Last updated: August 11, 2021

When the temperatures drop below freezing in winter and the first snow falls from the sky, the old summer and autumn clothes can go back into the wardrobe. So slowly you should get yourself a winter coat so that you don't have to freeze even on snowy streets. There is something for every taste in men's winter coats. They can be made of polyester or wool, but also of fur and filled with down.

Whether for a casual look or for business meetings, the winter coat fits all situations and keeps you warm at the same time. In the following article, you will receive tips on how to best combine your men's winter coat and you will be provided with all the important information on the subject, as well as answers to the most important questions.

The Best Mens Winter Coat in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's winter coats

To help you decide what to buy, we have listed criteria below to help you decide what kind of winter coat to buy.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Optics
  • Thermal performance
  • Weight
  • Water resistance

These criteria will now be explained to you in more detail.


Your men's winter coat can be made of many conceivable materials. This concerns the outer material of the coat, the inner lining and the filling of the men's coat.

The outer material can be made of real fur, artificial fur, cotton, polyester, cashmere, fleece or leather. The lining is often made of polyester or fur, while the coat is usually filled with polyester, feathers or down.

While the outer material is usually only about the look, the lining and filling determine the thermal performance of the men's winter coat.


When you buy your winter coat, the first thing that certainly comes to mind is the look. You should first decide whether you prefer a wool coat or a polyester coat. In addition, you can consider whether you would like to go for fur or fur.

Men's winter coats also come in all kinds of colours and patterns. There are checked, plain and striped coats in many colours, such as olive, black, grey, beige or blue.

You can also decide whether your winter coat should be rather long or short, or have a hood, for example. Hoods on men's winter coats are usually removable.


Of course, the warmth of a winter coat should not be neglected. If you buy a winter coat, it should logically still keep you warm on cold winter days, so that freezing is not an issue for you in winter.

Of course, it is not so easy to find out the thermal performance of your coat, but by trying on and comparing different men's winter coats, you can establish a tendency.

Also, some materials are warmer than others. Wool and down, for example, are said to have a much higher thermal performance than polyester. Consequently, a quilted coat with down filling tends to have better thermal performance than polyester coats.


Another buying criterion is the weight of your coat. Whether you prefer a light or heavy coat is purely a matter of taste. A woollen winter coat tends to weigh less than a thickly filled coat with down or fur.

If the winter coat is particularly long or comes with accessories such as a fur-lined hood, this increases the weight enormously. A light men's winter coat might be more suitable for short stays outdoors, while thick winter coats will still keep you warm during longer distances in cold weather.

In addition, a light men's winter coat usually looks a little more elegant, which makes it ideal for business purposes. This way, you'll arrive at your business meeting warmed up but still looking smart.

Water resistance

For heavily snowy days, you should also consider a water-repellent men's winter coat. Because if your men's winter coat lets the wet through, it can quickly become bitterly cold. It also increases the risk of catching a cold.

Many people forget about the wetness aspect of winter. But snow gets into your clothes just as quickly as water. This is much more devastating in the low temperatures, as the cold air combined with the water are bad for the material as well as for your health.

Winter coats for men: The most important questions answered

In the following part, we want to answer frequently asked questions from customers in detail so that you are well informed about winter coats for men.

In which styles are winter coats for men available?

Men's winter coats are available in many different styles. It is up to you which style you like best or what you want to use the coat for. To give you a small overview, we have listed and explained the most important styles for men's winter coats here.

  • Business winter coats: To be perfectly styled for your business meeting and still not freeze on the way, there are men's winter coats in business style. These elegant winter coats usually come in plain colours like grey or black. Most often these coats are made of wool, but nowadays they can also be made of polyester. Here the decision is up to you.
  • Long / short winter coats: Winter coats also come in longer cuts or shorter cuts. If you want your winter coat to reach only about to your hips, it is best to choose a variant with a short cut. Men's winter coats with a longer cut also go down to below the knees. Of course, you can decide which cut you prefer.
  • Winter coats with fur: If you prefer an extravagant look, you don't have to do without winter coats. There are also winter coats with fur. Whether the fur covers the entire winter coat, is only found on the hood or is only lined with it is up to you. These winter coats are available with real fur or with artificial fur.
  • Quilted coats: When talking about men's winter coats, the quilted coat is of course a must. This style traditionally convinces with its down filling and high thermal performance. Moreover, it can be combined in a chic way.

How do I know if my winter coat fits well?

Basically, there is no hard and fast rule about how a men's winter coat should fit. Rather, it depends on your own preference. We have listed a few fits for you:

  • Loose fit: If you are a lover of lots of freedom of movement under one, the loose fit is the optimal choice for you. This way, the coat offers a lot of space. One problem, however, could be that this fit is a little more air-permeable than tighter coats.
  • Narrowfit: As the name suggests, a narrow fit coat is very sporty. So it is usually less thick and hugs the body more than looser men's winter coats.
  • Figure-hugging fit: Do you want your figure to still show despite the thick winter coat? Then a men's winter coat with a figure-hugging fit is just right for you.

Now that you know the common fits for men's winter coats, you can think about which one you prefer. To get a better idea of this, you can select the respective fit as a filter option on most suitable websites.

How much does a men's winter coat cost?

The price range for men's winter coats is very wide. It mainly depends on the material used and the brand of the coat. While polyester coats tend to be cheaper, winter coats with real fur or down cost more money.

The price range generally goes from about 50 euros to about 5000 euros. Brands such as ONLY or Mango Man tend to be in the lower price segment, while brands like Dolce&Gabbana or Bogner . However, there are also well-known brands that are oriented towards the mid-price segment, such as Wellenstein.

Which materials keep the warmest?

In general, every winter coat is designed to provide as much warmth as possible. However, as mentioned above, different materials also offer different levels of warmth. Down coats, for example, are often said to provide extreme warmth. But wool is also perfect for keeping you warm.
Here we can recommend that you try on a few coats and find out your favourite.

Styling tips for men's winter coats: How to achieve the perfect coat look

Your men's winter coat not only keeps you warm, but can also be used in a fashionable way, so that you still stand out from the crowd even in low temperatures.

Scarves, for example, offer a matching accessory to your winter coat. These can be tied tighter around the neck or simply hang loosely around the neck and thus offer a real eye-catcher to the coat look.

Of course, the matching gloves for your winter coat should not be missing. You can combine warm woolen gloves with your coat, but also chic leather gloves to keep your hands warm on business occasions.

For this business look, you could also combine a plain wool coat with a suit or a shirt. So if you want to be more dressy, you have the perfect business look with a wool coat over a suit and leather gloves!

Another very useful tip is to wear matching shoes with your men's winter coat. If the coat and shoes have the same or a matching colour, your outfit will look very thoughtful and fully rounded. This catches the eye of fashion-conscious people.


Winter coats are must-haves for the winter season. Whether for business or leisure, winter coats can be worn for all kinds of occasions thanks to the many variations and possible colours.

Now that you are well informed about men's winter coats, you can start looking for your perfect coat. Whether long or short, with hood or without, colourful or plain, we are confident that you will find your coat in the style that suits you. In the process, we hope that our styling tips have helped you to perfect your coat look!

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