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Since ancient times, there has been a custom among married couples to show their commitment and loyalty by presenting rings. This tradition still applies today, with shared wedding rings standing for eternal love and affection. Wedding rings are a purchase for a common future and their purchase should be well thought out.

In this article, we help all men by explaining exactly what they should look for when buying a wedding ring. We also answer frequently asked questions about wedding rings for men and give tips on proper ring care.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying wedding rings for men

The look probably plays the most important role when it comes to finding the right wedding ring for men. However, there are other factors you should look for as a man when buying a wedding ring.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Style and design
  • Durability
  • Size

We explain to you exactly what is important in the individual points.


The material is certainly one of the most important buying criteria of a wedding ring for men. It determines the appearance, the price and the robustness of the ring. Different materials have different properties. The most popular materials for men's wedding rings include:

  • Gold and gold alloys
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Titanium
  • Silver
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon

You should inform yourself well in advance about the individual properties of the different materials in order to find the right object. Durability of value, method of manufacture, exclusivity, colour and price are the most important aspects when choosing the right material.


When it comes to wedding rings, material and durability usually go hand in hand. Especially men who work in a manual profession should make sure that you choose a robust wedding ring that will stand up to your demands.

If you value a long life for your men's wedding ring and fear that your piece of jewellery could be affected by everyday activities, you should keep your hands off silver or a high gold content. These materials are very soft and show visible signs of wear after a short time.

Rings made of gold alloys, platinum, palladium, titanium and stainless steel, on the other hand, are very hard-wearing. These materials are all scratch-resistant and show only slight wear even after many years.

Style and design

When choosing a design, it's best to take your personal style into account. If you generally prefer a more understated, simple look, you should steer clear of extravagant men's wedding rings. As the saying goes, there is often true beauty in simplicity. Especially with men's jewellery, less is often more.

Remember that you normally wear a wedding ring every day, perhaps even sleep with it, so it is in your field of vision around the clock. Very fancy models often seem interesting and tempting at first, but you might get tired of them over time and have problems combining your ring with other styles.

When choosing your wedding rings, also take into account the wishes and ideas of your partner. Many couples make a point of matching their wedding rings to symbolise eternal love and commitment. But don't worry - should you have fundamentally different ideas, nowadays it is not at all reprehensible to buy different wedding rings and grant each other their individuality.


You should not make a mistake on this point. The right ring size determines the fit and guarantees a comfortable feeling when worn. If a ring is too tight, it constricts the blood vessels in the finger and can cause numbness. If a ring is too loose, you run the risk of losing it unknowingly.

If you have a hard time getting your men's wedding ring over your knuckle when you try it on, it is most likely a little too tight. If, on the other hand, the ring slips completely effortlessly over the knuckle, then it is too loose. Adjustments afterwards are not possible with all materials.

In addition, fingers vary in circumference depending on the temperature and time of day. For example, fingers are usually narrower in the morning or in cool temperatures than in the evening and on hot summer days.

Wedding rings for men: The most important questions answered

In this section we deal with various questions about the topic of wedding rings for men. Here you can find out which material is right for your wedding ring, how to find the right size and what you can use to clean your piece of jewellery.

What materials are used for men's wedding rings?

Wedding rings are pieces of jewellery for eternity. High-quality materials are therefore indispensable. The absolute classic is wedding rings made of gold. Gold rings are often made of alloys, which means that a mixture of different metals is created by adding other elements. This often allows for easier processing, versatile colour shades and also offers price advantages.

Next to gold, platinum is one of the most precious materials for men's wedding rings. Since the extraction of platinum is even more expensive than that of gold, the price of platinum is currently even higher than the price of gold. Both materials are characterised by outstanding durability and do not tarnish.

Palladium is also becoming increasingly popular in the jewellery industry. It is not only visually reminiscent of platinum, but its chemical properties also have similarities: Palladium is abrasion-resistant, very durable and does not oxidise.

In addition, silver, stainless steel, ceramics and even wood are used for the production of wedding rings. Technology-savvy men often also like to choose titanium or carbon as the basis for their men's wedding ring. It is often not advisable to buy a silver wedding ring, as this is a very soft material and will show clearly visible signs of wear after a while.

What styles of wedding rings are available for men?

The selection of wedding rings for men is huge and the variety of designs almost limitless. A clear style classification is therefore difficult, but three basic categories can be derived: classic wedding rings, extravagant wedding rings and modern wedding rings.

  • Classic men's wedding rings: Simple rings made of yellow or white gold with fine curves can clearly be assigned to this category. Models for men usually do without a diamond or brilliant-cut diamond, although an engraving on the inside is no exception.
  • Extravagant men's wedding rings: Those who like to wear something a little more eye-catching on their finger will probably enjoy bicolour models, external engravings, diamond settings and extra wide rings. Even bold wood looks, matt black carbon looks or rose gold find their way onto men's ring fingers. Our insider tip: the Japanese mokume-gane forging technique makes for particularly interesting colour transitions.
  • Modern men's wedding rings: Hard contours, advanced materials and purist design are characteristics of a modern men's wedding ring. Wide rings made of stainless steel, titanium or palladium, for example, can be counted among this category.

The transitions between the individual styles are fluid. The choice of wedding ring design is purely a matter of taste and should reflect your personality, but also that of your partner.

How do I determine the right size for a men's wedding ring?

There are several ways to determine the right size for your wedding ring. For example, you can easily print out a ring template from the internet and match it to an existing matching ring. If the inner circumference of the ring is flush with the circumference of the template, you have found the right size.

Of course, you can also simply measure the ring finger. For a few euros you can buy special ring measuring tapes, which allow a very accurate measurement and you can read off the corresponding size directly. Alternatively, a strip of paper can be used as a measuring tape and measured with a ruler.

For men, ring sizes usually vary between 56 and 69 millimetres. The right size of a wedding ring is essential, as ideally it will be worn for a lifetime. So don't take the exact measurement of your ring finger lightly!

Where can I have a men's wedding ring engraved?

Most goldsmiths and online jewellers offer the option of engraving the purchased item directly at the time of purchase. They have the appropriate tools and machines to precisely personalise the inside of your wedding ring. The price of the engraving depends on the material and process to be treated, but is often already included in the purchase price.

Even if you have already purchased an unfinished men's wedding ring, you can still have it engraved afterwards. It is best to contact the seller of the ring directly, perhaps you will be lucky and there will be no charge. Otherwise, you can expect a price starting at about 20 €. Laser engraving is usually cheaper than manual diamond engraving.

How do I clean a men's wedding ring?

The wedding ring, the symbol of eternal love, should ideally retain its initial shine for a very long time. For this, regular care and cleaning of your piece of jewellery is essential. Depending on the material, the cleaning processes differ to some extent.

First of all, we would definitely advise you against any attempts at cleaning at the sink. All it takes is one carelessness and the ring disappears down the drain. At best, it will remain in the siphon, but if you are unlucky, the valuable piece of jewellery can be gone forever.

Therefore, you should start with a mild soap bath in a bowl or dish. A cloth or a fine brush can help to remove coarser dirt. This cleaning method is safe for all materials as long as you do not use too aggressive cleaning agents.

Special care should be taken with silver rings. Silver is a less robust material, tends to scratch and can "tarnish" through oxidation. Special silver baths cost only a few euros and help your jewellery to shine again. After the bath, the ring must be dried well.

For men's wedding rings that are set with stones and have joints, a soap bath is often not enough to get rid of all the dirt. In this case, an ultrasonic cleaning device for jewellery is a good idea. These are available in many online shops. If in doubt, simply take your wedding ring to the nearest jeweller and have it professionally cleaned.


Now you should know the most important information for buying your men's wedding ring and can start looking for your lifelong companion. Invest some time in choosing your wedding ring and keep the above-mentioned buying criteria in mind.

We are sure that you will find a beautiful object that perfectly matches your personal style and reflects your character. We wish you much happiness and joy for your future together!

(Image source: Nick Karvounis / Unsplash)

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