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Welcome to the Wellness Guide. Today we are going to talk about the midi dress, an elegant piece, with medium length and structured shaping that enhances a woman's silhouette.

Because of the length, the use of the piece is appropriate in formal and informal contexts. You will find a wide variety of models in different fabrics, patterns and finishes. Do you want to know everything about the fashionistas' and celebrities' favourite dress? Keep reading this article.

The most important facts

  • The midi dress is democratic, it can be worn by women with different biotypes, statures, styles and age groups - you can find the midi dress for girls.
  • You can find the midi dress in different models: Pencil, Evasê, Godê, Trapeze and Pleated. The piece may have a straight or rounded cut and different neckline styles.
  • The midi dress is versatile. It can be worn at leisure, to work or even go to formal day or night events such as graduation parties, weddings and christenings.

The Best Midi Dress: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The midi dress is an infinitely elegant and feminine model. The piece marks presence on the catwalks, fashion editorials and social networks of celebrities and digital influencers, who use the dress on different occasions, whether formal or relaxed.

As the midi dress is cool, the piece is ideal for hot days, but nothing prevents you from combining it with a boot and an overcoat and rock it in winter. Learn more about the must have of the season in this Buying Guide.

Imagem de uma mulher usando um vestido midi.

The midi dress enhances all biotypes. (Source: Godisable Jacob / Pexels)

What is a Midi dress?

Neither short, nor long, the midi dress has medium length - below the knee to ankle height. This fashionista piece balances femininity, elegance, comfort and a vintage footprint.

Because of the length, the midi dress can be worn in all seasons.

Versatile, the midi dress is a practical piece that can be used in formal and informal contexts. Because of its medium length, the midi dress can be worn in different seasons, from spring to winter.

To rock the midi dress you just need to learn how to choose the ideal model for each occasion and match it with the right shoes. Top tip: Wearing the midi dress with nude shoes helps to lengthen the silhouette.

Before you check out a complete guide on how to wear the midi dress, learn about some advantages and disadvantages of the piece in the table below:

  • The dress values all biotypes
  • The piece can be used with low or high sandals, trainers, boots and casual trainers
  • You find options in different models
  • The piece can be plain or printed
  • Short women must combine the midi dress with high shoes, otherwise the silhouette is flattened

What is the history of the Midi dress?

The midi dress is important in the history of fashion, because it accompanied the revolution of women's role in society between World War I and World War II.

With men at war, women became instrumental in performing household chores and equally important in jobs. At that time, the long dress was left aside, as it hindered movement and agility while performing work.

The search for comfort and practicality became unanimous among women of that time. For this reason, the fashion industry had to adapt to the new female needs and developed different patterns of midi dresses.

Nowadays, the piece is a must-have among modern and classic women. In addition to conquering the international catwalks, appearing in fashion editorials and in shop windows, the midi dress will also find space in your wardrobe.

How to wear the Midi dress to work?

You can wear the midi dress in a sophisticated, elegant and modern combination to go to work. In this environment, bet on monochrome models or with discreet prints. Avoid necklines, slits and transparency.

You can combine the dress with a pair of heels, which can be a black or nude scarpin with pointed beak. On hot days, you can use a sandal with thick or thin heel. On cold days, combine with boots.

Imagem de uma mulher usando um vestido midi.

The midi dress can also be worn at work. (Source: Marina Goncharova / 123RF)

How to wear the Midi dress at parties?

The midi dress can also be used in formal occasions like wedding parties, baptism or graduation. In this case, bet on a monochrome and minimalist model and combine with a high-heeled shoe.

For daytime ceremonies, go for light colours. If the wedding is in the middle of nature, flowered dresses are the right choice. For the night, you can bet on a dress with vibrant tone.

The tight midi dress can compose a more sensual look by marking the body, but if you bet on a dress with frills on the hem, you can break the straight cut of the piece and still make the look more elegant. The rounded midi dress highlights the romanticism and femininity of the piece.

Mulher com vestido midi cinza.

Monochrome or minimalist dresses with high heels go great with formal settings. (Source: Yevgeniya Bondarenko / 13RF)

How to wear the Midi dress in casual moments?

In informal contexts, tight or twirled midi dress models are ideal. Combine the dress with trainers, casual trainers or even low-top sandals. Avoid formal shoes.

A suggestion for young women and fashionistas is to combine the midi dress with an open shirt or t-shirt underneath, both pieces can be plain or printed.

For those who do not want to show off their curves, the suggestion is to tie a shirt with long sleeves or a jeans jacket, leather or bomber jacket around the waist. And if the temperature drops, just put it on.

You can also use accessories such as a scarf or bandana tied around the neck, wrist or handbag strap. Use your creativity.

See some more tips on how to wear the midi dress on different occasions of everyday life with the fashion consultant Guid Meinelecki, in a video on her YouTube channel:

What shoes does the Midi dress go with?

You want to wear a midi dress but you don't know which shoes to go with? Don't worry, we've prepared this section to give you some tips on how to wear the midi dress with different styles of shoes, with or without heels:

  • Scarpin: Ensures a classic and vintage look to the look, so it matches perfectly with midi dress with rounded cut. It is ideal for formal occasions such as events or work.
  • Two-strap sandal: Matches with different models of midi dress. It is ideal for those who want to create a longilinear look and give the impression that the legs are longer.
  • Slingback: Ensures a fashionista look to the look, because the footwear is at the same time, stripped and elegant. The thin beak elongates the silhouette and the loop on the heel ensures more charm.
  • Espadrille: These shoes with a rustic, handcrafted look lend a casual air to the look and are ideal for wearing in the country or on the beach. Matches with printed midi dresses.
  • High-cut boots: This combination is reserved for women who are not afraid to dare. Regardless of the size of the boot, combine with a midi dress with slit.
  • Boot: Gives weight to the production, so it is ideal for those who like the rocker style. It matches with flowy dresses, because it creates an interesting contrast.

Besides the options with heels, you can also bet on a low shoe: Rasteirinha is ideal for informal and daytime looks. Sandals with lace up straps give a tidy look to a casual look.

The mule also matches with midi dresses, especially formal models. You can also combine the midi dress with casual trainers.

Buying Criteria: Factors to Compare Midi Dresses

We could not finish this Buying Guide without bringing some tips on how to choose the best midi dress model for you. When buying, evaluate and compare the features listed below:

  • Modeling
  • Cut
  • Neckline style
  • Dress length
  • With or without sleeves
  • Colours and prints

We will detail each of these criteria throughout the section.


You will find the midi dress in different models: pencil, pussy, evasé, trapeze and pleated.

The pencil or tube style midi dress is very tight, so it exudes sensuality. If you want to put together a sexy look, bet on a model with neckline and combine it with a heel sandal.

You can also bet on models with slits and transparency. If you prefer a more discreet look, escape the neckline and combine with a flat mule.

The Evasê, Trapeze and Pleated models are fluid so they transmit delicacy and lightness. The Evasê midi dress stands out for the skirt shaped like a letter A, which focuses attention on your waist. It matches women of all biotypes.

The models with Godê pattern are twirled, charming and very feminine. It works with all biotypes, especially for those who want to draw attention to broad shoulders or give the impression that their hips are wider. To make the look even more feminine, wear a sash around the waist.

Mulher com vestido midi listrado e tênis.

There are dress models for all body types. (Source: Nugroho Wahyu / Pexels)


Regarding the cut of the midi dress, you can find two options: Straight cut or rounded cut. The midi dress with straight cut is ideal for women with classic style. It is also the best option to elongate the silhouette.

The round midi dress is very charming and works with all body shapes. Because of its versatility, every woman needs to have a dress like this in her wardrobe.

Imagem de uma mulher usando um vestido em comprimento midi.

The twirled midi dress is a classic model. (Source: Tamara Bellis / Unsplash)

Neckline style

The midi dress can come with different neckline styles, the best is the shoulder to shoulder neckline can be used in formal and informal combinations, it depends on the model and the shoe used.

You can also find models with necklines around the breasts: Heart neckline, canoe, tomara que caia, turtleneck, asymmetric, square, round, V-shaped or with straps in different thicknesses.

Dress length

It is essential to evaluate the length of the midi dress and choose a model that values your height.

Wear a midi dress with nude shoes to lengthen the silhouette.

For short women, the best length is up to three fingers below the knee, this way, the dress does not "shorten" the legs. Already tall women can use dresses with length until the middle of the shin.

Tip: To lengthen the silhouette, you should bet on a midi dress with heels, especially if they are skin-colored. Nude shoes are excellent to elongate the legs, especially with this model of dress.

With or without sleeves?

The midi dress can come with short or long sleeves. The model with long sleeves is an excellent option for evening events. It can also be used in winter. You can combine it with tights, jacket and boots.

Colours and prints

You can find midi dress options in different shades and prints. If you prefer a plain model, a dress in black colour is versatile and matches with different occasions.

If you prefer a light piece, but with the same elegance, you can bet on a white dress. Prefer a touch of colour? You will find options in different shades.

If you prefer a printed model, you can invest in a floral print piece to wear during the day, especially in spring and summer. The poá print is ideal for those who want a classic and charming piece.

Who prefers a more sensual piece, you can bet on a midi dress with animal print, the pattern can appear only in some details or throughout the dress. Already the checkered print is perfect for colder days, in autumn and winter.

You can also find models with lace or tulle. The tulle model is ideal to wear at night, either to dinner or to the club. The lace model is delicate and ideal to wear during the day.

(Source of the highlighted image: Marina Goncharova / 123RF)

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