Last updated: August 23, 2021

Travel bags for men are already part of every man's travel repertoire. But do you have the perfect travel bag for you? And if not, what should I look for to find one? If you have this question, then rest assured, because you are not alone.

Because when it comes to buying a travel bag, it's no longer just a matter of how full the bag is. Besides the purpose of storing your clothes, travel bags can also be used in many other areas. In this article you will find out which and what you should pay special attention to when buying a travel bag for men.

The Best Men's Travel Bag: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying travel bags for men

Travel bags are available in every conceivable variety these days. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that you might need a little help when choosing the perfect men's travel bag. To ensure that your purchase is not a bad decision, you should pay attention to a few particularly important aspects. These aspects are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Suitability as hand luggage
  • Carrying comfort
  • Size

In order to give you an idea of exactly what is meant by each criterion, they are explained again in detail in the following section.


One characteristic that the material of every travel bag should have is that it must be extremely resistant. This means resistance to pressure or cuts, but also to moisture, for example. Since it is often carried outside, the material should also be water-repellent and have an easily wiped surface.

However, there are plenty of materials that meet these requirements. It is only in the type of men's travel bag that the differences lie in the material. If you want to be able to stuff a lot of stuff into a bag, it should be made of a sturdy, thick material. If you want it to look more elegant, then you should opt for sturdy leather. However, many travel bags are also made of hard plastic.

Suitability as hand luggage

Suitability as hand luggage is an extremely important factor when buying a travel bag. Since the number of seats on the plane is to be maximised, especially on short flights, the space for hand luggage per person is extremely limited. In order for a travel bag to meet the requirements for hand luggage on the plane, it must be based on the following specifications:

  • The sum of size, length and width must be 115 cm
  • Most airports therefore stipulate maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • However, the exact dimensions are NOT standardised

You can find the exact dimensions for your flight on the airline's website or directly in your flight documents.

Carrying comfort

Travel bags are often carried for long periods of time. Therefore, you should make sure that the travel bag is comfortable enough to carry before you buy it. Many travel bags, especially those for sports, are carried over the shoulder by a large handle so that they lie lengthwise across the back.

Make sure that the part of the bag that rests on the shoulder is well padded. If this is not the case, the travel bag will press uncomfortably into the shoulder, especially if it is heavier. In general, this type of travel bag is more suitable for less weight, as even with good padding, the carrying method has a negative effect on the back, as no support is provided for it. Andre models are carried exclusively by hand.

Before buying, you should make sure that the handle of the travel bag has enough grip, otherwise it can become exhausting to hold the bag in the long run. The handle should also be wide enough and soft, as a thin one will hurt your hand in the long run. Other travel bags have practical wheels attached, so they can be pulled behind you like a suitcase.


The size of a travel bag for men essentially reflects its intended use. If you want to travel properly, the bag should be as large as possible. If it is to be adapted for hand luggage, the above-mentioned requirements must be met.

For business trips, it is advisable to choose a smaller, more serious version, as it can usually only hold documents and, for example, a laptop. The size of the travel bag naturally affects how comfortable it is to carry. In general, it can be said that larger bags are also heavier to carry. Exceptions with special features prove the rule here.

Travel bags for men: The most important questions answered

Since there are travel bags for so many different purposes in so many designs, many questions inevitably arise. So that you are perfectly prepared, we have compiled and answered the most important ones for you.

In which styles are travel bags for men available?

Travel bags have long since ceased to be just a big, sack-like bag with the aim of squeezing in as much as possible. Travel bags are now available in many styles. These can be grouped under the following headings:

  • Serious travel bags: Weekender bags are serious travel bags, which are mainly intended for men. They are usually made of leather, are of medium size and look very elegant. They are not carried over the back but by a small handle for the hand.
  • The men's travel bag for sports: Many travel bags are also perfect for sports. The bags, which are usually made of sturdy fabric, are larger than the weekender, which makes it easy to fit sports clothes, a pair of shoes and a bottle. It is carried either by hand or with longer straps across the back.
  • The travel bag for flying: Many travel bags are specially adapted to meet hand luggage requirements on planes. Some have wheels attached to make them easier to carry.

When buying a travel bag, you should therefore pay close attention to ensure that your chosen model also meets their requirements.

How much volume should a good men's travel bag have?

The smallest travel bags have a volume of around 40 to 50 litres. You can fit two days' worth of clothes in these, but there is not much room left for other things such as cosmetics or towels. The medium-sized ones have a volume of 60 to 80 litres. Here you can fit all the things you need for a long weekend, including cosmetics and one or two extras.

The large travel bags can also have a volume of up to 100 litres! Everything you want to take with you will fit in them. However, just because you can fit 100 litres in it doesn't automatically mean that you will be able to carry it in the end. So it's impossible to say exactly how much volume a good travel bag has, because there is a right size for every occasion.

How do I care for and clean my travel bag for men?

In general, all good travel bags should be made of a material from which you should be able to wipe off any dirt easily and without hesitation. You should also do this as soon as possible after the stain has appeared, as it can become stubbornly stuck, especially on models made of fabric, if it is treated too late.

If you notice the stain too late, you can simply wash the fabric model at 30 degrees in the washing machine without worrying about your travel bag. However, you should refrain from doing this with leather models, as it would have a negative effect on the quality of the bag.

How suitable is a travel bag for men as a suitcase substitute?

The purpose of a suitcase is to transport a large number of things, mostly clothes, safely over a long distance. Travel bags also fulfil this function. Depending on the number of items, a smaller travel bag, which can be easily folded up when empty if it is made of fabric, can be more worthwhile than a bulky suitcase.

In addition, travel bags are already available that can be pulled like a suitcase thanks to attached handles and wheels, but they can still be carried like a travel bag. However, for a longer holiday, i.e. a week or more, a suitcase is simply more suitable. Even if a travel bag can hold a lot, it is simply not possible to transport a certain amount of things and a suitcase is needed.

Styling tips for men's travel bags: What is the most stylish way to travel?

Most travel bags that have a large volume are unfortunately not particularly stylish in terms of design, as the focus here is simply on functionality and not on appearance. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind in order to appear stylish:

  1. Leather travel bags are considered the most stylish
  2. Make sure the colour of your travel bag does not clash with the rest of your outfit
  3. If you carry several travel bags at the same time, make sure that all bags are alike in pattern, colour and thus, ideally, brand

These are some styling tips you can keep in mind, but in general you should choose your travel bag primarily for its functionality.


Travel bags for men are available in many more variations than one would originally expect. There are travel bags for flying, for business trips and also models that are perfect for transporting sports gear. With a volume of 40 to 50 litres, you can get through a weekend with your bag.

If the holiday is to last longer, you will also need more volume in the bag. In addition, a travel bag is sometimes suitable as a substitute for a suitcase because of the wheels that are sometimes attached.