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Men's work trousers not only protect you from water and cold, they also have plenty of storage space and are comfortable. With the well-designed blended fabric, the men's work trousers fit well and offer safety for any kind of work.

With our large work trousers men test 2022 we want to help you find the best work trousers for men for you. We have compared winter and summer work trousers, multifunctional, indoor and outdoor work trousers for men and show you the advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision easier.



  • Men's work trousers are an essential product for workers who do their work both indoors and outdoors. Men's work trousers are robust, comfortable and protective.
  • Men's work trousers protect against water, wind, flames, heat, electrocution and cuts, and also offer plenty of storage space for your most important tools.
  • Every pair of men's work trousers is good, but not every pair of men's work trousers is suitable for you. We distinguish between different types of work trousers and show their advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Mens Work Trousers: Our picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying work trousers for men

What makes men's work trousers different?

Work trousers for men differ from ordinary trousers in that they are more robust and practical. They are particularly suitable for professional purposes, but also for private use. Men's work trousers offer protection, safety and storage space.

Who are work trousers for men suitable for?

Men's work trousers are particularly suitable for workers in different industries, such as gardeners, craftsmen or construction workers, who cannot do without safety and comfort in their jobs. The many advantages of men's work trousers make physical activity easier.

Men's work trousers are well suited for gardening, as dirt and water can be easily washed off. Due to the material density, you can prevent injuries with hedge trimmers. (Image source: / GermansLat)

Since work trousers are uncomfortable for some, many resort to ordinary trousers. For workers who are looking for high comfort, the inflexible work trousers can sometimes become annoying. On the other hand, people who like a lot of storage space should definitely think about getting work trousers for men.

The large storage space provided by the many pockets will certainly make the inconvenience fade into the background.

So thermal work trousers for winter are best suited to withstand the cold.

The warming aspect of men's work trousers in winter should not be forgotten either. The warm fabric of the thermal work trousers for men makes it possible for many workers to do their work outside during the cold winter days. In contrast to the warm work trousers, there are also work trousers for men for the summer. These also reliably protect against dirt and are breathable.

With some work trousers for men for summer, it is also possible to convert the work trousers into shorts.

What size work trousers for men should I buy?

It is important to buy men's work trousers in the right size. As they are worn for up to eight or more hours a day, they should fit exactly. They should not be too big or too tight. This guarantees flexibility and mobility. Normal sizes:

Sizes 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
Height in cm 168 cm 171 cm 174 cm 177cm 180 cm 182 cm 184 cm 186 cm

Slim sizes:

Sizes 88 90 94 98 102 106 110 114
Height in cm 186 cm 188 cm 190 cm 192 cm 194 cm 196 cm 197 cm 197 cm

Reduced sizes:

Sizes 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Height in cm 165 cm 168 cm 171 cm 174cm 176 cm 182 cm 178 cm 180 cm

What are the alternatives for work trousers for men?

Depending on the occupational field, different men's work trousers are used. For this reason, work trousers are made of many different materials. Each individual model has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we list a brief overview of different models of work trousers for men.

Model Description
Waterproof work trousers Protects against the penetration of moisture due to the composition of the fabrics.
Heat and flame resistant work trousers Protects against high heat and flames
Antistatic work trousers Particularly suitable for work with electricity and conducts it away
Cut-resistant work trousers Particularly suitable for work with dangerous tools

Decision: What kind of work trousers are there for men and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a pair of men's work trousers, there are five alternatives to choose from:

  • Work trousers for men for winter
  • Work trousers for men for summer
  • Multifunctional work trousers (with knee pads and detachable legs)
  • Outdoor (water and wind resistant, protective and safety) work trousers
  • Indoor (heat-, flame-resistant and antistatic) work trousers

The function of the different work trousers each bring advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer and what you want to use the work trousers for, a different type is suitable for you. In the following section we would like to make your decision easier.

What are the features of men's winter work trousers and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Men's winter work trousers keep you warm. In addition, thermal work trousers are robust and easy to clean. They are suitable for cold outdoor working days.

  • Protects against cold
  • Comfortable
  • Robust
  • Too warm for indoor work
  • Restricts mobility
  • Not suitable for tumble dryer

What are the features of men's work trousers for summer and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Men's work trousers for summer are available especially for warm summer days. They are short and breathable. Some men's work trousers can be converted into men's short work trousers by detaching the legs. This makes working in the heat more bearable.

  • Facilitates work on hot summer days
  • Multifunctional
  • Protects against dirt
  • Protects only against dirt
  • Less storage space with short work trousers
  • Less robust

What are the characteristics of multifunctional work trousers (with knee pads and detachable legs) for men and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Multifunctional work trousers for men have the task of making work easier. Men's work trousers with knee pads prevent long-term damage to the health of craftsmen who work on their knees. Work trousers with detachable legs have the advantage of converting the work trousers into shorts for men in case of great heat or water penetration.

  • Multifunctional
  • Legs are detachable
  • Practical for flexible work
  • Protect less
  • Are less robust
  • Time-consuming

What are the characteristics of outdoor (waterproof, windproof, protective and safety) work trousers for men and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Men's outdoor work trousers are particularly suitable for outdoor work. Due to the special composition of the fabric, they repel water and wind. The men's work trousers for outdoors offer particularly good protection thanks to reflective stripes and the robustness of the trouser fabric, thus ensuring the safety of your work even on dark working days.

  • No water penetration
  • Reduced risk of catching cold
  • Protection in the dark
  • Not very comfortable to wear
  • High price range
  • Requires a lot of care

What are the characteristics of indoor (heat, flame resistant and antistatic) work trousers for men and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Indoor work trousers are characterised by freedom of movement. The indoor work trousers for men are well suited for electrical work because they are heat and flame resistant.

  • Well suited for hazardous work
  • Protects against heat and flames
  • Does not conduct electricity
  • The dense material restricts mobility
  • High price range
  • Despite flame and heat protection, injuries can happen

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate men's work trousers

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible men's work trousers. The criteria you can use to compare work trousers for men include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important for each criterion.

Material (grammage, water-repellent, robust)

Most work trousers for men are made of a mixture of polyester and cotton or spandex and cotton. Cotton is comfortable, skin-friendly and breathable. Spandex or polyester is responsible for water and dirt repellency. The ratio of the substances in the material varies depending on the type of work trousers for men.

An important criterion of a good material is the seam. This should be neatly finished and, if possible, double or triple stitched.

The grammage describes the density of the fabric composition in grams per square metre and is usually between 200 and 320 g/m² for men's work trousers. The grammage ensures the robustness of the work trousers. An essential factor of men's work trousers is waterproofness. However, water-repellent work trousers for men are only useful if they are actually needed. Otherwise, water-repellent work trousers for men are less recommendable because they are hardly breathable.

The mixture of polyester and cotton ensures that water rolls off the work trousers and does not penetrate the fabric. This protects you from getting wet. (Image source: / kalhh)

Features (pockets, knee pads, belt loops)

The equipment, or features, are relevant criteria of work trousers for men, as they significantly improve comfort when working.

  • Storage space: The many pockets offer plenty of storage space for your tools. The tools are quickly at hand and quickly stowed away. The pockets can be opened and closed quickly. Velcro fasteners or zips work well for this.
  • Knee pads: Many work trousers for men have knee pads that can be removed if necessary. Knee pads protect the knees and make work easier.
  • Belt loops: Belts can be pulled through the belt loops to make them more comfortable to wear.

It is also important for workers who work on or near roads to be highly visible. The reflectors on the trousers mark you out, even in the dark.


The size of work trousers for men is available in almost every measurement. The size chart ranges from normal sizes, to long sizes, to reduced sizes.

  • Regular sizes: For men with conventional proportionality, sizes range from size 44 to size 58, so internationally from size XS to size 4XL.
  • Slim sizes: For slim and tall men with narrow hips and shoulders, sizes range from size 88 to size 114.
  • Stocky sizes: The stocky sizes are suitable for men who are short and have a wide torso and short legs. Here, sizes range from size 23 to size 30.


Most men's work trousers are available in different colours or colour combinations.

  • Plain colours: The colour spectrum is not too colourful, but is limited to plain colours such as grey, beige, brown, dark blue, olive green or black.
  • Striking colours: Flashier colours, such as yellow, orange or red are usually reserved for special workers, such as road workers. The bright colours make you more visible in the dark.

Interesting facts about work trousers for men

How do I wash men's work trousers properly?

Basically, work trousers for men are washed normally. The washing process varies depending on the material composition. Below we list some tips that can be helpful when washing work trousers for men:

  • Wash work trousers separately from normal laundry
  • Close the zips and wash the men's work trousers inside out
  • Wash men's work trousers at between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius
  • Use powder detergent instead of liquid detergent
  • do not use fabric softener

If they are very dirty, it is necessary to soak the men's work trousers. You can use bile soap or other stain removers for this. It is also possible to have the men's work trousers dry cleaned. However, dry cleaning should only be done by experts. This type of cleaning is necessary for stubborn stains such as oil.

What detergent do I use for cleaning men's work trousers?

Which detergent is best suited for cleaning men's work trousers depends on the area of use of the men's work trousers. Conventional detergents are sufficient for minor soiling. Special detergents for men's work trousers are used for very heavy soiling.

Do not use organic detergents, as they may reduce the functionality and performance of the men's work trousers. Among other things, the waterproofness and breathability may be reduced.

Which washing programme is suitable for the men's work trousers?

We recommend washing your men's work trousers on a gentle cycle and turning off the spin cycle. This will prevent damage to the men's work trousers and prolong the life of the work trousers.

Can men's work trousers be tumble dried?

Men's work trousers should be air dried and not put in the dryer. In the dryer, the work trousers are worn down by the heat and lose their functionality. In the dryer, the reflective stripes may get broken.

How are men's work trousers repaired?

A hole in men's work trousers can be easily mended. You need a piece of fabric and sew, iron or glue it over the hole to be repaired.

In most cases, sewing or patching holes and tears is not a problem. Men's work pants can be repaired with a sewing machine or by hand. (Image source: / Waldemar Brandt

Tears at the seam can also be repaired with needle and thread. To do this, place a few millimetres next to the seam and continue sewing until the tear disappears. Before you do anything yourself, you should check whether your men's work trousers are still under warranty. If this is the case, you can have them professionally repaired.

Picture source: Vadim Ratnikov/