Last updated: August 11, 2021

Men's wallets are a great way to store and organise your money and countless cards. There is a wide range of different types, shapes and materials for these popular travel and everyday companions.

They are not only practical, but also stylish and elegant, and organise the most important things for on the go. Whether classy or playful, large with lots of storage space or small and plain, with electronic security or without frills: the right men's wallet makes everyday life immensely easier.

The Best Mens Wallet: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's wallets

Whether you value functionality and space or design is particularly important to you: wallets are available as timeless classics or as modern high-tech accessories with credit card protection.

Therefore, you should consider a few criteria when buying:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Functionality
  • Design

In the following sections you will learn how to find the right men's wallet.


Men's wallets vary greatly in size. There are flat and narrow as well as tall and wide models to suit every need. Flat, narrow wallets are suitable for wearers who carry little small change and tend to use notes and cards. You can stow these wallets very well in a jacket or trouser pocket as they take up little space unlike ladies' wallets.

Large and spacious men's wallets, on the other hand, are practical for users who have a lot of small change and want to store many things beyond cards and banknotes. Often these are in portrait format and you can take advantage of many compartments in the process.

There are also wallets that can hold your passport along with change and cards, so you can collect everything in one place and not lose anything. In addition, there are now slim mobile phone cases in which you can carry cards just as well. They partly replace the additional men's wallet.


You also have a wide choice of materials. The classic black, monotonous men's wallet has long since ceased to be the only model on the market. If you like leather wallets that are particularly durable, smooth leather or suede or suede wallets may be the right choice. They are quite easy to clean and can be maintained well with a few hand movements and simple tools.

The more exotic models use crocodile or buffalo leather in their manufacture and thus offer something very exclusive and classy. Most of these wallets for men are considerably more expensive to buy and you should also familiarise yourself with the special care instructions.

If sustainability is important to you and animal welfare is close to your heart, vegan wallets for men can score points with these criteria. They are in no way inferior to their leather counterparts and can usually be handled in a similar way.

Men's wallets that mainly house cards are usually made of metal with a leather cover. They include a mechanism to eject the cards and can be operated with a plastic lever.


Wallets serve a variety of purposes and are chosen with very individual needs in mind. Depending on whether you are looking for an all-rounder with various functions or a plain, classic variant is decisive for your purchase.

Men's wallets in which you want to store many cards are often equipped with special RFID protection so that the credit card information cannot be intercepted by external influences. They are modern and simple, but serve their purpose perfectly.

For personal mementos or photos that you want to store in your wallet, wallets with zips or press studs are suitable. These also have a transparent compartment behind which you can keep the things you always want to be visible.

If you use more cash and especially coins instead of many cards, we recommend a men's wallet with an additional coin compartment. It is often placed on the outside and quickly accessible when you need it.


When it comes to design, there are no limits to what you can wish for. Whether elegant or playful, plain or patterned, you can find everything on the market. Metal wallets often have a more eye-catching, colourful pattern and are also available in different colours, whereas leather wallets are usually plain and monochrome.

The reason for this is often the materials, as men's wallets made of crocodile leather or buffalo leather often already show a pattern on the original leather. These designer pieces are usually plain and monochrome to emphasise the exclusivity and value of the product.

Men's wallets: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right men's wallet is not always easy, as the selection is very large. To make your purchase easier, we have answered the most important questions.

What types of men's wallets are there?

Depending on your needs, a wallet should have different features and functions. Below we have compiled the most important types of men's wallets and their special features.

  • small wallets: These wallets offer space for the most essential items, are usually simple and have few compartments. They therefore take up little space in the pocket and fit well in trouser or jacket pockets. The design is also usually very simple and monochrome and the focus is on function.
  • Portrait format: Wallets in portrait format offer a lot of space and the possibility to store your valuables. They feature many smaller compartments and also have some lockable options.
  • Passport case: If you carry a passport with you when you travel and store it with your other valuables, the passport case is a good way to combine everything. You can also collect cards and cash together with the passport in one place.
  • Coin pocket: Not only the cards should be well stored in your wallet, but also the small change. If you carry a lot of it, wallets with a large coin compartment that you can close with a snap fastener or a zip are particularly suitable.
  • Card security: Modern wallets not only offer space for the most important (credit) cards, but also protect against theft of your personal data. RFID protection prevents Bluetooth transmission through foreign devices in your vicinity.
  • Luxury wallets: When it comes to men's wallets, you can also warm your design lover's heart with branded wallets from Timberland to Gucci to Yves Saint Laurent. They often use exotic materials such as crocodile leather or buffalo leather, making them stand out from other models.

No matter which type of men's wallet you choose, with good quality you are also buying a durable product.

How do I clean and care for my men's wallet?

Care is especially important if you want to benefit from your men's wallet for a long time. Depending on the material used, the cleaning and care of your wallet differs.

  • Fabric: First of all, you should carefully try to remove coarse dirt from the wallet with a brush. For more stubborn dirt, a damp cloth with a mild cleaning agent such as soapy water is suitable to remove it.
  • Smooth leather: To remove dust and coarser dirt, you should first brush your wallet gently. You can also use leather cleaning agents or special cloths, as well as leather brushes with which you can clean the wallet with light, gentle pressure. A chamois leather is also very suitable for this purpose. For care, you can use a leather cream that is greasing and protects the leather.
  • Suede or suede: With these men's wallets, it is important that you do not use water for cleaning, but use a dry cloth without pressure to remove the dirt so that it does not settle in the open pores. If the wallet should ever get wet, you can use an absorbent cloth to remove the water. When doing this, you should go with the texture of the leather. For maintenance, you should use a special waterproofing spray that will keep dirt out in the long term. You can repeat the application every six months, but especially towards autumn and winter.

To ensure that you get something out of your wallet for a long time and that it does not become discoloured or dirty, you should clean and care for it regularly. Most of the time, this does not take much time and still has a long-term effect.

How do I find the right wallet for men?

Since there are many different models of wallets for men and they differ in material, colour and style, you need to pay attention to your needs and see what is particularly important to you when buying a wallet. If you like to keep up with the times and like modern makes, then we can recommend the technically protected card holders. Should you be looking for a wallet for everything, the classic black leather men's wallets from Timberland, Joop or Bugatti are just right for you. It's best to familiarise yourself with the individual materials and functions, as well as the care instructions, so that you don't have to worry about where your money is once you've made your purchase.


The men's wallet is suitable for every purpose and need and is a perfect companion and guardian of your most important valuables. It is individual and fits in almost any pocket and is therefore always by your side. Moreover, these days they can already do much more than keep your cash together.

Whether sporty, elegant or a timeless classic: with the right men's wallet, you are always well positioned and don't need to worry about whether your data and money are safe. As a fashion accessory or practical storage, they fulfil many criteria and won't let you down in your everyday life.

Image source: Unsplash / Allef Vinicius