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We all want to eat delicious food, don't we? However, if you don't have the space for an oven in your own home or you simply don't feel like cooking a big meal, a microwave with oven makes sense as an alternative to a conventional oven.

In our big microwave with oven test 2021 we want to shed some light on the subject and show you what is important when choosing the right appliance for you. We take into account a number of purchasing criteria and give you clear and precise recommendations.


  • A microwave with an oven can be very space-saving. This is because freestanding appliances can be placed anywhere there is a power socket.
  • Small portions of up to 400 grams can be heated and prepared much faster and more energy-efficiently than with an oven.
  • Some appliances have functions that allow a microwave with an oven to easily compete with a conventional oven. In addition to heating and defrosting, there is often a grill function, hot and/or circulating air, or a cooking function.

The Best Microwave with oven: Our Picks

Microwave with the oven: buying and evaluation criteria

There is a wide range of microwaves with an oven function. There are numerous manufacturers, and each one advertises its product as "THE" ultimate. That's why we've picked out the most basic points of reference so you can easily compare the appliances with each other.

Of course, you can also define your own purchase criteria. In our opinion, however, the following points are decisive for whether or not you will enjoy your device in the long term.

Power / wattage

The power of the appliance is decisive for how quickly your food is ready. Depending on how much importance you attach to this, you can already exclude some appliances. With a wattage of less than 900 watts, it can sometimes take a little longer than expected. If you want your food to be ready as quickly as possible, we recommend an appliance with 900 watts or more.

Size / volume

The size of the cooking chamber determines from the outset which dishes you will be able to prepare in the future and which you will not. For example, it will be difficult to cook a Christmas goose with a small model. Therefore, before buying, make sure you are clear about the approximate size of the meals you will be cooking in the future. If you want to heat normal dishes and/or simply dishes in conventional plate sizes, small and standard models are perfectly adequate.


The quality of the appliance is largely responsible for its longevity. Pay attention to the choice and workmanship of the material. Cheap plastic usually lasts less long than high-quality stainless steel. However, don't be dazzled by the mostly high-quality pictures of the supplier. Instead, in addition to your overall impression, you can also consult customer reviews to find out about practical experiences with the item.

However, take into account that there will always be someone who gives a device a negative rating, even though numerous customers may have had a comparatively positive experience with it beforehand.


The differences in functions can be enormous from device to device. Some prefer a simple and easy operation without a lot of fripperies. Others, on the other hand, want to cover as good as every function so that you get practically everything you need with one product. So first of all, clarify for yourself what you want from microwave with oven and what requirements it should meet.

This will allow you to filter a few things in advance and make your decision more quickly. Possible settings range from a steamer for crisp vegetables, for example, to crisp and grill functions, convection, and hot air as well as preset programs for particularly easy and uncomplicated cooking.

Power consumption

If sustainability is important to you, it is essential to consider power consumption. We advise you to clarify in advance how many people you want to cook for most of the time and what the average size of your dishes will be. Do you plan to prepare mainly small quantities for 1 - 2 people or do you want to cook for the whole family?

Did you know that a dish of up to 400 grams can be heated much faster and more energy-efficiently with a microwave with oven than with a conventional oven? The key here is that your food is evenly and flatly distributed. Larger dishes take much longer to cook and require more electricity than in a conventional oven.

Most microwaves with an oven uses between 700 and 1000 watts, while most conventional ovens use between 1500 - 2000 watts at 200 degrees per hour.

Microwave with oven: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following sections, we would like to help you gain clear and structured knowledge about microwaves with ovens. We will answer the most frequently asked questions and give you some recommendations.

Who is a microwave with oven suitable for?

A microwave with oven is interesting for anyone who wants to save space and time or who feels that an oven is too big for them and/or their home. For one thing, they are usually much smaller than conventional ovens and for another, you can place freestanding appliances wherever there is a power socket. This makes you extremely flexible because you are not tied to a fixed location or an oven completely cluttering up your possibly small apartment/kitchen.

Mikrowelle mit Backofen-1

You can choose between 2 types of microwaves with ovens: A freestanding or built-in appliance. Freestanding microwaves can be rearranged flexibly according to your needs, while built-in models fit perfectly into your kitchen. (Image source: Naomi Hébert on unsplash)

Furthermore, microwaves with an oven can heat dishes up to a quantity of approx. 400 grams much faster and often more energy-efficiently. This makes them particularly interesting for singles and/or energy-conscious people. Finally, those who do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to prepare and enjoy food quickly and easily also benefit. The easiest way to do this is with preset programmes: Simply select the programme and the machine does the rest.

What types of microwave with oven are there?

Make sure you know in advance what is important to you in a microwave with an oven. What is important to you? What dishes do you have in mind? Do you only want to heat up your food and occasionally prepare something crispy from the refrigerator or are you thinking more about baking cakes and biscuits and cooking vegetables? In the following, we would like to show you the most basic types you can choose from to simplify matters:
Variant Description
Grill function Thanks to the integrated grill, you can prepare your meals crispy. You can do this, for example, with pizza, breaded meat or fish, French fries or rolls. You can also bake casseroles with cheese.
Hot air/convection With these functions, you can prepare everything in your microwave just like in an oven. Even baking or cooking is possible. If you have the option, we recommend using hot air rather than circulating air, as the first is much more energy-efficient.
Steam cooker This allows you to prepare your meals very gently. This allows the important nutrients to remain in the food. A steamer is particularly recommended for fish and vegetable dishes.

Depending on which preparation options you would like to have, one or the other type makes more sense. There are also some appliances that offer some of the types as a combination. However, this is often reflected in the price.

Can a microwave with oven compete with a conventional oven?

Compared to a conventional oven, microwave with an oven has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief overview:
  • Takes up less space for the most part
  • Heats food up to 400 grams much faster and saves energy.
  • Often relatively small cooking space
  • Larger dishes take much longer.

Microwaves with an oven function can therefore very well keep up with a conventional oven, on one condition: The microwave has a hot air, convection, grill, and/or inverter function. This means that not only the food in the cooking chamber is heated, as is the case with a classic microwave, but also the cooking chamber itself. Therefore, the microwave is no longer very different from a conventional oven.

What dishes can I prepare in a microwave with oven?

It depends on which heating functions the microwave with oven has. If convection and/or hot air function is integrated, you can bake, gratinate, defrost or cook in the same way as with a conventional oven.

Mikrowelle mit Backofen-2

If the microwave has a grill function, it is possible to conjure up delicious meat and fish dishes and crispy meals in general. (Image source: Louis Hansel on unsplash)

Here is a list of the most common dishes that you can easily prepare in a microwave with an oven.

  • Cakes, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes
  • Meat, fish, chips, pizza, burgers
  • Rice, pasta, polenta, couscous
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Liquids, soups, tea, etc.

What is the best way to clean a microwave with an oven?

Some high-quality microwaves with ovens have a self-cleaning function. This is achieved using a process called pyrolysis. The extreme heat of over 500 degrees Celsius is used to effectively burn any dirt to ash. Simply wipe through with a damp cloth once afterward and you're done.

Be sure to wear gloves when opening the door to protect yourself from burns. We also recommend that you let the appliance cool down long enough after cleaning before wiping away the remaining ash with a cloth. If the appliance does not have this function, we recommend cleaning the microwave with vinegar or citric acid:
  1. Place a water-filled bowl in the microwave and add a dash of vinegar.
  2. Run the microwave on maximum setting for 5 - 15 minutes. The vinegar water will evaporate, settle on the walls of the microwave and loosen the dirt, but remember to top up with water if necessary
  3. Afterward, you can simply wipe off the dirt with a cloth.
You may not like the smell of vinegar. Alternatively, you can use citric acid or a few slices of lemon.

What alternatives are there for a microwave with oven?

If a microwave with oven is not an option for you, we have 3 different alternatives for you below:
Alternative Brief description
Oven If you have the space and the budget, a classic oven is still a very good choice. You can heat and bake practically anything with it. Only for crispy dishes do you need special appliances with the appropriate function.
Infrared ovens heat up very quickly and provide constant temperatures. You can use them for defrosting as well as for heating food. They can also be used for cooking, braising, grilling, gentle steaming, and baking.
Steam cookers These heat your food very gently and usually offer you more space for several plates. However, they are often much more expensive than a microwave with an oven.

Whatever you choose, adapt your selection to your needs and not the other way around.


The bottom line is that microwaves with ovens are a practical alternative to conventional ovens. The sometimes numerous functions such as baking, steaming, grilling, etc. offer relaxed convenience and make everyday kitchen life easier. However, a classic oven often proves to be a more suitable method, especially when cooking for several people or special baking or cooking/stewing dishes.

In addition, the effects of microwave radiation on food and consequently on our bodies are still highly controversial. We, therefore, recommend that you buy an oven if you have enough space, and only as an alternative a microwave with oven function.

Image source: bee32 / 123rf