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You are very welcome! Do you use your computer for meetings at work or with friends? Do you stream games or lives with varied subjects? Do you have a podcast? No matter: In all these situations, a good PC microphone is necessary!

Built-in microphones in computers and notebooks are often of rather dubious quality. That's why we have prepared an article that will teach you all the details so that you can transform the level of voice transmission on your PC!

The most important facts

  • There are very discreet PC microphone models, ideal for work meetings and activities that demand seriousness, and others with modern and futuristic designs, a hit among gamers.
  • Having a good PC microphone is not only precious: quality audio gives a more reliable impression and even makes you better understood.
  • The groups of people who most need to invest in high-end PC microphones are streamers and podcasters.

The best mic for PC: Our picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about PC Mic

From now on, you'll find the answers to the main questions about PC microphones. Stay tuned and learn everything you need to know about it!

Imagem mostra um microfone em frente a um monitor de computador.

Podcasters and streamers should caprichar no microphone model. (Source: Magda Ehlers /

Who is it worth having a good PC microphone for?

It's becoming increasingly common to use voice channels on computers. Work meetings via the home office, streams, podcasts, and calls with friends are fast-growing activities.

If you use your computer for professional calls or recordings, there's no getting away from buying a microphone. The quality of factory-built models is very low and can even hurt you professionally.

Even if the calls are just for fun, everyone will hear you better if you invest in a new microphone. In this case, it can even be a cheaper model.

Whenever there is a need to improve the quality of your voice on calls or in meetings, buying a microphone is a good idea!

Did you know that the term podcast is a combination of the acronym “pod”, which stands for “personal on-demand”, and “broadcast”?

The literal translation can be “personal broadcast on-demand”.

What are the advantages of having a good microphone for professional activities?

There are those who hold work meetings using the home office, there are those who teach remotely, there are those who attend patients or clients through applications such as Skype or Zoom.

In all these activities, low-quality audio from the original computer microphone can sound unprofessional and even relaxed. Your clients, colleagues, or bosses tend to get a bad impression.

Imagem mostra um microfone em um pedestal em frente a um computador.

Some PC microphones generate really professional audio. (Source: Bru-nO /

With a good microphone, you ensure a perfect understanding of everything you speak and cleanliness in the audio that leaves no doubt. Even the fluency of the conversations has to gain.

A special point is that a microphone for activities such as meetings and classes does not need to produce audio of the highest quality, just clean your voice from noise and interference. Cheaper models are already sufficient.

See a table with the advantages of having a good microphone for professional activities:

  • It gives a more professional aspect to the work
  • It cleans noises and interferences
  • It gives more dynamism to the conversation
  • It can be a cheap acquisition, since simple models are enough
  • It is one more accessory to worry about when assembling the work environment

What are the best microphones for podcasters and streamers?

If simple and cheap models are enough for meetings and calls, the same cannot be said for podcasters and streamers: audio quality is one of the most important points in such activities.

The investment for those who intend to launch into these activities needs to be higher. There are certain types of microphones that are highly recommended:

  • Shotgun: People who are starting to make podcasts or streams can opt for a shotgun. It's linear, easy to use, and doesn't tend to cost much.
  • Condenser: It is possible to use condenser microphones in computers, but they require more complex structures. They can be good ideas for those who already have an established program or channel.
  • Ribbon: Anyone who wants to achieve maximum audio quality on a PC should opt for a Ribbon. This type of microphone is more expensive and also requires some structure, but it delivers a perfect audio recording.

Are headsets good microphone ideas for PCs?

Headsets, headsets with large microphones, are good quality accessories that particularly appeal to gamers.

Headset microphones are not of low quality and can be useful in some situations

The main quality of a headset is the audio reception. Some models are designed for professional gamers to fully enjoy the sound design of the most modern games, with features such as surround sound.

Although headset microphones are not of low quality, they are not suitable for a podcaster or an established streamer. You can use them, however, at the beginning of your career.

For those who participate in meetings and calls, headsets are good options. Call center attendants, people who teach or attend classes can use them without any problems. The quality is good enough.

The only problem with using headsets in calls and meetings is when it is necessary to wear a social outfit, as the accessory obviously does not match the other clothes. A discreet microphone is more recommended.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to Choose for a PC Microphone

You already know when it pays off to buy a PC microphone and knows the different types that can help you. All that's left is to understand some specific buying criteria, and that's what we'll talk about now!

Wired or wireless

Both desktop microphones and headsets and lapel microphones can be wired or wireless. The choice depends on how much you want freedom of movement and the possibility to stay away from your computer.

Wireless microphones tend to be more durable than wired ones since wires are a constant source of trouble. However, they do require frequent battery charging and can be susceptible to interference.

It is easier to find quality wired models, but the preference for a wireless microphone is very valid.

Imagem mostra um headphone com fio ligado a um notebook.

Wires are a constant source of problems in headphones. (Source: PIX1861 /


Headsets stay on the head and lapels attach to clothing. The other types of microphones, however, need some kind of support.

Tabletop microphones are excellent for most activities

Table-top models can be very effective. They have a base that stays fixed and is ideal for desktop computers. The simplest microphones, suitable for those who only want a small improvement in audio, can even be placed on top of the screen.

Who desires professional audio and chooses condenser microphones or ribbons, probably will need a pedestal. Such models are only indicated for those who need to make very high-level recordings, especially podcasters.


If you chose a wireless microphone, you have all the ease of Bluetooth connection. The only issue is to keep the battery charged at all times.

The wired models, however, need compatible inputs to work. If they use USB, the type and generation must be similar to those of your computer. There's no point in choosing a microphone with a USB 3.0 cable and having nowhere to plug it in!

Another very common type of connection for microphones is the P2, which is present in almost all computers.

Size and design

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the microphone needs to match the type of activity you do.

A microphone with flashing neon lights is great for game streamers, but it makes no sense in a professional meeting environment, for example.

Choose your microphone wisely, taking into account whether it will appear on video and whether the design is compatible with your activity!


In an age where remote meetings and professional activities are on the rise, a good PC microphone makes you look more serious to your colleagues, bosses, or clients. Good audio quality is a key aspect.

Simple PC microphone models can greatly help those without the need for the most professional audio quality, while podcasters and streamers should look for products that really take sound to a new level.

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