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Today you have an important meeting at the office. Your men's look should be formal and elegant. Tweed jackets for men are well suited for special appearances. Tweed consists of a noble and fashionable wool fabric and finds its origin in Scotland and Ireland.

For the perfect business look, your tweed jacket can be perfectly combined with plain trousers and a shirt or jumper. In this guide you will find more relevant information and tips about men's jackets made of tweed.

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Tweed jackets for men: The most important questions answered

Tweed jackets should be a must-have in men's wardrobes. The high-quality wool is a pleasant and warming fabric. The British-style fabric protects against chilly days. Tweed is often available in herringbone or check patterns.

In which cuts are tweed jackets for men available?

Tweed jackets for men can be found in a variety of fits. The most common fits are briefly presented.

  • Slim fit jackets for the slim figure: Slim fit jackets for men have a slim cut and emphasise your body shape. The body-hugging fit is particularly suitable for slim and tall men. The fit is ideal for more upscale and dressy occasions.
  • Modern fit jackets for a slight waistline: Tweed jackets for men in the modern fit style are cut a little wider at the waist in contrast to slim fit jackets. The jackets are fashionably waisted and still offer enough room. This is the perfect cut for sporty and slim men.
  • Regular fit jackets for the casual version: The regular fit is slightly wider, especially at the shoulders and waist. This fit is recommended for men who like it a little looser around the middle of the body. Men with a stronger build feel comfortable with this cut.
  • Comfort Fit jackets for ample freedom of movement: This fit gives you especially ample room to move. This fit is especially close at the shoulders and is ideal for men who want to conceal some parts of their body.

What fabrics are tweed jackets for men made of?

The vast majority of men's tweed jackets are made of at least 50% wool. High-priced men's jackets are made of 100% virgin wool. Virgin wool is a very high-quality natural product. It is warming, water-repellent and adapts well to the shape of the body. The special thing about this fabric is that wrinkles simply hang out again in higher humidity. The smooth inside of a jacket is made of viscose and polyester.

During which season can I wear my men's tweed jacket?

Tweed jackets for men are classic, modern and timeless. They are ideal companions for autumn and winter. The mostly high wool content keeps you nice and warm and is breathable at the same time.

On which occasions can men's tweed jackets be worn?

You can wear your tweed jacket for men in your everyday professional life as well as in your leisure time. Its elegance gives you a modern and stylish look. You are perfectly styled for your everyday business life, but your tweed jacket for men is also a real eye-catcher in your private life. Tweed is a very robust and hard-wearing fabric that is also suitable for longer stays in nature. Traditionally, tweed jackets for men in England are even worn for sports such as hunting or horse riding.

How warm are tweed jackets for men?

Tweed jackets for men are very popular in the transitional season. Accordingly, a particularly high wool content keeps you very warm. You can also choose between unlined and lined jackets. With the lined version, you also have the option of wearing your jacket during the winter season.

Styling tips for men's tweed jackets: How to achieve the perfect tweed jacket look

We tell you how to make your look perfect with your tweed jacket.

  1. Choose atweed jacket with elbow patches and a checked pattern in natural colours like green or beige.
  2. A plain black turtleneck jumper is for a timeless style.
  3. Or a plain shirt can be combined with a tie.
  4. Suit trousers or chinos in black, blue or beige are colours you can never go wrong with. Don't go for pattern trousers if you've already decided on a chequered tweed jacket.
  5. Tweed jackets with two heads, narrow lapels, side vents and two inside pockets complete your look.


The tweed jacket for men is your perfect companion for your everyday business but also for leisure. They come in different cuts and styles. Jackets in check and herringbone patterns are particularly popular. In the winter months, a men's tweed jacket is ideal.

A styling tip at the end, pay attention to your outfit combination. If you choose a tweed jacket with a pattern, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

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