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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!" Jackets are our constant companion in sun, rain and wind. On the one hand, they are supposed to keep us warm, but at best they also complement our outfit. Men's jackets come in a wide variety of designs, whether for winter, summer, functional or as an accessory.

In this article, we will focus on the wind jacket for men. They provide optimal protection from wind and weather and - if chosen correctly - are very comfortable to wear. In the following, we will explain what you should look for when buying and answer your potential questions about the all-round talent that is a men's wind jacket.

The Best Mens Windbreaker: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's wind jackets

Not all wind jackets are the same: Here we would like to list some aspects that you should consider when buying your wind jacket for men, so that your selection optimally meets your needs. These are the following criteria:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Size and fit
  • Colour
  • Features

In the following section, we explain in more detail what exactly matters in the respective purchase criteria.


Your men's windbreaker is first and foremost functional clothing. The following material properties determine in which weather and for which activities a man can wear the garment without getting sweaty or cold:

  • windproof: In today's linguistic usage, a precise distinction is usually not made between rain and wind jackets, even though windproofness is the most characteristic feature of wind jackets. Hardshell jackets are particularly popular because they keep wind out completely. But be careful: although all waterproof materials are also windproof, not all windproof jackets are also waterproof.
  • water-repellent or waterproof: As a rule, the water permeability of a material is measured in mm water limit: This describes the pressure that must be applied to a material for it to allow a drop of water to pass through. As a rule, the limit is drawn at 800 to 1000 mm water column, below which a material is water-repellent, above which it is waterproof. Materials made of mixed fibres are particularly popular here. Other materials can be made water-repellent by coating them with synthetic fibres or impregnating them.
  • breathable: Wind jackets for men are worn especially for outdoor sports and should therefore be breathable. Ideally, the jacket should not allow rain and wind to reach the body, but at the same time it should also transport heat and moisture to the outside. Breathable fabrics include silk, wool and cashmere and microfibre fabrics, but these alone are neither waterproof nor windproof.

To ensure that a material also has the latter properties, a membrane is combined between an outer fabric and a lining to form a so-called laminate. These usually consist of 2.5 or 3 layers and are mostly used in hardshell jackets.

If you know from the start that you never go outside in the rain and don't do any sports, you could also do without the properties "waterproof" and "breathable" in your wind jacket and thus save money. However, the most comfortable solution would be to invest in a wind jacket for men that combines all three properties - then you are prepared for all eventualities.


The weight of your men's wind jacket can also be derived from the material it is made of. Since the jackets are often worn for outdoor sports, their weight is important in addition to the use of breathable material: the heavier the material, the more restricted the freedom of movement.

It is also important to many buyers that the men's windbreaker can be easily transported when taken off. This is also made easier by a lower weight. Furthermore, many wind jackets are foldable and can be stowed in a small bag sewn onto the jacket. This way, they take up less space in a backpack.

Men's wind jackets that are described as ultralight usually weigh less than 300g. The well-known GoreText membrane is often used here. However, as this is very expensive and not particularly environmentally friendly, it is worth considering buying jackets made from other materials and membranes.

Size and fit

In addition to the weight of the men's windbreaker, its size and fit also contribute significantly to wearing comfort. Therefore, it is important to try on the jacket in different sizes - if possible - and choose the option that fits best. Most jackets are available in small sizes up to plus sizes with multiple XL.

For all athletes: In order for your men's windbreaker to perform optimally in terms of breathability, it must fit snugly. However, if your wind jacket is not going to be used for sports but rather to keep out bad weather, it must not fit too tightly - this is the only way to create a small air cushion between the jacket and your clothing layer underneath. If you want to wear thick clothing underneath the windbreaker, wear it when you try it on so that you don't buy the jacket too small.


When choosing the colour of your new windbreaker, it is no longer a question of the otherwise so important wearing comfort, but finally only of your own preferences and needs. Wind jackets are usually a long-term investment - so if you have a jacket that fits great but you don't dare to wear it because of the colour, you have given away a lot of money.

Therefore: Which colour fits best in your wardrobe? Most men would now opt for more muted colours. However, the colour can also complement the functionality of the jacket: Should you like to wear the jacket for jogging or cycling, especially in the evening hours, you should discard stylish considerations and consider a brighter signal colour. Reflectors on the jacket in particular allow you to be seen in the dark and contribute to your own safety.


Most men's windbreakers come in a wide variety of styles: With or without a hood, with detachable sleeves, with vents, with pockets for plenty of storage space, etc. Here, too, it's all about your needs. Which of these features best suit the activities for which you would like to use the jacket?

The simpler the jacket, the lower the price - but it is still worth investing in a wind jacket for men that meets your expectations and spending a little more money on it instead of buying cheaper jackets with different features over and over again.

Wind jackets for men: The most important questions answered

Outdoor clothing is an increasingly discussed topic, but there are still some questions that are asked again before buying a men's windbreaker. We would like to answer these in this section.

What is a men's windbreaker and how does it differ from other outdoor jackets?

A wind jacket, as its name suggests, is primarily worn to protect oneself from strong winds. Other outdoor jackets, such as rain jackets and winter jackets, on the other hand, are designed more to protect against wetness and cold.

However, many jackets now combine the properties of wind, rain and winter jackets and are windproof, water-repellent and protect against the cold at the same time. Nevertheless, there are still pure wind jackets, but their material usually provides additional protection against rain.

What materials can a wind jacket for men be made of and what advantages and disadvantages do they have?

Men's wind jackets are made from a wide variety of materials. Depending on the properties you want your new jacket to have beyond its windproofness, different materials should be chosen. Generally, wind jackets often use lightweight to ultra-lightweight functional materials in combination with more robust fabrics that extend the durability of the jacket.

Often 2.5 or 3-layer laminates are used, which have a membrane and make the material breathable, but still waterproof and windproof at the same time. However, there are also many materials with other properties, such as merino wool for a better feel, dirt-repellent technologies, or sustainably produced fabrics.

The fancier the technology, the higher the price - this also applies in relation to men's wind jackets. Be clear about the activities you want to use the jacket for. Many manufacturers offer jackets made specifically for certain purposes: For example, wind jackets for cycling are often equipped with stretch elements for more freedom of movement and have a longer cut back to catch splashing water.

Do I need to waterproof my men's wind jacket?

Men's wind jackets should be washed regularly to maintain the function of their membrane. Immediately after purchase, the impregnation of the jacket is still new, but can wear out due to this mechanical stress. Here we distinguish between jackets with a DWR or a PFC-based impregnation, which need to be treated differently to maintain their function:

  • DWR (Durable Water Repellency): Most materials for wind jackets are equipped with this type of waterproofing. If the beading effect on your jacket wears off, it can be impregnated again with a spray after one of these washes. This allows the impregnating substance to spread more evenly over the fabric without trapping dirt.
  • PFC-based impregnation (perfluorinated or polyfluorinated chemicals): Windbreakers with this type of impregnation that are still new, such as those often used by GoreTex, can have their function reactivated: To do this, apply heat to the material, for example in a tumble dryer, with a hairdryer or an iron.

What type of wind jacket for men is best suited if I want to do sports outside?

People often look for men's wind jackets to protect them from the wind when out jogging, hiking or cycling. Here it is also worth considering other supplementary functions of the jacket. Especially for outdoor athletes, it is advisable to choose a jacket made of breathable material. Stretch elements, ventilation slits and detachable sleeves are other features that can be practical for such activities.


A wind jacket is therefore the perfect companion for anyone who spends time outside in wind and weather. Men's wind jackets come in a wide variety of materials and fits. The question you should now find the answer to before buying your new jacket is: Which one suits me best?

So choose a wind jacket for men made of a material that suits your needs and that convinces with the complementary functions for your outdoor activities. With this combination of comfort and functionality, nothing can stand in the way of your adventures in nature.

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