Last updated: August 23, 2021

If you are out and about in the rain, you quickly get wet and so do your clothes. Umbrellas were invented to prevent this. Nowadays, umbrellas are an integral part of everyday life. It is one of the most popular variants when it comes to protecting oneself from rain.

Whether as a fashion accessory at work or as a companion on the road, the umbrella is always to be found somewhere. Whether colourful or plain, small or large, the umbrella is usually indispensable.

The Best Men's Umbrella: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying umbrellas for men

Umbrellas come in many forms on the market, which can make it easy to lose track of them all. So that you can still manage and find the best umbrella for yourself, here are some buying criteria that can help you in your search. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Intended use
  • Weather resistance
  • Manoeuvrability

So that you have an accurate picture of the criteria, a more detailed description of these follows.


Broadly speaking, a distinction is made in size between pocket and stick umbrellas. If you don't often have a free hand to carry an umbrella or like to stow it in your pocket, you should go for pocket umbrellas that can be retracted when not in use.

Those who would like to have a small walking support when not in use and want to carry the umbrella can resort to stick umbrellas. These umbrellas can also be used as accessories.


When it comes to the material for the handle, you can choose from wood, aluminium or stainless steel. Handles or frames made of aluminium are usually lighter than the other variants, but also less stable, as they can bend quickly.

Wood, on the other hand, is very stable. Stainless steel also offers more stability than aluminium. The umbrella should be made of water-repellent material. This is usually nylon, polyester or PVC.

Intended use

If you want to use the umbrella with a partner, you should go for stick or partner umbrellas, as these have the widest range. Such umbrellas can also be found under XXL umbrellas. If you spend more time outdoors or play sports such as golf, you can use golf umbrellas. These are designed for longer stays outside and offer protection from rain and sun.

Special fishing umbrellas have also been developed for fishing. Those who use public transport should opt for pocket umbrellas, as it can get very crowded and you save space. If you want to avoid soaking your bag or the person next to you, you can use reserve umbrellas.


Depending on the weather conditions, the umbrella should have a certain stability. In strong winds or hail, not every umbrella can protect equally well. In addition, less stable models can quickly fold over in strong winds.

Folding or too strong wind can also damage or break the umbrella. If you are looking for storm-proof models, you should go for stick umbrellas, as these are more stable than, for example, pocket umbrellas.


Manoeuvrability depends on the material and shape of the handle and the weight of the umbrella. The handle can be straight or curved. Curved handles are easier to hold in bad weather, but also take up more space. Straight handles are more space-saving but can slip more easily in the hand.

The material should be non-slip so that you have a firm grip and the umbrella does not suddenly slip out of your hand. Often, therefore, the handles are specially sheathed to prevent such cases. Since you may need the umbrella for a longer period of time, it should not be too heavy, as this will tire your arm in the long run.

Umbrellas for men: The most important questions answered

To help you find out more about umbrellas, we have answered the most important questions.

What types of umbrellas are there?

There are different types of umbrellas on the market, which we briefly describe below.

  • Automatic: Umbrellas with automatic mechanisms are divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic umbrellas. Fully automatic umbrellas open and close at the touch of a button. Semi-automatic umbrellas open at the touch of a button, but must be closed by hand. Usually the umbrella folds up when you press a button to close it, but then you have to retract it manually. By using the automatic system, you can avoid getting your hand caught somewhere when closing the umbrella.
  • Knirps - / pocket umbrella: As the name suggests, pocket or Knirps umbrellas can be put in your pocket. They are therefore smaller than other types, but also offer a smaller range of rain protection. The retractable pole of the umbrella makes them more unstable in strong winds or storms, unlike stick umbrellas. This type of umbrella is usually lightweight and automatic.
  • Stick umbrella: This type of umbrella resembles a stick when not open and is therefore more often used as a walking stick. These umbrellas cannot be contracted, which means that their size cannot be changed. However, this makes them more stable in strong winds than the Knirps umbrella. Stick umbrellas can also be divided into sub-types, such as the golf umbrella, fishing umbrella or partner umbrella.
  • Bell umbrella: The bell-shaped umbrella is a type of stick umbrella and is characterised by the design of the umbrella. The umbrella roof has a deep design. This shape means that the umbrella protects not only the head but also the shoulders. The umbrella surrounds you like a bell, but this can also mean that your field of vision is restricted. Bell-shaped umbrellas are therefore often transparent.
  • Golf umbrella: Golf umbrellas, as the name suggests, are used when playing golf. But this type of umbrella can also be used outside of golf. Golf umbrellas are designed to allow players to continue playing even in strong sunlight or rain. These umbrellas have a large span and can be attached to umbrella holders by the handle, leaving your hands free.
  • Reverse umbrellas: This type also belongs to the stick umbrellas and is still relatively new on the market. These umbrellas are characterised by the fact that the dry side of the umbrella is always on the outside when closed, which means that this type does not soak clothing or similar.
  • Luxury umbrella: Luxury umbrellas belong to the expensive variants and are often made by hand. They are stick or pocket umbrellas. Because they are associated with certain brands, these umbrellas are suitable for a little extra prestige.

Are there umbrellas with sun protection?

As a rule, umbrellas do not specify sun protection factors or the like. Nevertheless, umbrellas with opaque material can protect you from the sun for a while. Umbrellas that can provide protection from the sun include golf umbrellas.

Not every umbrella protects against the sun. Whether the umbrella is suitable for sun protection ultimately depends on whether it is made with UV - impermeable material. However, umbrellas do not offer 100 percent protection. You should use a parasol for stays in the sun. If you use an umbrella, you should still use sunscreen.

What should be considered when using umbrellas for work?

Those who need umbrellas for work should pay attention to the colours. Depending on the industry, it will be appropriate to choose more neutral and unobtrusive colours, such as black. With a neutral colour, the umbrella can add elegance or professionalism. Furthermore, the cane umbrella still stands for elegance.

If you want to make an extra impression, you can get a luxury umbrella. To avoid embarrassing water stains on business clothes from umbrellas, it is worth getting a reserve umbrella, as its technology protects the clothes from the wetness of the umbrella.

How do you repair an umbrella?

If the struts are slightly bent or something similar, you can usually bend them yourself. Holes in the umbrella can be repaired with gaffa tape as a temporary solution. However, it is best to cut out a suitable piece from the umbrella cover and attach it to the umbrella with textile adhesive.

For larger repairs, you can contact an umbrella maker or the manufacturer. This is worthwhile for luxury umbrellas. To make the umbrella more durable, it can be impregnated. It should also be air-dried when open.

Styling tips for men's umbrellas: How to achieve the perfect umbrella look

  1. Finding the right kind. If you only want to use the umbrella for rain protection, you should use a pocket umbrella, as it can disappear in your pocket when not in use. If you want the umbrella to count as part of your outfit, you should go for a stick umbrella.
  2. Pay attention to the umbrella colour. In leisure time, the umbrella can help you express yourself through your clothes. It can therefore be colourful or decorated with patterns. At work, however, neutral colours and patternless umbrellas should be used. This is especially true for professions where formal attire, such as suits, are the order of the day. Plain umbrellas in black add extra elegance with a suit.
  3. Consider the environment of the umbrella. If you work in an environment where prestige counts or where you can score points with brands, you might want to get a luxury umbrella. In addition, an umbrella only makes sense in rainy weather.
  4. Colour-coordinate your clothes. Even the most elegant umbrella looks out of place if it doesn't match the colours of your clothes. Black goes with everything, but if the rest of the clothes are yellow, for example, the umbrella will stand out more than the person. Ideally, the umbrella should be the same shade as an item of clothing so that it blends seamlessly with the clothing.
  5. Consider wetness. Even a colour-coordinated outfit is not waterproof. If you have a wet umbrella that hits your leg when you walk or lies wet in your pocket, it will form noticeable water spots. These are not bad, but can be avoided for the perfect look. To do this, you can put umbrellas in a rain stand or hold them a little further away from your body if possible. To avoid water spots, one can consider buying a spare umbrella.


Umbrellas come in many types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Which type you choose is ultimately a matter of taste. With umbrellas, it's all about the functionality and the quality of the umbrella.

Therefore, both should be in the foreground of the decision. Umbrellas can nevertheless also be suitable accessories. How to style the umbrella depends on the occasion of use. If you need it for work, you should choose more inconspicuous colours and simple designs. For leisure, you can let off steam individually.

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