibly wears it for the first time is bound to have a few questions about this particular item of clothing. We have therefore answered all the important questions for you.

In which styles are thongs for men available?

Thongs for men come in different materials and colours. Depending on how adventurous you are, thongs for men come in different styles.

  • Classic: Classic men's thongs come in muted colours like black, dark blue and grey. These basically look the same as conventional underwear and only differ in the cut.
  • Animalistic: If you want to wear this type of underwear with humour, you can get one of the numerous animalistic models. Whether in tiger look or elephant trunk - men's thongs come in the funniest designs.
  • Daring: Men's thongs of this kind are more for the daring wearer. There are models with several straps, buckles or made of leather that are guaranteed to provoke a reaction from your counterpart.

No matter what style you prefer, you are sure to find a model that suits you.

What materials are thongs for men made of?

Generally speaking, men's thongs are just another type of underwear, so there are many models that, like other types, are made of polyamide and spandex. This composition is stretchy and comfortable on the skin.

However, there is a wide range of designs and materials in thongs for men. The most common materials include leather, mesh and transparent fabrics such as nylon or tulle. These vary according to taste and wearing comfort.

What size should I buy my men's thong in?

Generally speaking, men's thongs should be bought in the same size as normal underwear. However, depending on the manufacturer, the different sizes may vary. There are various size charts that list all the important measurements. For example, the hip circumference is generally 88 - 92 cm for size S, 93 - 97 cm for size M and 98 - 102 cm and larger for size L and above.

So if you are unsure and want to make sure you buy the right size for your new men's thong, you can use these measurements as a guide and follow the manufacturer's instructions or the advice of other buyers.

What is the best way to clean my men's thong?

Depending on the material, your men's thong may need to be washed by hand only. You should therefore always check the care label before washing. If the thong can be washed in the washing machine, make sure to separate white from coloureds.

It always depends on what material the thong for men is made of. Cotton thongs can be washed at 60 degrees to kill all germs. Sensitive fabrics should be washed by hand or in the machine at a maximum of 40 degrees. When doing so, make sure to use a hygienic detergent and let the men's thong dry in the fresh air, as UV rays help against bacteria.

Styling tips for men's thongs: How to achieve the perfect look

Men's thongs are not garments that are simply worn in public. Therefore, our styling tips are a little different in this case.

  1. When wearing a men's thong, it is a good idea to wear tight jeans. These hug your skin nicely and thanks to the thong, the lines of the underwear cannot be made out.
  2. Low-cut trousers give you the opportunity to let the waistband of your men's thong peek out a little. This look is of course inappropriate for the office, but in your free time there are no limits.
  3. For more unusual styles like men's thongs with elephant ears, you should wear loose trousers to maximise comfort and avoid unsightly bulges.

In general, however, styling a men's thong is of course a matter of taste and therefore up to everyone.


Thongs for men are a very special kind of underwear and not every man is brave enough to get his own. However, you can wear men's thongs very inconspicuously without anyone noticing, while still feeling sexy.

So not only can men's thongs be an unexpected surprise on a date, but they can also simply boost your confidence.

(Image source: Lucas Riberio / Pexels)