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The next winter is just around the corner and with it icy temperatures that require suitable and warm clothing. To ensure that you can still enjoy outdoor activities even in the cold season, you need the right men's winter jacket. Here you have many different options to find the right jacket for you. Whether with or without a hood, a short jacket or a coat... The choice is yours.

So that you don't make an ill-considered purchase decision, it makes sense that you familiarise yourself with the most important quality criteria. That's why we present you with the most important buying criteria and tips for perfect styling. This way, you will not only be well-warmed, but also top styled for the winter.

The Best Men's Winter Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's winter jackets

There are many different types of men's winter jackets and it is certainly not easy for you to make the right choice. We have listed some important buying criteria below for you to use as a guide. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Upper
  • Inner lining
  • Neckline / collar
  • Technical function

In the following section we go into more detail about the individual buying criteria.

Outer material

Most winter jackets for men are made of polyester, cotton or a blended fabric. Depending on how long you will be outdoors, the choice depends on the suitable outer material. A blended fabric of 65% polyester and 35% cotton has become the standard for most winter jackets.

Of course, warm jackets with other outer materials are also available, such as fleece, leather, softshell or hardshell. However, these materials are less suitable for really warm winter jackets that should also be wind- and weatherproof. Fleece keeps you warm, but is not suitable for wet weather, as the fabric is not water-repellent. Soft and hardshell jackets are usually worn for outdoor sports activities. However, these outer materials are less suitable for very low temperatures, as is leather.

Inner lining

Classic fill materials that provide a high level of warmth are synthetic fibre and down. There are also winter jackets for men with a fleece inner layer. The advantage of fleece is that the fabric is very soft and feels pleasant on the skin. Fleece is also breathable, making it suitable for all everyday activities. However, you should bear in mind that winter jackets with a fleece inner layer have a higher weight compared to down.

If you are concerned about weight, you should go for down or synthetic fibre as the inner material. Down has the lowest weight and the highest heat retention. It is therefore suitable for extremely cold conditions. On the other hand, down is somewhat more difficult to care for than synthetic fibre. Synthetic fibre is lighter and warmer than fleece, but less vapour permeable than down. Unlike down, synthetic fibre still warms well when wet. It is therefore suitable for sporting use in cool, changeable weather.

Neckline / Collar

Winter jackets are available with many different types of collars or with hoods. Collar types include stand-up collars, ribbed collars, lapel collars or high-closing collars, for example. A hood often gives a winter jacket a sporty look and is of course very practical especially in wet weather.

High-collared jackets do not end above the chest like most jackets, but end above the chin for warm protection of the neck area. A lapel collar gives your men's winter jacket or coat an elegant look, while a ribbed collar provides more of a sporty look.

Technical function

Depending on the occasion for which you wear your men's winter jacket, you should pay attention to certain features. For example, that the jacket is breathable and water-repellent. If you are looking for a winter jacket to wear to the office, you will probably choose an elegant business coat.

If you are particularly active outdoors, make sure your winter jacket is breathable so you don't sweat too quickly. Winter jackets with a low weight are also suitable for sporty use. Here, you should opt for down jackets rather than jackets with fleece lining. Above all, ski years should be water-repellent and insulate well.

Men's winter jackets: The most important questions answered

Finding the right winter jacket for men is often not as easy as many people think. There are several aspects to consider, for example for what purpose you need a winter jacket and which jacket best suits your style. To help you, we have answered the most important questions for you briefly in the following section.

What styles of men's winter jackets are available?

To make sure you are well styled for the cold season, we present the 5 trendy winter jackets for this year.

  • Winter coat: You should definitely have the classic men's winter coat in your wardrobe: Straight and slim-fitting winter coats never go out of fashion and are reliable companions for many years to come. Tall men can choose a coat that is longer than knee length. For shorter men, the coat should end above the knee so that the look is not visually bulky. The coat should also not be too tight.
  • Parkas: Parkas for men not only look smart, but are also practical for anyone who is outside in wind and weather or has to take the dog out. Models with a smooth surface and laser-cut edges are particularly trendy. Hybrid models with warm down lining are particularly protective and have a water-repellent coating. Parkas in muted shades go with almost any look, so you can't go wrong with this winter jacket. With a suit, however, we recommend a classic winter coat.
  • Down jacket The men's down jacket is a real all-rounder. Whether in the city or in the mountains, you can't go wrong with a down jacket. Down not only keeps you warm, but is also lightweight, so you have great freedom of movement. However, pay attention to the special care instructions for down jackets.
  • Lambskin jackets: The cosy lambskin jacket with an oversized fit and large collar is particularly trendy this winter. Models with black smooth leather or brown suede are available, for example. As an animal-friendly variant, there are also high-quality imitation leather and lambskin. Lambskin jackets are suitable for tall and slender figures. They are very bulky and visually bulky. They are therefore less suitable for small, strong or slim men.

What should I look for in a men's winter jacket?

To make sure that the purchase of your men's winter jacket doesn't turn out to be a bad investment after a short time, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Since your jacket should be wind and water resistant, the outer layer should be made of a water-repellent fabric such as polyester or nylon. To keep the jacket nice and warm, the lining should be made of down, synthetic fibre, fleece or wool. A minimum of 60-80% wool is warmest. Also look for high-quality closures, such as a double-breasted closure, rather than a single-breasted closure. The latter lets more wind through.

The length of the winter jacket is also important. It should not be too short and should fit snugly at the bottom to prevent cold air from getting in.

How do I wash and care for my men's winter jacket?

To ensure that you can wear your winter jacket for a long time, you should pay attention to proper care. We have listed some useful tips for you here. Of course, you should always follow the care instructions on the product label.

  • Waterproofing: If your winter jacket is made of leather or imitation leather, regular waterproofing is important to protect it from moisture and dirt.
  • Close the jacket well: Before putting the jacket in the washing machine, close all buttons and zips well.
  • Functional jackets: You should wash these jackets without fabric softener and on the delicate cycle with a special detergent for outdoor clothing.
  • Down jackets: You can throw down jackets in the dryer with tennis balls. This keeps them nice and loose and prevents the down from sticking together.
  • Wool jackets: These winter jackets are washed in a cold water bath with a special wool detergent. Then rinse them with clean water, carefully squeeze them out and lay them down to dry.

If you follow these tips for cleaning your men's winter jacket, you should be able to use it for a very long time and enjoy it.

Styling tips for men's winter jackets: How to achieve the perfect winter look

There is a suitable winter jacket for every type of man, whether sporty, elegant or casual. We reveal our best styling tips.

  • Elegant look: We recommend longer-cut winter jackets and coats made of natural materials such as wool or leather. Decorative button bands and stand-up or lapel collars create an elegant look. Muted colours like dark blue, grey or black can be combined with almost any outfit.
  • Sporty look: If you are more the sporty type, we recommend coloured functional or down jackets. These can also have colour-contrasting zips and seams. Bright, eye-catching colours are particularly suitable for skiing so that you can be easily seen by other skiers.
  • For sub-zero temperatures: For a very cold winter, we recommend down jackets. These keep you particularly warm. For sporting activities, a combination of fleece jacket and softshell jacket may be the best choice.
  • Transitional jackets: Even before the real onset of winter, between autumn and winter, leather jackets made of real or artificial leather are suitable to wear over a wool jumper. The advantage of leather is that the material is water-repellent, making it ideal for those cold, rainy autumn days.

Of course, our styling tips only serve as inspiration for your next outfit. Of course, you can decide which men's winter jacket you want to combine and how according to your personal taste.


With your men's winter jacket you are always suitably dressed in cold, wind and snow. Depending on the outer material and lining, you will always be comfortably warm and protected from sub-zero temperatures. For sporting activities, look for breathable material and a water-repellent outer material.

To ensure that you benefit from your winter jacket for a long time, we have summarised the most important care tips for you and answered further questions that will help you find the right jacket. This way you can enjoy the coming winter and the low temperatures without worrying.

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