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Representatives of the male sex invest time and money in hair care. When they reach a certain age, some of them worry about a common denominator: baldness. A reason that prompts them to buy wigs for men. Luckily, today you will find useful information about this aesthetic accessory.

It goes without saying that prostheses disguise hair loss. Nowadays, you will find several examples manufactured by specialists in the field, who offer industrial and handmade articles. Given this commercial panorama, the most convenient thing for you is to know the details related to this element.

We are pleased to provide you with authentic content on your topics of interest. As you will see, in our new edition, we will talk about a product widely demanded by gentlemen. Stay tuned and learn everything you need to know about men's wigs.


  • It is an accessory made of synthetic or natural fibres that is placed on the head. It adapts to the shape of the skull thanks to a textile mesh that sits on top of the scalp. Its functions vary according to the needs of the gentleman, but it is constantly used to improve appearance or change appearance.
  • Distinguishing between the most common variables is an exercise that will bring long-term benefits. In this opportunity, we will outline the most salient features and advantages of industrial and handcrafted models. Take a closer look at the material provided below.
  • Length, fibre, hair extension and hair direction. We mention the four purchasing factors that you will find in the last section of this text, which is intended to compare those criteria that should not be overlooked when you are planning to wear a wig for men.

The Best Men's Wig: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about men's wigs

Do you want to change your appearance or cope with baldness? If your answer is yes and you are thinking of taking home a wig, you should read this guide we have prepared with exceptional content. Stay tuned for the most important keys that will help you make the right choice.

Wigs help build self-esteem. (Photo: Rido/

What is a wig for men and what are its advantages?

It is a false hair specially created for male representatives. It is made of synthetic or natural materials that are undetectable to the naked eye and can be adapted to current fashion trends in terms of hairstyles, cuts and colours. It is also known as a hair prosthesis or replacement system.

Although the use of these elements is often linked to an eccentric lifestyle, it is impossible to ignore their positive impact on the physical appearance and self-esteem of the wearer. Why? Well, over time they have become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of men with alopecia.

On the other hand, actors, singers and artists take advantage of its benefits in order to give a great show to the audience or to embody the characteristics of a figure. In addition, today's models allow hair to be shown from any angle, making the toupee unnoticed, without looking artificial.

  • Look natural
  • Long life span
  • Can be combed and washed
  • Withstand some hair products
  • Follow fashion trends
  • Ideal for those with baldness
  • Some are made of animal hair
  • Feel warm on the head
  • Are sometimes heavy
  • Synthetic fibres have a shiny effect
  • Knot quickly

Industrial or handmade wigs for men - what should you look out for?

At a glance, which of these products best suits your taste? Some people prefer accessories made by the textile industry, while others love customised handmade pieces, without the intervention of technological mechanisms. Take a look at what's next and make your final decision.

Industrial. Among their main characteristics we can highlight the following: they are made faster thanks to technological processes, there is greater availability of models on the market and they are sold at affordable prices. They are the type of wigs that you will find in any specialised styling shop.

Their shape is either full or partial. In other words, they can cover the areas of the head you want. For example, they are perfect for concealing hair loss in a particular area or on the entire scalp. After all, they are tailored to your individual requirements, because every case is different.

Handcrafted. They undoubtedly offer a more natural finish than the above, and it is precisely this factor that appeals to a more appearance-conscious audience. To make these hairpieces, the hair is woven by hand into a skin-coloured mesh, which gives them strength and adaptability.

However, they require extensive time to make and are more expensive compared to those made industrially. It is worth noting that they resist climatic changes, the fibres return to their original shape after washing, and do not absorb odours from the surrounding environment.

Industrial Handmade
Manufacture Automated Handmade
Availability Wide Scarce
Materials Synthetic or natural fibres Natural yarns
Finish Standard Customised
Price Economical High

Purchasing Criteria

We are pleased to welcome you to the last section of our text. From now on you will know what factors to take into account when purchasing hair prostheses. Take as much time as you wish to analyse the important details of a wig for men.


Before making the decision to purchase a hair system, you should know how long you will use it for. This is essential when it comes to establishing routines for cleaning, styling, cutting and adjusting. Below we invite you to read more about this subject so that you can choose the right one for you.

Temporary. They are designed for men who have baldness due to medical treatment. For example, it is recommended to use them after chemotherapy until healthy hair grows back. To get them, it is best to seek the help of an expert in oncological wigs.

Permanent. If you are considering using this accessory for a long time or for life, we suggest you opt for a handmade system made with human or animal hair. Consider this alternative as a possible solution to advanced alopecia problems that cannot be cured.

With a custom-made wig you can show off your hair from any angle at any time. (Photo: Andrey Kiselev/

Hair extensions

On the market you'll find options to suit every individual. Luckily, designers are investing in a variety of hair replacement options. Take a look at the following and take the time to see which of these hair extensions you can relate to.

Partial. Let's say you still have your hair but it is very thin, lacks density, volume or you have localised alopecia. If this is your situation, we suggest you select an industrial accessory that overlaps in that area temporarily, as your situation is probably momentary.

Half of your hair has fallen out on only half of your head? Take home a toupee that covers this specific area. Before selecting the best one, we advise you to go in person to a shop where you will receive expert advice. You should choose a product made of synthetic or natural fibres.

Total: Has your hair fallen out completely? Don't hesitate to get a prosthesis made by craftsmen, with transparent or invisible mesh. Why? Because you'll probably wear it for the rest of your life, it's a good idea to have an item that's just for you. Don't lose sight of the fact that it can be expensive.

Nowadays there are high quality fibres available that are very similar to ordinary hair. However, to make the ideal choice you should know in depth which are the alternatives that the market offers you. Select the one you like the most once you have evaluated the relevant details.

Synthetic: Do you want one or more prostheses that keep their colour and shine all the time? Then synthetic hair prostheses made from industrial processes are the right ones for you. Bear in mind that they are sold at low prices. On the other hand, be aware that they are flammable and have an artificial appearance.

Natural: Planning to wear a wig for men for the rest of your life? Nothing better than opting for a human or animal fibre piece. We recommend this presentation because it is more versatile, as you can style it, wash it and dye it in different colours. Besides, it is handmade.

Get a model that ensures several years of useful life. (Photo: Andrey Kiselev/

Hair direction

From the moment we are born our hair adopts the direction it wants or the direction we give it. Fortunately, the same is true for men's wigs. You have the freedom to choose which way you want the strands to be positioned. We explain more about this important aspect in the last buying factor.

Freestyle: Do you like the tousled look? Check the item description to see if it's made for you to style your hair to your liking. For example, let's say you want to look a bit scruffy or formal, then we advise you to buy one that you can change the direction and style whenever you want.

Central. Do you have a pronounced top of your head? It's best to go for a wig for men with this classification - how? Read the seller's explanation or ask them directly if they have products with the highest concentration of hair at the top.

Sideways. This orientation ensures that the hair stands out naturally to the right or left. Want a slightly pronounced style that sits behind your ears? Wear this subtle approach that will enhance the aesthetics of your head, without showing that you have a prosthetic.

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