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Many people know them: The microwave. In 1954, the first microwave oven went on sale and nowadays it is impossible to imagine the kitchen without it. They come in different sizes and with different functions. This makes it possible to quickly heat up, defrost, cook and bake food. The latest and most modern version is the microwave without a turntable. It is easy to use and is equipped with more space for the dishes.

In this article, we will present you with the most important information and some models of microwaves without a turntable so that you can find the ideal model for you.


  • Due to the lack of a turntable, the microwaves have a larger interior and are more energy-efficient.
  • The microwaves without a turntable can combine a wide variety of functions and do so entirely according to personal preferences.
  • Since they are available in different sizes and mounting types, they find a place in every kitchen.

The Best Microwave Without Turntable: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for microwaves without turntable

To help you decide which microwave to buy without a turntable, the most important criteria are listed below. With the help of these criteria, you will find the perfect microwave for you.

Since it is important to have a good basis of information for making a purchase decision, the individual purchase criteria are explained below.


Microwaves without a turntable are available in different wattages. They can be equipped with 700 to 1000 watts. With an additional grill function, the wattage can even be up to 2100. Before buying, you should therefore consider what wattage you need for everyday use. A higher wattage means less time is needed because the interior heats up more quickly. If you do not need any other functions on the microwave without turntable, a model with a lower wattage will be sufficient.


Microwaves without a turntable are available with different capacities. They are available from 20 litres to 30 litres. By omitting the turntable, these microwaves have a larger interior for food preparation. When choosing the capacity, it is important to know how much space is needed in the microwave and whether any additional services with a baking tray are required.


With their additional functions, microwaves without a turntable can be described as all-rounders in the kitchen. In addition to the original reheating function, some microwaves without a turntable have a grill and hot-air function. This turns the microwave into a small oven if necessary. It can also be used to cook and defrost food. Before buying, it is advisable to weigh up whether these functions seem important to you or are just an unnecessary extra.


Microwaves without turntables are available in stainless steel and plastic, depending on the price range. The interiors can also be made of stainless steel or ceramic.

It is important to pay attention to the workmanship of the material. Microwaves made of stainless steel are more robust and look more elegant than plastic. Ceramic protects the microwave from scratches. When buying, it is important to weigh up which combination of materials you want and what price you are prepared to pay for it.

Type of installation

Microwaves without a turntable are available as freestanding and built-in appliances. Depending on the kitchen layout and personal preferences, the purchase decision may differ based on this criterion.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about microwave ovens without turntables answered in detail

This section deals with the questions most frequently asked by consumers about the microwave without turntable. The answers are intended to provide you with the most important information on the subject and to help you make your purchase decision.

Who is the microwave without turntable suitable for?

The microwave without a turntable is an everyday kitchen appliance that is suitable for people of all ages and life situations who want to heat up or defrost food in a short time. With its various functions, the microwave can replace the oven in households. It is perfect for saving space or as a multifunctional alternative for consumers on a budget, for example.

What types of microwaves are there without a turntable?

There are different types of microwaves without a turntable. They can be distinguished by their material, size and additional functions. It is also important to decide whether you want a free-standing or built-in microwave. The features of a microwave without turntable depend on how you use it. They can only be used to warm up food, but they can also replace an oven or hob.

How much does a microwave without turntable cost?

The price is made up of various factors. The material, size, functions and manufacturer's brand of the microwave without a turntable are important for the cost. Based on these factors, price ranges from low to high can be determined.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (100 - 150 €) few functions, low wattage, low capacity
Medium-priced (150 - 200 €) extensive functions, high capacity
High-priced (from 200 €) elegant design, additional functions

You can see that simple microwaves without a turntable are already available at a reasonable price. If additional functions, high-quality material and elegant design are important to you, you will find the perfect microwave without  turntable for you in the medium to high-price segment.

How does a microwave without turntable work?

As with all other microwaves, the food is heated by electromagnetic waves. The task of the turntable to heat the food evenly is replaced in the microwave without  turntable by an even distribution of heat in the interior.

Mikrowelle ohne Drehteller

Since the microwave does not have a turntable, there is a much larger interior and it is also easier to clean (Image source: Marcos Ramirez Sikkema/ Unsplash)

Some models have inverter technology, which adjusts the heat input individually to the food. Since the turntable is eliminated, you have a larger interior and easier cleaning as well.


With its elegant design, the microwave without  turntable can be integrated as a visual eye-catcher in the kitchen according to personal preferences. It is ideal for consumers who want more space for their food or who prefer to do without an oven. Thanks to its various functions, the microwave without a turntable can also save money and space.

The various practical applications simplify everyday kitchen life and enable time-saving food preparation. When buying a microwave without  turntable, the price and the different preferences of consumers in terms of design and functions are particularly important.

Image source: Jason Briscoe/ Unsplash