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Whether for autumn or spring, a timeless tweed coat for men is particularly suitable for the transition of seasons. The tweed coat comes from Scotland and is usually handspun and made from pure new wool, so it will always keep you warm.

Tweed is available as Scottish Tweed, Harris Tweed or Donegal Tweed, depending on where it originated. The weather there is usually rainy, misty and windy, so a tweed coat should keep the wind and rain out as much as possible. So the tweed coat for men not only looks very classy and beautiful, but it is also functional.

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Tweed coat for men: The most important questions answered

A tweed coat for men comes in different styles, colours and materials. To give you a rough overview, we have picked out the most important questions on the subject of tweed coats for men.

What types of tweed coats for men are there?

Tweed coats for men can have different lengths and looks.

  • Long men's tweed coat
  • Short men's tweed coat
  • Pattern of the Tweed Coat: Tartan and Estate
  • Different colours for the tweed coat

On the one hand, you can distinguish a men's tweed coat by its coat length. For example, a long tweed coat for men is about 100 centimetres long, whereas the short tweed coat for men is only about 70 centimetres long.

Another difference is the pattern. So-called tartans originate from the Scottish clans and, in the past at least, were only allowed to be worn by clan members. A shrewd observer could recognise the Scotsman's clan by the colour of the tartan. Estate tweed, on the other hand, is independent of the clan of the person wearing it and depends solely on the region where the fabric comes from. Thus, the colours are more varied here.

Of course, in addition to tartans and estate tweeds, there are nowadays simply fashionable tweed coats for men. These then have patterns and colours to match the zeitgeist.

What materials are there for men's tweed coats?

A men's tweed coat is usually made of pure new wool from sheep. It is breathable, waterproof and hugs every figure, which is why it was popular for wearing during sporting activities. It gets its robust functionality from the special virgin wool. Some men's tweed coats also contain other types of wool from camels, Angora goats, cashmere goats or alpacas.

During which season can I wear my men's tweed coats?

The men's tweed coat has a strong fabric that can keep out rain, i.e. it is waterproof. Therefore, it is very suitable for rustic weather. The tweed coat comes from the Highlands of Scotland or from England. This makes it particularly suitable for stormy and rainy weather, as is often the case in this area. Especially for the rough and stormy autumn and winter or the wintry early spring, men's tweed coats are thus to be preferred.

How do I clean my men's tweed coat?

You should never just mindlessly throw a men's tweed coat into the washing machine if it has a stain. For smaller stains, you can simply remove it with a damp cloth. Avoid removing it dry, as it is possible to just press it further into the tweed coat.

If you cannot get the stain removed, you can also wash it in the washing machine. When doing this, you should make sure that the washing cycle is as gentle as possible, such as the wool wash cycle, and that the temperature is rather cold, as the tweed coat as a wool fabric will be soaked if the water is too hot. After the tweed coat has dried, it can easily be ironed on the reverse side through a damp fabric, if this is necessary. Dry cleaning or dry cleaning will also give the desired clean result.

Styling tips for men's tweed coat: How to achieve the perfect tweed coat look

  1. Casual: By wearing the men's tweed coat open to reveal your shirt underneath, the combination looks casual and smart at the same time! Perfect for a casual look that still looks classy with the men's tweed coat.
  2. Elegant with a matching blazer: A noble tweed coat can also be worn very well for a classy restaurant visit. A matching waistcoat or elegant blazer with shirt and tie is perfect to complete the look.
  3. Nice and warm outside, too: A sliding cap to match the tweed coat will accentuate the coat even more and keep you nice and warm even in low temperatures.

The British look: Combine the tweed coat for men with a turtleneck jumper and you have the perfect British look.


The men's tweed coat originally comes from England or Scotland and is made of virgin wool. As a result, it has great tear resistance. The coat keeps you pleasantly warm in low temperatures and rough weather and protects you from wetness.

A tweed coat for men is the perfect addition to any stylish look. It makes you look classy. What are you waiting for?
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