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Every man who has been invited to a wedding or a ball in his life has been on the lookout for the right dinner jacket. The dinner jacket for men is a particularly elegant evening wear and belongs to the family of suits.

The perfect dinner jacket look for men follows classic, fixed rules. A dinner jacket consists of a jacket, trousers, a white shirt and black patent leather shoes. Since the dinner jacket is worn for special occasions, the perfect look is rounded off with a bow tie and a pocketkerchief. The fit also plays a crucial role in the dinner jacket look. For this reason, it may be advisable for you to have a dinner jacket tailored.

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Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's dinner jackets

Since a dinner jacket for men follows clear rules, you should pay attention to some important criteria when buying dinner jackets. In order to find the perfect dinner jacket look for you, we have worked out the most important criteria for you.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Fit
  • Care / Cleaning

In the following, you will find out what is important in the individual criteria and what you should pay particular attention to.


The colour you should choose for your dinner jacket depends on the occasion. First of all, fashion is of course free and you should therefore always follow your personal taste. However, there are some valuable tips you can follow to choose the right dinner jacket colour for certain occasions.

The classic colour of a men's dinner jacket is black. You can't go wrong with a black dinner jacket as a man. A black dinner jacket with a white shirt and black patent leather shoes, as well as a black bow tie and a white pocket square are probably the most common colours chosen for the look of a man's dinner jacket.

However, a dark blue dinner jacket, also called night blue, can be the more elegant choice for many. Night blue has the property of looking darker and fuller in artificial light than a true black, which can reflect artificial light unflatteringly.

As fashion is constantly evolving, you are also free to choose the colour of your dinner jacket. There are men's dinner jackets in every colour you can be bold in. Our tip to you, however, is to choose the classic black or dark blue.


Since a men's dinner jacket is worn as an elegant evening outfit for special occasions, the material of a dinner jacket is also something special. A quality dinner jacket is mostly made of virgin wool. The lapel of the tuxedo jacket is trimmed with silk satin or ribbed silk on high-quality men's dinner jackets.

In our opinion, this variant of a dinner jacket is recommended if your wallet allows it. Virgin wool has the property of being particularly durable. For you, this means that your dinner jacket will not crease and will retain its shape perfectly. This is a great advantage for you, especially for special occasions where many photos are taken.

However, men's dinner jackets that are not so price-intensive are just as chic and of course not to be dismissed out of hand. Dinner jackets for men in the low to medium price segment are made of the usual materials such as cotton, polyester or even linen.

Before buying, it is advisable to try out and test different materials. This way you can choose the perfect men's dinner jacket to suit your budget.


The fit of your men's dinner jacket is a very important part of your perfect look. We have put together a little checklist for you that contains the most important aspects for a perfectly fitting men's dinner jacket.

  • Tuxedo jacket / jacket: When buying your men's dinner jacket, make sure that the tuxedo jacket fits close to your chest. The sleeves should reach to your wrists. There should be no creases at the back of your dinner jacket and the button from the dinner jacket should close loosely.
  • Dinner jacket trousers: The waistband of your dinner jacket trousers should sit close to your figure. The length of the trousers should be such that they fall easily over your black patent shoes and finish at the beginning of the shoe heel.
  • Patent leather shoes: The matching patent leather shoes for your men's dinner jacket should have a rounded shape. The heel should also be very low. Another tip from us, do not experiment with the colour of your patent leather shoes and choose black.

If you pay attention to these features in your men's dinner jacket when buying it, it should fit almost perfectly. Since you will be wearing your dinner jacket to a special occasion, it is best to place great importance on the right fit.

Care / Cleaning

As a rule, you will only wear your dinner jacket on special occasions. A wedding or evening ball often involves dancing, as well as eating and drinking. This puts a lot of strain on the material of your men's dinner jacket and, in the worst case, dirties it.

To keep your dinner jacket spotless, you should care for and clean your dinner jacket before and after every occasion. Starting with the correct storage of your dinner jacket. There are extra breathable cotton garment bags for this purpose, in which your dinner jacket hangs wrinkle-free and protected on the hanger.

We do not recommend cleaning your dinner jacket yourself. There are specialised dry cleaners where trained staff will professionally clean your dinner jacket for you. The special shape of the lapel of your tuxedo jacket is gently ironed.

If you still want to clean your dinner jacket yourself, follow the washing instructions on the label and iron your men's dinner jacket thoroughly. The fit and the lapel are what give a dinner jacket its special charm and elegance.

Men's dinner jackets: The most important questions answered

Due to the wide selection of men's dinner jackets, it can be difficult for you to decide on a model. To make your decision a little easier, we have picked out the most important questions about dinner jackets and answered them for you.

When do men wear a dinner jacket?

A dinner jacket for men belongs to the genre of suits. However, a dinner jacket is only taken out of the wardrobe for very select evenings. The men's dinner jacket is a particularly elegant evening wear and can be used for the following events.

  • Wedding: A wedding is a special social occasion. This occasion is perfect for wearing your dinner jacket. Fine evening wear makes you look particularly elegant.
  • Ball: A ball is another formal occasion for a gentleman to wear a dinner jacket. From the classic opera ball to the graduation ball. The men's dinner jacket always finds its way in front of the camera.
  • Evening events after 6 pm: A dinner jacket can be worn for evening events after 6 pm. Classic examples are receptions or premieres.

We can recommend that you go for a dinner jacket when you have a special occasion coming up. If the public or the press is also present at the occasion, it is even advisable. A dinner jacket makes you look like an elegant gentleman.

What is the difference between a dinner jacket and a men's suit?

A suit is part of a man's wardrobe and is worn especially much in business. A suit lends respectability and thus creates an air of confidence. The men's suit is also used for upmarket occasions. A classic example is a business dinner in the evening.

A suit consists of a jacket and trousers. In rare cases, a suit waistcoat can be worn in addition. The look is rounded off with a shirt and tie.

The men's dinner jacket belongs to the family of suits, but is worn exclusively for special occasions as elegant evening wear.

A dinner jacket consists of a jacket, trousers and a white shirt with a turn-up collar. Roughly speaking, it is similar to a suit. The big difference to a suit is the more elegant outfit. The jacket of the men's dinner jacket is adorned with a silk lapel. The trousers have velvet stripes. The noble thread is rounded off by a black bow tie, a white shirt and smart black patent leather shoes.

Should you have a dinner jacket for men tailor-made?

Since every man has an individual body with different measurements, a tailored dinner jacket can be a very good option. The dinner jacket is known to be used as a particularly elegant evening wear. For this reason, your men's dinner jacket should also fit particularly well. You can fall back on a dinner jacket that is already made and buy it in your size. Another solution for you would be to have a dinner jacket tailor-made for you.

You can have this done online, but you will have to take your own measurements beforehand. Experience has shown that this is very inconvenient and inaccurate. On the other hand, you can have your men's dinner jacket professionally made by a tailor.

The tailor will make the dinner jacket perfectly for you and take your measurements into account. You will thus be perfectly comfortable in your dinner jacket and appear in an elegant light. A tailor-made men's dinner jacket is therefore highly recommended from a purely visual point of view. However, due to the external extra work, it is also considerably more expensive.

Styling tips for men's dinner jackets: How to achieve the perfect dinner jacket look

If you have decided on a men's dinner jacket, now is the time for you to set the perfect scene for your dinner jacket. We have prepared a few tips for you that will help you achieve the perfect dinner jacket look.

  • High-quality shirt: You should invest in a high-quality shirt. In any case, the shirt under a men's dinner jacket must be white. Ideally, the button placket of the shirt should be covered so as not to distract from the fine lapel of the jacket of your dinner jacket.
  • The bow tie: The bow tie completes your perfect dinner jacket look. In any case, the bow tie must be the same colour as your dinner jacket. Don't experiment with patterns or fancy colours. Our tip: choose a classic black.
  • The pocket square: A nice accessory for your perfect look is a white pocket square for your tuxedo jacket. The pocket square is particularly suitable for special occasions and therefore combines perfectly with your men's suit.

These styling tips are for inspiration only. Ultimately, fashion is free. However, you should know that formal occasions with elegant evening wear follow some rules. If you follow our tips, you will make a perfect impression with your dinner jacket look for men.


Men's dinner jackets are the perfect choice if you are looking for elegant evening wear. For special occasions such as weddings, balls or receptions, the gentleman can wear dinner jackets today. We have summarised for you which rules and netiquettes your dinner jacket look should follow.

The right choice of colour and the perfect fit are decisive factors for a gentleman's dinner jacket. With our tips, you are always on the safe side. If you already know that you will be wearing a men's dinner jacket more often in the future, it may be advisable for you to have a dinner jacket tailored.

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