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Welcome to our big metal garden bench test 2022. Here we present all the metal garden benches that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best metal garden bench for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a metal garden bench.


  • A metal garden bench is a popular piece of furniture for both the garden and the balcony. For this reason, metal garden benches are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours, so that there is something for every taste.
  • Metal garden benches owe their popularity mainly to their functionality - they combine comfort, interesting decor in the garden and convenience.
  • Metal garden benches are weatherproof and relatively easy to maintain, so they will be a real eye-catcher in the garden or on the balcony for a long time.

The Best Metal Garden Bench: Our picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a metal garden bench

What is a garden bench?

When we talk about a garden bench, we imagine a conventional bench with a backrest, which not only has many advantages as a useful object, but also as decorative garden furniture for the varied design of the oasis at home.

A garden bench made of metal and wood is characterised by a functional and at the same time unusual design. (Image source: / Doug Kelley)

A garden bench is designed so that several people can sit on it, so that they can enjoy optimal seating comfort together. Indeed, the most common materials used for a garden bench are metal, wood, plastic or aluminium. Many of them have armrests and backrests.

Who is a metal garden bench suitable for?

If you are considering a metal garden bench, it is not a must that you have a huge garden or balcony. You can simply choose one that is a little narrower. In principle, a metal garden bench is suitable for everyone. You can also find garden benches for small children who like to spend their time outdoors.

What role does the shape and appearance play when choosing a metal garden bench?

In most cases, the shape is similar when talking about a metal garden bench. Nevertheless, there are small exceptions or differences depending on the model. Some garden benches have armrests and backrests, others have storage space under the seat.

Metal garden benches in combination with wood have a natural and warm effect, which is why they are among the classics of garden benches.

In terms of design, both modern and antique models are available on the market. Therefore, the appearance proves to be more of a subjective criterion. While one person likes a combination of wood and metal, another tends towards a classic rustic model.

What are the right accessories for my metal garden bench?

No matter whether you choose a garden bench made of wood, metal or plastic - the main thing is that your garden bench is well protected when the weather outside is no longer so friendly.

Most metal garden bench models offer space for a maximum of 2 people. (Image source: / Clem Onojeghuo)

For this reason, there are various options on the market that offer the best protection for your metal garden bench. In the following, we have selected 3 possible options for you:

Protective cover

Most of the protective covers are made of a weatherproof and UV-resistant fabric that is extremely durable against sunlight. The protective cover can be used through all seasons, so that the garden bench is permanently protected from rust and dirt. The conventional covers are made of nylon and can therefore definitely withstand rain storms or heavy snow. For some models, protective covers with a toggle switch can also be found on the market. Note that garden benches made of wood are more sensitive than metal garden benches. A protective cover is therefore essential.

Cushions and upholstery

The cushions and upholstery ensure your optimum comfort when sitting. Sometimes they are even included in the delivery, but not with all models. Cushions and padding can be found in numerous sizes, colours and shapes, depending on your taste. In most cases, the fabric of the cushions is made of cotton mixed with polyester and therefore proves to be an extremely comfortable seat. When choosing the right cushions for you, be sure to check that they are UV-resistant to prevent fading.

Storage boxes for upholstery

To keep the upholstery looking good for a long time and to ensure your seating comfort, there are so-called storage boxes on the market. These are similar to a normal bin box, with the small difference that they have a nicer look. The volumes vary in most cases up to 2000 litres. The storage boxes are characterised not only by their practical placement, but also by their resistance to thunderstorms and UV radiation. Some more expensive models can even be opened automatically.

How much does a metal garden bench cost?

Prices for a metal garden bench start at around 40 euros for models that are a mixture of metal and wood and can vary up to 900 euros depending on the model and size of the seat.
Type Number of seats Price range
Inexpensive garden benches made of wood and metal 2 to 3 seats 40 to 200 euros
Quality garden benches without armrests 3 to 4 seats 200 to 350 euros
Expensive metal garden benches with stainless steel frames 2 to 4 seats 350 to 900 euros

Where can I get a metal garden bench?

You can find metal garden benches in almost all large furniture shops. You can also look for a model online and then take a closer look at the chosen garden bench on site. To give you a better idea, we have listed a selection of suppliers here:

  • Obi
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Aldi
  • Bauhaus
  • Globe
  • Hornbach
  • Irakus
  • Ikea
  • Kika
  • Möbelix
  • Mömax
  • Toom
  • Vidaxl
  • Thomas Philipps
  • Willhaben

What are the alternatives to a metal garden bench?

There are numerous variants of garden benches on the market. At this point, however, we would like to point out some interesting alternatives to the conventional metal garden bench.

Garden bench made of wooden pallets as an environmentally friendly alternative

An environmentally friendly alternative that suits your garden or balcony just as well is a garden bench made of wooden pallets. You can even build it yourself with the help of suitable instructions and it can also be combined very well with other pallet furniture, making it a real eye-catcher.

Plastic garden bench

A plastic garden bench is a relatively inexpensive alternative to the classic metal garden bench. In most cases, we are talking about an elaboration of polyrattan, which also gives the garden a pleasant look and requires fairly little maintenance. In principle, it is a 2 - to 3-seater garden bench, which can be found on the market in numerous colours. The bottom line is that the plastic garden bench is the perfect option for all fans of garden furniture who do not have such a large budget.

Decision: What types of metal garden benches are there and which one is right for you?

What are the characteristics of metal garden benches with a table and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you don't only need your metal garden bench for relaxation or as a decoration in the garden, but also want to enjoy food and drinks in the fresh air, then a garden bench with integrated table is the perfect option for you!

  • Stable surface for your drinks or food
  • Also suitable for various games for two
  • Especially suitable for smaller gardens or balconies because a lot of space is saved for an extra table
  • A metal garden bench with integrated table is much cheaper than having to get an extra table
  • The integrated table does not offer as much space as a separate garden table
  • The table is integrated with a folding mechanism, so the construction is susceptible to damage and wear
  • Metal garden bench with integrated table requires more intensive maintenance

What are the characteristics of metal garden benches with trellis and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Garden benches with trellis are specially designed for climbing roses and thus lend a romantic atmosphere to the garden. Thanks to their quick and uncomplicated assembly, garden benches with trellis are suitable for anyone who likes to take care of the plants in the garden.

  • A garden bench with trellis made of high-quality metal has a very stable construction and is weatherproof
  • Due to its robust stand, the garden bench with trellis can be very well fixed to the ground
  • When the roses have finished growing, the garden bench with trellis offers the perfect opportunity to relax in the shade for hours
  • After assembly, the metal garden bench with trellis cannot be disassembled
  • Transport can be difficult due to the size of the garden bench
  • Often require more space

We have selected a video for you so that you can better imagine how such a stable construction is finished:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal garden benches in combination with wood?

In principle, we are talking about a combination of metal frame and precious woods such as teak, eucalyptus or mahogany, which are characterised by their durability. Such an interesting combination of both materials fits perfectly to every garden style - no matter if modern or rather vintage.

  • This combination of wood and metal is particularly easy to care for and is also weatherproof
  • Most high-quality woods become more beautiful over time, when a certain patina has developed on the garden bench
  • Most models are offered at relatively low prices
  • Metal garden bench in combination with wood needs more care to give your garden the charming look that wood brings for a long time
  • Wooden benches cannot be left outside in winter
  • The heavy weight of such a garden bench makes it difficult to transport several times

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate metal garden benches

In the following, you will get a brief overview of the criteria you can use to compare and evaluate the various metal garden benches. This will make it easier for you to decide in the future which type of garden bench is suitable for you and which is not. In principle, these are:

  • Material
  • Seat
  • Stability and resilience
  • Shape
  • Weather resistance
  • UV resistance


Material is an essential criterion that you must consider before buying your garden bench. This criterion is especially important because you need to accurately estimate how heavy the garden bench will be when it is transported. The material of the garden bench also determines how easy it is to clean. Despite their heavy weight, metal garden benches are particularly easy to clean and can also be left outside or stored during the cold seasons (preferably with a protective cover). The matching seat cushions are a really comfortable addition to your metal garden bench. They also serve to visually enhance the garden or balcony. For this reason, the material of the cushions also plays a major role when it comes to caring for the cushions.


If you have decided to buy a metal garden bench, you can basically choose between 2-seaters, 3-seaters and 4-seaters. Of course, it depends on the size of the installation site what size is best for you.

Place of installation Seat Description
Balcony Mostly 2-seater As there is not so much space on the balcony, a 2-seater metal garden bench is best suited, as it saves space but still brings a pleasant atmosphere
Garden 3 to 4 seater In a larger garden, nothing stands in the way of a large model. A matching table can also be added to the metal garden bench so that both pieces of furniture complement each other and at the same time add cosiness to the garden

If you do not have the time to test the metal garden bench before buying it, then you should make sure that the garden bench is only bought in the size that actually corresponds to the storage space.

Stability and load capacity

Stability proves to be a mandatory criterion before buying a metal garden bench. In most cases, almost all models smoothly fulfil this criterion. This means that before buying, you should pay close attention to the manufacturer's specifications so that you can assess whether the metal garden bench can support your weight or not.

Most metal garden benches have a load capacity of up to 350 kg. (Image source: / Chris Benson)

In the following, you will get a brief overview in table form of the load capacity of the various types of metal garden benches:

Number of seats Load capacity
2-seater garden bench 150 to 250kg
3-seater garden bench 250 to 320kg
4-seater garden bench Twice the load capacity of a 2-seater model


We have already mentioned in the guide that the shape of most metal garden bench models is similar. Nevertheless, you must also take this criterion into account before you buy a metal garden bench. You need to assess exactly where you plan to place the garden bench and you need to imagine what shape will best suit the interior of your garden. A simple garden bench with not so many elements, for example, fits perfectly in a modern furnished garden, in contrast to a garden bench with rustic elements, which is more suitable for a vintage garden.


Whether a metal garden bench is weatherproof and weather resistant plays a significant role when rain or snow comes during the cold seasons. Weather resistance of a garden bench promises that rain or snow will definitely be withstood and no damage will be done.

UV resistance

UV irradiation causes the material of the garden bench to age and become brittle more quickly. Therefore, UV resistance plays an important role when you choose a metal garden bench. This means that if your garden furniture is exposed to the sun a lot, it must be equipped with special UV stabilisers that reduce the effects of UV radiation.

Image source: Monika511