Last updated: October 26, 2021

Men's underwear is a boring fashion product, and you can't do anything wrong when you buy it. This attitude is probably widespread, but it does not do the stylish fashion item justice at all. Even though a man's underwear will not be visible in everyday life in most cases, it can make the wearer feel particularly good if chosen correctly.

For men, underwear is the most intimate item of clothing that reflects their style. Because men's underwear is available in all colours and patterns. Not only that, for different occasions and activities are designed to suit them.

Men's underwear supports mobility during sporting activities and stays discreetly in the background during festive occasions. We show you how exciting the world of men's underwear is!

The best mens underwear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's underwear

When it comes to men's underwear, the first thing that matters is that you feel comfortable in it. Because this is known to depend on personal preferences, we have looked at the most important criteria below that you can use to decide which men's underwear is right for you.

  • Material
  • Length and fit
  • Print and style

We will now look at each criterion individually to give you the best possible guidance when buying men's underwear.


Men's underwear made of cotton provides a particularly loose and pleasantly soft feeling. The fabric gives you enough freedom of movement, and models with breathable properties also protect you from unpleasant heat during vigorous movement.

However, if you do a lot of sport, you should opt for men's underwear made of microfibre. The material fits very snugly and offers good support during extreme movements. It is also characterised by its lightness and keeps the leg muscles warm even on cold days. Models with spandex content are less breathable.

This fabric is also very close-fitting, but is more suitable for everyday wear as a discreet companion. This men's underwear cuts a particularly good figure under suit trousers and cloth trousers in general, as it does not show visibly on the outside of the trousers.

Length and fit

Regardless of the material, men's underwear can be worn in different lengths and cuts. The shortest length is the so-called brief, which only covers the hips. This gives much more freedom at the legs than other styles, but the warming effect is very limited.

The so-called boxer shorts are considerably longer. Models of this type also cover large parts of the thighs and thus provide a little more warmth on colder days. Boxer shorts also differ mainly in their fit, as there are very tight-fitting models, but there are also loose cotton underwear.

When deciding between a longer boxer shorts model and a brief, your own comfort should always play a decisive role, as both versions are available in different materials and colours. A special form of men's underwear is the long underwear, which completely covers the legs. It is recommended on very cold days or for outdoor sports because of its strong warming effect.

Print and style

Men's underwear is much more than a purely functional garment whose style is not to be considered. With the right choice of colours and patterns, you can confidently carry your personal style with you in any situation.

Even though most people will never see your underwear, the right style for yourself alone will ensure a more confident and satisfied appearance. For lovers of an extroverted and colourful style, there are numerous products available with prints of cartoon characters, sayings and wild patterns.

Even customising men's underwear with your own motifs is possible. This means you will never again have problems with confusion when it comes to men's underwear. On the other hand, there are of course also discreet models with monochrome and classic styles. If you want to exude exclusivity, you can choose a branded product.

More and more luxury manufacturers have discovered men's underwear for themselves and display the brand name clearly on the waistband.

Underwear for men: The most important questions answered

The choice of men's underwear can vary for different life situations. We have therefore provided the most important questions with suitable answers for you.

Which men's underwear is suitable for which occasion?

As you already know, the material and fit of the underwear has an influence on its properties. We would therefore like to show you in the following which advantages the different types of men's underwear have and for which purpose they are particularly suitable.

  • Sport: For all kinds of sporting activities, it is important to have the best possible support and elasticity at the same time. The muscles should be kept warm and the material should also be breathable. For this reason, men's underwear made of microfibre is always recommended for sporting activities. Boxer shorts are the most common type, as they provide optimal support for the thigh muscles. Long underwear made of this material is also useful, especially when the temperatures are a little cooler during outdoor sports.
  • Special occasions: Whether in a professional or private environment, a neat appearance is important for special occasions. Underwear should not show under a pair of trousers. Therefore, models made of spandex are particularly recommended in this environment. They are tight-fitting and invisible to the outside observer. These models are usually offered in the form of briefs.
  • Leisure: For most of the time in our everyday lives, the comfort of clothing is an important factor. When it comes to men's underwear, products made of cotton are particularly comfortable and soft. Whether in the form of briefs or boxer shorts, this underwear gives you the room you need to feel good.

Some models are also well suited for universal use. You will find out which underwear you feel most comfortable with over time. This way, you won't have to change your underwear several times a day and adjust it to suit the occasion.

How should I wash men's underwear?

The general rule is to read the care instructions on the labels of men's underwear. Nevertheless, we can give you some generally applicable tips for the care of different models here.

  • Cotton: Underwear made of this fabric is particularly easy to care for. It can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine with a full detergent and then put in the dryer to dry.
  • Microfibre: A little more care is needed here. Most products with this fabric can be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees. Because the material is not very resistant to heat, this underwear should definitely not be ironed and dried in the dryer. However, this is not necessary because microfibre dries very quickly in the air and does not become wrinkled.
  • Spandex: For men's underwear with this fabric, it is especially important not to use fabric softener. Because this can cause the fabric of the product to suffer and break down more quickly.

Once your underwear is washed and dried, it is best to store them in a separate box or drawer. This ensures good hygiene and is also good for housekeeping. Many wardrobes have drawers specially designed and equipped for this purpose, so an extra storage box is not necessary in most cases.

What options do I have to buy men's underwear?

This question may sound rather l at first, because it is logical how to buy underwear. But the different options each offer you advantages. If you find a piece of men's underwear particularly appealing and of a suitable size, you can naturally buy the product as a single item.

This makes sense especially for somewhat more expensive models that are bought for a specific area of use, as well as for models with individual prints. However, if you know which size and shape is right for you and want to stock up on enough underwear for everyday wear, buying a whole set makes sense.

Usually the same model is sold in different colours and patterns to bring some variety into your everyday underwear. A little more eye-catching is the underwear subscription. This means that you get a delivery of new underwear at regular intervals, usually once a month. By specifying your size, you regularly receive suitable products and are always surprised with new patterns and prints.

How long can I use men's underwear?

When you buy underwear, it is certainly important to know how long you can use it before you have to make another purchase. We look at the entire life of the underwear. After every single use, the product should be washed in any case for the sake of good hygiene.

Very centrally, the useful life depends on the quality of the underwear. If you choose a more expensive brand product, you can expect to use it for several years. Very cheap products, on the other hand, are sometimes unusable after just a few months. Durable underwear therefore minimises your purchase effort and also ensures less waste.

They should therefore be preferred in any case. In addition, underwear adapts to your body shape over time and you usually feel more comfortable wearing it for longer periods of time.


The choices for men's underwear are greater than most of us initially think. In any case, you now know which material and fit are particularly suitable for your occasions and can ensure long-lasting use with the care instructions.

When making a purchase, remember the following above all: Your underwear is the most intimate garment you can use to express your style. With individual prints and designs or wearing certain brands, you not only show a certain external effect, but also feel much more comfortable yourself.