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When it comes to computer products and software, Microsoft is a reference. Among its range of options the Microsoft keyboard is among the most chosen.

Existing in wired and wireless versions, the Microsoft keyboard combines a number of advantages. Among them stand out its silent keys and its ergonomic design, which ensures greater comfort for its users.

And it is to show you everything about this product that we created this article. In it we will remove all your doubts and at the end of the reading you will know exactly if it is a good choice or not.


  • Microsoft has a wide range of keyboards and many models are sold in kits that also come with mice.
  • One of the most differentiated Microsoft keyboard options is the Universal Foldable Keyboard, the foldable version of the brand.
  • There are Microsoft keyboard models with different values.

The Best Microsoft Keyboard: Our Picks

Those who work all day long with a computer know that it is fundamental to have a comfortable keyboard that works perfectly. With that in mind, we went in search of the best evaluated Microsoft models so that you can buy yours without doubts.

Buying Guide

Created in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is a company known worldwide. It has become one of the most recognised in the technology and computing sector and its products are known by people on every continent.

Among them is the Microsoft keyboard, item that allies a series of differentials. And if you are looking for one of these to buy, you came to the right place, because in this buying guide we will talk in depth about it.

 Na foto um homem dentro de um escritório em frente a um computador.

The Microsoft keyboard is ideal for day-to-day use, because it exists in several models and it is comfortable. (Source: Dmitrii Shironosov / 123rf)

Why does the Microsoft keyboard stand out among other brands' models?

Owner of Windows, Microsoft does not mess around when it comes to software and products for computers. With their keyboards this is no different and they stand out thanks to its many differentiators.

Thinking of greater comfort for users, the brand manufactures models with different contours and sizes, there are even options with support for the wrists. Another positive point is its ambidextrous design, which allows you to use the keyboard with either hand.

The silent keys are another highlight and, in relation to them, it is worth knowing that there are quick access options and specific ones for media control.

In addition, the company offers liquid-proof keyboard models, which are essential for those who are more clumsy. Thinking about security, Microsoft has invested in a technology called Advanced Encryption Standard. This feature performs an encryption of all keystrokes, protecting information.

Another positive point of the Microsoft keyboard is that many models do not have high value and the wireless options stay connected to the computer even being meters away from it.

Another characteristic of the Microsoft keyboard is that some models are sold with mouse. This can be an advantage for those who need both products and a negative point if you only want the keyboard.

  • Comfortable to use
  • It has silent and shortcut keys
  • There are liquid proof models
  • Some are sold with mouse
  • It has cryptography technology
  • Wireless models have high range
  • It has no high value
  • It is difficult to find some models
  • Some versions are not sold individually

Does the Microsoft keyboard work in any type of computer?

The wired Microsoft keyboards work in any computer that has USB inputs. The wireless options, that are wireless, can be used normally in computers with Windows. However, they have limited capabilities on Mac OS X and Android and will not work on iOs.

With the Microsoft bluetooth keyboard this also happens and another prerequisite for it to be usable is that the device has bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.

What does the Microsoft folding keyboard look like?

When it comes to new technologies brands have invested heavily to create different and innovative products. An example of this is the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, the company's folding keyboard.

The Microsoft foldable keyboard is very functional and practical.

As soon as it appeared, this product drew attention around the world and besides being very different, it proved to be very functional too. It's only 0.5 centimetres thick, very thin and has flat keys.

When folded, this keyboard model fits in any bag and has bluetooth connection. Another differential is its finish, which is velvety and repels water drops.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare Microsoft keyboard models

If you have come this far decided to buy a Microsoft mouse, know that the moment has arrived for us to help you choose the ideal model. To do so, you should take into consideration the following factors:

  • Dimensions
  • Connection type
  • Differentiated functions
  • Comfort
  • With or without mouse

Below we explain you in detail each one of them.


An important question when buying a Microsoft keyboard is related to the size that this product must have. As the brand has a good variation of options, there are models with the most varied dimensions.

With this, you must analyse the width and height of the keyboard and check if it is or not enough for your way of using it. The larger models are the most ergonomic and are ideal for people who do not want to take them to many places.

The smaller ones are more portable and have smaller keys, which may be considered bad for some people.

Na foto um computador desktop e um notebook em cima de uma mesa.

There are Microsoft keyboards of different sizes and the smaller it is, the more portable it is. (Source: Mateusz Dach / Pexels)

Connection Type

Microsoft has three keyboard types with regards to connectivity. The wired models connect to the computer via USB port, the same way as the Wireless options, with the difference that they are wireless.

There is also the bluetooth keyboard, which works like any device that has this technology, and must be paired to the computer.

With regard to this you must choose whether the option will be a model with USB or Bluetooth connection. If the choice is by USB, analyze the type of input that your computer has, since there are options 2.0 and 3.0.

Also, if it is wireless check the maximum distance at which the keyboard can be the device, as this varies between models.

On the other hand, if the option is for a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard, do not forget to examine whether the computer is compatible with the version of bluetooth present in the product.

Differentiated functions

All keyboards meet the same basic functions, but some more modern models come with features that can make a difference in everyday life. Therefore, when choosing your Microsoft keyboard, it is interesting to take this point into consideration.

As we told you, some versions have encryption system and shortcut keys or customizable. There is also the folding option and others that come with touchpad and scrollbar.


Choosing a comfortable keyboard is another key point and in relation to this you should analyze the format and if it has some components that act in this direction.

Microsoft is concerned about the comfort of their keyboards and it is not difficult to find options developed with a more ergonomic design. There are also models with padded rest for the hands

Another tip in relation to this is to test if you feel good using the keyboard. This can be done before the purchase, in the case of physical shops, or as soon as the product is delivered if it is purchased in an online shop where there is the possibility of exchange.

With a mouse or without

There are many Microsoft keyboard models that are sold together with a mouse and many times the value of both items ends up compensating in the kit.

Even so, you should analyze if the mouse is viable, because there are many people who do not need both products and then the purchase of the kit does not make sense.


It is fundamental to have a comfortable keyboard that works perfectly, a lot of the keyboards meet the same basic functions, but some models come with features that can make a difference in everyday life. But do not forget to examine whether the computer is compatible with the version of bluetooth present in the product

(Source of the highlighted image: Galyna Tymonko / 123rf)