Last updated: August 7, 2021

Welcome to our big metal bed test 2022. Here we present all the metal beds we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best metal bed for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a metal bed.


  • Metal beds are easier to clean than other beds and with good quality, a metal bed will last much longer than wooden or box spring beds.
  • They come in many modern, but also rustic styles, so it's changeable and it's very likely that you'll find a metal bed that suits you and your ideas.
  • Metal beds not only look beautiful in the bedroom, but can also be a nice decoration and even useful in the garden.

The Best Metal Bed: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a metal bed

Why a metal bed and not a wooden bed?

Metal beds are generally easier to clean than wooden beds and have a longer lifespan. Metal beds are also the better alternative for allergy sufferers, as neither bed bugs nor dust mites can settle in a metal bed.

A stylish metal bed makes the room look much cosier. (Image source: / 103410671)

Metal beds are basically more robust than wooden beds because cracks can occur in the wood, which cannot happen with metal beds. On the other hand, metal beds can squeak, but you can prevent this by making sure you buy the right quality. You can find more information about this later in this article.

Although many people believe that the metal in the bed is harmful to health, this is not exactly clear. Further on in this article, we will explain what the two points of view are in this debate so that you can make up your own mind.

Metal bed Wooden bed
Easy to clean Easy to clean
Long life Will need replacing eventually
Good for allergy sufferers Not ideal for allergy sufferers
May squeak May squeak

What colours can metal beds be?

Many people think that metal beds are rather boring because they always have the same colour. But that is not true at all. Basically, metal beds can come in any colour. Many companies also offer their metal beds in different colours.

But even if the colour you want for your metal bed is not included, there are ways you can add your own colour to the metal bed. You can read more about this further down in this article.

Is a metal bed harmful to health?

The question of whether metal beds are harmful to health and have a negative impact on sleep is asked very often.

To answer this question in advance: there are no valid studies that support this assumption. When buying a metal bed, many consumers are afraid of so-called "electrosmog", which means that electromagnetic fields influence us and also have an impact on our body.

As already mentioned in the last paragraph, there are no studies that confirm the assumption that metal beds influence us with electrosmog. Although many articles on the internet point out that metal beds are conductive to electrosmog, on the other hand there are also many articles that claim exactly the opposite.

Here, the metal bed is described as a "Faraday cage" that keeps electrosmog away from the human body. A Faraday cage is a self-contained shell, or in this case a frame, which has a shielding effect due to its conductive ability. This would mean that metal beds even have a health-promoting effect on humans.

This evidence, whether positive or negative about the metal bed, applies not only to adults, but also to teenagers, children and babies.

Why does a metal bed squeak?

Every bed makes a noise, regardless of whether it is a wooden bed, a box spring bed or a metal bed. This can have many different causes, for example a loose screw or the slatted frame.

Noises from the bed are caused by friction and it is important to find out where this friction occurs in order to be able to counteract it.

If your metal bed squeaks, you can check if the noise has one of these causes:

  • It squeaks where the slatted frame rests on the bed frame.
  • Individual boards of the slatted frame have slipped or broken through.
  • Screws of the bed have come loose (e.g. where the headboard or footboard are connected to the sides of the bed).
  • There is too much friction between the slats of a double bed.
  • The mattress squeaks.

It is also helpful to know that beds with bed drawers underneath can increase the noise because the bed forms a closed box. Further down in this article, we also explain what you can do about a squeaky metal bed so that you can sleep in peace again.

Are there other uses for a metal bed?

A metal bed can not only look very nice in the bedroom and be used as a bed there. There are also other uses for a metal bed, for example in the garden or on the balcony. If you want to put a metal bed in your garden or on your balcony, there are different purposes for it.

On the one hand, you can build an outdoor bed in which you can sleep outdoors, but you can also convert it into a comfortable sofa. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to decorating the bed.

To make the bed cosy, you can either use a normal slatted frame with mattress and cushions, or create a straight and unbreakable surface on the bed by using wooden boards, on which you can place comfortable resting surfaces and cushions to make the bed a comfortable alternative to a bench.

You also have the option of using the bedstead as a frame for a bed. You can plant flowers or herbs in it, for example. As you can see, metal beds are not only beautiful in the bedroom, but can also be a relaxing place to sit or lie in the garden or on the balcony. They are also a nice alternative for bordering beds.

What are the different styles of metal beds?

There are practically no limits to the styles of metal beds. There are both very ornate and playful romantic metal beds, as well as simple and more minimalist ones.

Metal beds are timeless and can be combined very well with most furnishing styles.

Not all metal beds have the same structure. Rather, they come in all kinds of variations. Some have a footboard and a headboard, or only one or none at all. Metal beds are very versatile in their construction.

A metal bed can give a room a completely different style. (Image source: / Antonio Caverzan)

How much does a metal bed cost?

There is a very wide price range between the different metal beds, but quality should be considered when buying because the bed should serve its purpose for a long time. New metal beds are available for as little as €50, with no upper limits.

There are also metal beds for over 2,600 €. Most metal beds are in the mid-range segment between about €200 and €600, depending on where you look. There is also the possibility to buy used metal beds.

You can also have your metal bed made to measure, so that it fits your wishes and ideas. However, you should be aware that a custom-made bed can cost a lot more money than other metal beds.

What are the different sizes of metal beds?

Metal beds come in all the different sizes that are available for other beds. However, there are differences in which sizes are offered for each model.

Metal beds are a very good investment for a child's room. (Image source: / Annie Spratt)

Basically, there are the following sizes for beds, but they can vary depending on the manufacturer:

Bed type Size
Single bed 90cm x 200cm
Queensize bed 140cm x 200cm
Regular double bed 180cm x 200cm
Children's beds (different sizes) 60cm x 120cm, 70cm x 140cm, 70cm x 160cm, 70cm x 200cm, 80cm x 200cm
Special sizes king size beds, 200cm x 200cm, 120cm x 200cm, double bunk beds, beds in extra length (longer than 200cm), other made to measure

Single beds are good for a single person and when there is not enough space in the room for a larger bed. A queen-size bed measuring 140cm x 200cm is particularly suitable for teenagers, but equally for couples who do not have room for a regular double bed.

The regular double bed with a width of 180cm and a length of 200cm, usually equipped with two separate mattresses, is particularly suitable for couples, as both have their own mattress of 90cm width and lack of space in these beds is usually not a problem. Another double bed that is only 20cm wider, namely 2m x 2m is even wider and offers even more space.

Children's beds can be many different sizes as they vary not only in width, but also especially in length. If most beds for adults have a length of 2m, the bed lengths for children's beds are so different. C

hildren from infancy to toddler age often sleep in a bed with the dimensions 70cm x 140cm or 60cm x 120cm, in which they still have the possibility to grow into. However, if your child outgrows these beds during primary school, there are other special sizes for children's beds, namely 70cm x 140cm or 70cm x 160cm.

Depending on how fast your child grows, you also have the option of buying a normal single bed with a width of 90 cm or 70 cm or 80 cm and a length of 200 cm for your child.

Special beds are also custom-made beds that are, for example, much longer than the average bed or much wider. Here you can fulfill your wishes and have your bed made in the size you want.

A metal bed as a bunk bed is suitable, for example, in rooms that are very small and where the space is to be used optimally. There are different types of loft beds, either with two beds on top of each other or with a loft bed with space for more storage underneath.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate metal beds

In the following, we would like to show you what you should look for before buying a metal bed and how you can decide on your perfect metal bed. We have put together the following criteria for you to make your decision:

  • Size
  • Features
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Stability

In the following paragraphs, we explain what you should look for in these criteria and what is important:


If you want to buy a new metal bed, the first thing you have to make sure is that it is the right size for you. Earlier in this article, we listed the different options and sizes that a metal bed can be. There you can see which metal bed suits you and your individual needs.

If you want to buy a new metal bed, you must always keep in mind that a bed is an investment that should last for many years. When choosing a bed size, you should always keep this in mind and choose a bed size that will still suit you and your living situation in a few years' time.

So if you are in a relationship or married and you are thinking about whether you should buy a 140 cm x 200 cm bed or a double bed measuring 180 cm x 200 cm, you should definitely talk about whether you should invest in a larger bed that will suit you well for many years to come and in which you have a bit more space.


If you decide to buy a new metal bed, you should always consider what features the bed comes with. There is, for example, the possibility that storage space is still available under the bed through bed drawers. So if you need more storage space, this would be a feature that your new metal bed should have and an important criterion in your selection.

You may also want a four-poster bed or a matching bedside table for your metal bed. It's best to specify these extras beforehand so you know what kind of metal bed is right for you. If you're looking for a bedside table or wardrobe in the same style as your metal bed, it's a good idea to look for furniture from a design range that offers all of these in the same style.


Earlier in this article we looked at the different colours of a metal bed. Before you choose a metal bed, you should think carefully about the colour of your metal bed and what will best suit the room in which the metal bed will end up.

It is of course possible to repaint a metal bed and give it a new colour, but of course it is better if you can buy exactly the colour you want right from the start. So if you are looking for a new metal bed, you can also look directly at the supplier to see what colours the bed is offered in.

If you've found your perfect metal bed but it's not available in the colour you want, we've also written down tips on how to repaint your metal bed a little further down in this article.


There are many different styles of metal beds, and just like the colour of the bed, they need to match your interior design style and preferences. As we have described above, there are not only very minimalist metal beds, but also ornate metal beds in a romantic style.

Furthermore, industrial design in particular has become a trend in recent years. There are also metal beds in Italian or French design as well as more rustic and nostalgic variants.

The metal bed has changed a lot over the last few years and has developed from a functional bed, which is more familiar from the youth hostel, to a piece of furniture that can prove style and is also modern.


When buying a metal bed, it is very important that you also pay attention to stability. The stability of a metal bed often increases with the quality and thus, unfortunately, also with the price. However, even cheap metal beds can be stable. It is therefore always recommended that you try out the metal beds on site and find out about the stability.

If you want to order the metal bed on the internet, it is always a good idea to look for experiences or reviews about the metal bed model. You should also always check how many kilograms the bed is rated for.

If the bed is exposed to more weight, this can have a negative effect on its stability. If the metal bed is not stable, it can quickly break down and start to squeak or creak.

Facts worth knowing about metal beds

How can you clean a metal bed?

A metal bed is very easy to clean. That's why it doesn't need any particularly elaborate cleaning. To clean your metal bed, simply wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with warm water.

What can you do if your metal bed squeaks?

The first thing you can do to stop your metal bed from squeaking is to check if all the screws are still tight and tighten them. This usually solves the problem. If there is too much friction between the slatted frame and the bedstead, you can simply put some fabric between them to stop the squeaking. You can also carefully oil the affected areas.

What can you do if your metal bed slides on your laminate?

The easiest way is to use self-adhesive dots that you can stick under the feet of the bed and which are covered with felt on the other side. This way, the bed will no longer slip on laminate and the floor will also be protected. There are also small rubber plates that you can stick under the feet of the bed, which also prevent the bed from sliding further.

There is also the option of placing your bed on carpet, because then it will no longer slip on the laminate. It's also important that you don't use anything that looks like glue to solve the problem so that the laminate doesn't suffer.

What is the best way to repaint your metal bed?

  1. Remove the old layer of paint, either by sanding or with a paint stripper.
  2. After that you have to roughen the surface. If you did the first step with sandpaper, the metal will already be roughened.
  3. Now you should apply a primer to your metal bed so that the paint will stick later and not rust. It is important that you let this primer dry before you carry out the last step.
  4. In the last step, you paint your metal bed first in one coat with undercoat and then with the colour of your choice and let it dry until it is completely dry.

What slatted frames are available for my metal bed?

Slatted frames should always match your mattress and give you the most comfortable sleep possible. The right slatted frame should support your sleep and your back.

Rigid slatted frames

Rigid slatted frames are, as the name suggests, rigid and are therefore not adjustable and do not adapt to you and your sleeping position. If you choose a rigid slatted frame, you should make sure that the individual slats are not too far apart. Otherwise, the mattress may press through the slatted frame.

The springwood frame, as most normal slatted frames can be called, is the most frequently sold slatted frame due to the fact that it is very resilient on the one hand, but also flexible on the other. The rigid slatted frame is called rigid because the slats cannot be adjusted by hand and therefore cannot be adjusted.

Adjustable slatted frames

An adjustable slatted frame is the opposite of a rigid slatted frame. It has the same characteristics as a rigid slatted frame, except that the individual slats can be adjusted in thickness. This means that you can adjust the slats yourself so that they are more elastic or harder. To do this, there are tensioners attached to the individual slats that you can move individually.

Slatted bases

Unlike the previous types, slatted slats are very flexible. These plate modules, which are integrated into the normal slatted frame, can react to your movements because they are movable and automatically adjust to your lying position.

Plate slatted frames are especially suitable for you if you like to lie softly, because the mattress does not remain as rigid as with a normal slatted frame; it tends to yield with plate slatted frames. Plate slatted frames come in the same sub-types as normal slatted frames, namely rigid and adjustable as well as electric plate slatted frames.

Plate slatted frames are suitable for most types of mattresses, but you should make sure that the mattress is not too soft if you cannot sleep with a soft mattress and a soft base.

Electric slatted frames

An electric slatted frame is electrically adjustable, for example with a remote control. Usually a normal slatted frame is processed and converted into an electric slatted frame by placing a small motor under the bed.

The middle of an electric slatted frame is usually not moved, only the upper head section and the lower foot section can be raised. This is especially beneficial for your health, as these altered positions can relieve pain if you might have back pain.

Image source: / 115417322