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Nowadays, a wool coat is an absolute must-have for every man. A wool coat for men suits every occasion, is versatile and should not be missing from any wardrobe. There are countless types and variations on the market. The different models of wool coats count as strikingly warm.

There are different variants, cuts and types for every taste. Classic wool coats, extravagant models as well as many other types and designs convince with their uniqueness and quality and are comfortable on top of that. Whether with a hood or collar, narrow or wide cut, short or long - both the right fit and the ideal styling are crucial for a stylish look.

The Best Men's Wool Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's wool coats

There are so many different types and styles of men's wool coats. So it is not surprising if you find it difficult to choose. To find the perfect wool coat for you, there are some buying criteria that will help you decide.

You can use the following buying criteria to find out which wool coat best suits your needs:

  • Material and fabric
  • Fit
  • Care

In the following section, you will find out what is basically important about the individual features.

Material and fabric

The purpose of a wool coat is to keep its wearer warm and not wet. Therefore, materials made of pure new wool are usually used. Wool from sheep, cashmere goat, alpaca lamb or camel hair are very popular and widely used. They are all considered to be heat-retaining and of high quality. However, there are also more breathable and water-repellent materials such as loden. The more wool content, the warmer the men's wool coat. However, it should not be forgotten that the material also becomes heavier. The quality of the wool or the material plays an important role in terms of warmth.

The fabrics used are usually the usual colours such as black, beige, grey, blue and brown. Mostly, the fabrics of wool coats for men are without pattern, except for the "Chesterfield" type, where a herringbone pattern has become characteristically established.


The fit is very important for the perfect men's look. If the wool coat does not fit properly, it will quickly look too big. A tailored wool coat for men is certainly advantageous, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of money, so you should pay attention to a few things when buying:

  • There should be freedom of movement and movement of the man's arms.
  • The wool coat should end below the knee.
  • The shoulder seam should end directly at the end of the shoulder, just like a suit.
  • The coat should not wrinkle at the gentleman's back and should not be too tight at the chest.
  • Put a thick jumper underneath when trying it on so you know if you might need a size larger.

The length of the men's wool coat should also be well considered. It should be neither too short nor too long. If you wear a suit in everyday life, the coat should definitely cover the jacket. If a long wool coat for men is not what you want, go for short coats. The hem of these woollen coats is flush with the jacket, as it ends just above the buttocks.


If you clean and care for your men's wool coat properly, it will last you for years. Find out in advance how easy it is to clean your coat. Whether you can do this on your own or whether it needs to be taken to a laundry are all important questions to clarify in advance. Take a closer look at the label of your wool coat so you know how to wash it. The following questions are important:

  • Can you put the men's wool coat in the washing machine, does it need to be hand washed or do you generally need to take it to the dry cleaners?
  • What detergent can you use?
  • How should the coat be dried?
  • Is there anything else you need to consider?

In principle, the ease of care depends on the quality of the material. Wool is one of the oldest fabrics in the world and is basically an easy-care and also washable fabric. Wool is known to be a natural fibre, which warms, is breathable and at the same time regulates moisture. There are, of course, differences in the quality of wool. Pure wool consists of 100% wool. Often there are also wool blends with synthetics.

Wool coats for men: The most important questions answered

It can often be very difficult to decide on the right model. Since the selection of wool coats for men is very large and wide-ranging, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about men's wool coats.

In which styles are men's wool coats available?

Due to the countless types, styles and models of wool coats for men, every taste can be met. In the following points, you can take a look at the features of the different types.

  • Classic men's wool coats: The Paletot or Ulster are the all-rounders among the classic men's wool coats. The paletot is a close-fitting, knee-length coat with a double-breasted button arrangement. The men's wool coat is usually strictly tailored and with various upgrading options such as buttoning on a fur collar or cuffs, it is a companion for many affairs. The Ulster is long and double-breasted and the rows of buttons are parallel to each other. The wool coat can also be buttoned up when it is cold. An Ulster always has patch pockets as well as cuffs and is cut very wide.
  • Chesterfield: A Chesterfield coat is also a classic men's wool coat in English style. It is knee-length and strictly cut. The single row of concealed buttons, the heavy wool fabric and the fabric trim on the inside of the collar make the Chesterfield the noblest version of the men's wool coat. The herringbone pattern is also characteristic of the Chesterfield.
  • Caban or Pea Coat: Cabans or pea coats are short woollen coats that originally come from the navy and deep-sea fishing. They are often woven from a tightly woven virgin wool, but nowadays also from finer fabrics such as cashmere. The double-breasted short coat can be buttoned on both sides and only goes as far as the belt or the end of the jacket. The buttons are usually made of plastic, often brass or gold on more elegant models. A typical feature of a men's pea coat is the wide collar, which can easily be turned up in windy or other weather conditions. It has two pockets at the hip and two slash pockets under the chest.
  • Stutzer: The Stutzer is a traditional coat from the Alpine region for men and is very similar to the Pea Coat. The only difference is that the material is usually stiffer and it is longer than the pea coat. It is often single-breasted and usually has a slit in the back.
  • Duffle coat: The duffle coat is a casual three-quarter length men's wool coat. It can be recognised by its features such as the fixed hood and the patch pockets. The elongated buttons made of wood or horn, which are used with a loop to close the coat, are also called toggle buttons or toggle fasteners. A genuine duffle coat must be made of at least 70% pure wool, otherwise it counts merely as a wool coat with individual duffle coat design elements. Due to the special quality of the fabric, duffle coats for men are very wind- and water-repellent.
  • Lodenkotze or weather patch: The answer to bad weather is a Lodenkotze or also called weather patch. These men's wool coats are ideal for hunting, as this garment can be worn over a rucksack and gun. A weather patch is usually made of high-quality, hard-wearing loden (wool with a very low percentage of synthetic material). The impregnation provides water and dirt repellency. The wool coats have pass-through sleeves, two large inside pockets and are particularly generously cut.
  • British Warm: The British Warm is often confused with the trench coat because of the epaulettes, but it is made of wool. It has a fitted cut and was originally a military coat. The men's wool coat is double-breasted and usually has two flap pockets, a back vent, a breast pocket and two buttons on the cuff.

How do I care for and clean a men's wool coat?

Basically, you can first brush your wool coat for men with a soft clothes brush or a damp cloth from top to bottom. This will remove dust and dirt. If there is a small stain on your wool coat, put some cold water on it and blot with a cloth. Always hang your coat on a thick coat hook after wearing it. A few hours outside will also work against unwanted odours. Give your woollen coat enough air and don't squeeze it into a full wardrobe.

Before washing your men's wool coat, read the label. It will tell you which way the coat can be washed. If it is stored away over the summer, be aware that natural fabrics like wool are prone to moth infestation, so pack your wool coat well or use anti-moth sprays often.

Which wool coat suits which men's figure?

Every man's body is built and shaped differently. You can wear the type of wool coat that suits you, but you should be aware of a few tips.

  • Slim build: The men's coat can be slightly fitted and more narrowly cut, but the design should otherwise be kept rather plain, otherwise the wool coat will quickly be considered too feminine or feminine.
  • Muscular build: A straight-cut men's wool coat is recommended. The button placket should also be straight.

The inside of the coat should have enough room for a suit. You should also be able to close the wool coat without feeling cramped.

Basically, you should feel comfortable in your men's wool coat model and the style or cut is ultimately immaterial.

Styling tips for men's wool coats: How to achieve the perfect wool coat look

A wool coat is essential for men of all ages. No matter what occasion you need a wool coat for, it can be easily combined with many outfits. Below we have picked out a few styling tips for you.

  • Business: As a business man, a paletot is recommended. The wool coat for men is considered timeless and together with a suit, the outfit is perfect. The chosen colour should nevertheless remain black in order to look serious.
  • Casual: The duffle coat is often worn outside of work. Combined with boots, a pullover and jeans, the woollen coat dresses every man. It also looks good when contrasted with, for example, checked men's trousers and a turtleneck jumper.
  • Sporty: You can wear the Pea Coat or Caban together with men's sneakers and a hoodie. Jeans or chinos in various colours go well with it. A scarf and a bonnet complete the look.

Of course, these tips should only serve as an idea. Of course, you can decide which wool coat to combine and how according to your personal taste.


Wool coats for men are multi-talented and definitely indispensable in men's wardrobes. Whether for work in the office, for a sporty meeting with friends or for a walk through the city. Wool coats come in different variations and styles and can be worn for any occasion.

What matters most is the fit and design of the wool coat. However, the idea of what the coat will be worn for should always come first.

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