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Watches as accessories are now no longer just the practical object on which you can read the time at any time. Rather, it is impossible to imagine the jewellery world without them and they come in all colours, materials and sizes. What's more, there is a watch for every budget. There are very inexpensive fashion watches for the small purse, as well as luxury models for a large budget.

Digitalisation has not stopped at watches either. Large technology companies, but also jewellery brands, have launched smartwatches on the market. There are now also numerous models for sports to track activity. No matter what occasion you are looking for a watch for, you are guaranteed to find the right one.


Should it be a classic men's watch with a leather strap or a modern smartwatch? To help you with your purchase decision, we have collected the most important criteria you should think about before buying in this section.

These are the following purchase criteria

  • System
  • Movement
  • Material
  • Functions
  • Strap & clasp

The individual criteria are briefly explained below.


Watches are generally divided into analogue and digital models. Analogue watches are the classic watches with a dial and two or more hands. They indicate the time with the utmost precision and also show times between the second strokes.

Digital watches, on the other hand, have a display on which the time is usually shown in Arabic numerals. However, only seconds or milliseconds are displayed in some models and not the intervals between them.

This decision is entirely up to personal preference. A classic analogue watch is timeless and elegant, while a digital watch is usually sporty and casual.


The core element of any analogue watch is the movement. It moves the hands and makes the watch work. But there are different types of movements. So once you have decided on an analogue watch, this is followed by the decision on a movement.

The mechanical movement is a true classic. There is a distinction between classic mechanical movements and those with manual winding. Mechanical watches are particularly appealing to watch lovers. However, maintenance is intensive and with hand-wound watches the time is only accurate over a short period of time.

Another movement is the so-called quartz movement. It has a simpler structure than mechanical movements, is battery-operated and can be found in watches from almost all manufacturers. As a result, they give the exact time over a long period of time until the battery needs to be changed.

Another variant is the radio-controlled clock. Here, the exact time is sent to the movement by radio. Since the clock compares the time with a transmitter, the correct time is always displayed. However, there may be interference if there is not enough or only poor reception.


The strap of the watches also comes in different materials and designs. Some modern, sustainable men's watches have bracelets made of wood, while sporty-style watches have fabric or plastic bracelets. Classic watches, however, have straps made of leather or (precious) metal.

While metal and plastic are relatively easy-to-care-for materials, leather and fabric straps are a little more complicated. They get stained quickly and discolour easily. However, they are very comfortable.


Some watches have other functions besides the primary function of showing the time. Depending on personal preferences and demands on the watch, the right one can be found.

Some watches also have the function of a stopwatch. An additional second hand can be started and stopped independently of the movement. Of course, this function is also available for digital watches, but in this case the hand does not start, but a digital time display does.

Other modern watches have many more functions besides the stop function. Among other things, they can measure your pulse, distance and sleep. If they are connected to apps on the smartphone, (sporting) activity can be tracked. In addition, some apps can also be controlled by watches with an internet function and calls can be accepted

Strap & clasp

The most popular watch straps are made of leather or (precious) metal. In addition, there are fabric or plastic watch straps and link bracelets made of wood. All have advantages and disadvantages, which are outlined in this section.

Leather watch bands are very comfortable and come in classic leather colours. They fit the curve of the forearm perfectly, making them very comfortable. The closure includes several holes in the bracelet into which the pin of a classic pin clasp is hooked, as required.

Metal bracelets are made in links or meshes so that they are adaptable and comfortable despite the solid material. Here, the watch is closed by different folding clasps. With many models, the length of the bracelet can even be adjusted steplessly so that it really fits everyone.

The best mens Watch: Our Picks

With so much to choose from, it's not easy to find the right men's watch. That's why we have answered the most important questions about watches for men for you.

In which designs are men's watches available?

There is a suitable watch for men with different features and functions for every need. Here you can read all about the different models.

  • "Normal" wristwatch: A classic wristwatch is the ideal companion for everyday life, as you can always read the time wherever you are. They are available as digital or analogue watches in many designs and versions.
  • Chronograph: Chronographs are wristwatches that have the additional function of a stopwatch. An additional second hand can be started and stopped again.
  • Sports watch: Sports watches are usually digital watches that have, among other things, a pulse measurement function. They can often also measure distances and step counts and are waterproof.
  • Smartwatch: A smartwatch is an internet-enabled watch that can be linked to a smartphone. This means that some apps can be controlled and used via the watch, and calls can be made. They often have the same functions as sports watches.

How do I know if my watch fits well?

To ensure that the watch looks good and the time is easy to read, the following points will help you to test and optimise the fit of the watch.

  • Strap: The watch should sit loosely on the wrist without slipping too much. At the same time, the strap should not be so tight that it constricts the arm.
  • Dial: The dial of the watch should sit centrally on the forearm and not slip to the side. This makes it easy to read the time at any time.
  • Mobility: While wearing the watch, the wrist should still be fully mobile and able to bear weight.

In addition to these factors, personal feeling plays an important role. A watch can fit very well, but if it is perceived as uncomfortable, even the objectively best fit is of no use.

How do I set my watch to the correct time?

Analogue watches are set using the crown. The crown is a small wheel located on the edge of the watch case. It is pulled out to activate the setting function. By turning the crown, the hands can be moved forwards and backwards so that the correct time can be set quickly. When the crown is pushed in again, the setting process is complete and the watch automatically continues to run from the newly set time.

With digital watches, the time is set by pressing a button. The instructions that come with the watch describe the procedure in detail so that these watches can also be set easily.

How do I care for and clean my watch?

The movement of analogue watches should be professionally cleaned at regular intervals so that it will continue to run perfectly for a long time. The best way to do this is to take the watch to a watchmaker.

The correct care of a watch's exterior is mainly related to the material. Metal and plastic watches can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but should not necessarily be immersed or held under water unless the watch is specifically described as waterproof.

Cleaning leather watch straps is a little more complicated because contact with water makes the material brittle and cracked. There is a special leather spray that cleans and prevents cracks.

Fabric wristbands can be spot cleaned with conventional detergents. To do this, it is best to separate the straps from the watch so that no water penetrates the case.

Styling tips for men's watches: How to achieve the perfect watch look

Of course, you can just put on a watch and be ready for the day. But if you want to put a little more effort into it and want the watch to be stylish as well as practical, here are some tips for you.

  1. A watch as an accessory can enhance any plain outfit and make it more interesting.
  2. If the watch is paired with a suit, it should match the colour of the cufflinks to create a unified look.
  3. A smart outfit can easily look more casual with a wristwatch in a sporty look. Likewise, a simple, casual look can be enhanced by an elegant watch.
  4. A coherent outfit is rounded off by accessories in the same colour. The watch should therefore match other pieces of jewellery worn.

With these tips, you can style and combine your watch according to your personal preferences.


A watch goes with many different outfits. You can always decide for yourself whether the watch should blend in visually with the outfit or whether it should be an eye-catcher. Try out both versions and see for yourself the effect a watch has on an outfit!

Whether sporty, modern or elegant: men's watches are practical and stylish at the same time. They ensure punctuality and look very elegant or casual - just as you like. With the large selection of watches, you too will find a suitable model!

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