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Welcome to the Wellness Guide! Today we're going to talk about the midi skirt, a piece of female clothing marked by elegance, good taste and style.

The midi skirt has a unique design, is democratic and sophisticated, and can be used in different environments. In case you are still not familiar with this product, our guide may help you. Below, we will point out all the features of this piece that needs to be part of your wardrobe.

First things first

  • The midi skirt is a skirt whose length is more or less at the height of the leg potato. It can be flowy, round or tight to the body.
  • It had its ups and downs in fashion, however, reinvented itself and today is seen as a piece less formal and super trendy.
  • The midi skirt is versatile. It allows endless looks for several occasions, and still has the advantage of being a good choice for women of all ages and body types.
  • The first midi skirt was created in the 1920s by Coco Chanel, founder of the Chanel label.

The Best Midi Skirt: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now that you already know the beautiful midi skirt options, we will tell you all the advantages of buying a model to call your own. Below, you will find all the benefits of this piece, as well as how to use it, values and where to buy it.

Foto de uma mulher com um dos pés no chão e o outro levantado. Ela veste uma saia xadrez, meia arrastão, sandália amarela, camisa listrada, blazer quadriculado e segura uma bolsa.

The midi skirt stands out for being a versatile and very elegant piece. (Source: Godisable Jacob /

Why is the midi skirt a good option?

Characterised by the length in the middle of the leg potato or at the ankle, the midi skirt is the definition of femininity and elegance. Worn by women for many years, it has been reinventing itself and proving to be increasingly strong in the fashion world.

The midi skirt adds sophistication to any look.

There is no lack of positive points for this piece. In general, the midi skirt is imposing and powerful. It adds sophistication to any look, and can be worn in formal and informal environments, such as at work or during leisure time.

Their models are the most diverse, there are those with evasê cut, godé and even pencil, pleasing different styles.

In the summer, it is a great option for women who do not like short skirts, because it is cool and in many cases, light and fluid. In winter, it can be worn as a pantyhose, which will warm up in measure.

It goes well for women of all ages and styles, and besides everything, it is a very comfortable option.

Some people consider it too serious, but just combine it with the right pieces and accessories, and you'll discover a modern, casual and super versatile piece.

Below, we've put together a comparative table with its advantages and disadvantages:

  • It is feminine, elegant and imposing
  • It can be worn on different occasions, whether formal or informal
  • It combines with different seasons of the year
  • It can have different styles and cuts
  • It is comfortable
  • Some models are very serious
  • It does not please women who like shorter skirts

Is the midi skirt fashionable?

Conceived by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the midi skirt has had its ups and downs since then. She was forgotten and applauded countless times in her timeline, but a few years ago decided to come with full force.

Currently, the midi skirt is considered one of the most powerful pieces in the women's wardrobe, mainly because it has reinvented itself and won several styles and cuts, attracting an increasingly larger audience.

Today it is safe to say that it is definitely a trend on the rise. Although classic, modern fashion knew how to give the midi skirt a less serious and more fashionable style, making it one of the most sought after pieces by women.

Did you know that Coco Chanel designed the first midi skirt thinking of women who needed to enter the job market after World War I?

Years later, in 1947, Dior launched a collection called "Carolle", predominantly composed of midi skirts, but now with more movement and lightness. The style was a success and was nicknamed "New Look", for having added elegance and sophistication to the skirt that used to be straight and almost industrial

How to create looks with the midi skirt?

Famous for its versatility, the midi skirt takes you from work to club, being an excellent choice for numerous occasions, besides allowing productions with pieces and accessories of different styles.

Below, we will point out some ways to put together looks and use this piece in your day to day:

At work

The work environment is perfect for you to debut your new midi skirt. From the most informal to the more formal places, it is a great choice.

It can be worn with medium heel sandals, blouses with thinner fabric, blazers, cardigans, and even t-shirts and trainers. Everything will depend on the type of environment and the style of the skirt.

At restaurants

In restaurants and bars, the model of the skirt will also be up to you, but a more chic and elegant composition can be a good idea. Heels, refined blouses, blazers and accessories such as bags, belts and necklaces are welcome.

In the daytime

In moments of leisure, opt for lighter and cooler midi skirts, that allow you to walk and are not tight to the body. Wear them with flip-flops, trainers, t-shirts, light blouses or cropped style, if you like.

At nightclubs

At the disco, the goal is to balance comfort and style. Opt for midi skirts that allow you to dance, but that are elegant and fashionable. The most modern models are the most suitable. Abuse of cropped, shiny pieces, high heels and accessories that draw attention in proportion.

At work In the restaurant In the daytime walk In the ballad
Type of midi skirt As you prefer, however, avoid models with glitter or a lot of colorful print As you prefer, bet on brightness, colours and elegance Light and fluid models As you prefer, bet on brightness, colours and elegance
With what to wear Bet on medium heels, blouses with thinner fabric, blazers, cardigans, and even t-shirts and trainers Bet on heels, refined blouses, blazers and accessories such as bags, belts and necklaces Bet on creepers, trainers, t-shirts, lightweight blouses or cropped style Bet on croppeds, shiny pieces, high heels and accessories

Who can wear a midi skirt?

Those who believe that this is a piece for older women or who do not feel comfortable with their legs on show are mistaken. Luckily for us, the midi skirt is super democratic and reaches women of all ages and body types.

As we said, the time when it was seen as a serious and contained piece is gone, since modern fashion has reinvented the beauty of the midi skirt, and today there is no shortage of lighter models, coloured and even with slits.

Anyway, leave apprehension aside and feel free to buy your skirt, regardless of your body or age. We guarantee that you will not lack options that please you.

Foto de uma mulher sorridente, encostada em um carro antigo azul, em um espaço aberto e ensolarado. Ela usa blusa ombro a ombro, saia midi jeans com fenda e bolsa transversal.

The midi skirt has reinvented itself and today is a possible option for different types and styles of looks. (Source: EVG Photos / Pexels)

Shopping Criteria: Factors to compare the models of midi skirts

When it comes to buying clothes we are usually very judicious, and with the midi skirt it should be no different. Therefore, we have listed some points that you should observe when making your purchase:

  • Length
  • Design
  • Numbering
  • Finishing and style

Below, we will explain each of them in detail:


There is no exact length for a midi skirt. The bar of most of them reaches the region above the ankle, in the leg potato, however, there are also those whose fabric ends a few centimetres after the knee.

Both models are considered midi skirts, and, in general, it is a matter of taste and preference.


The design of the midi skirt may vary in countless ways. There are the pleated, the godês, the evasês, the justinhas, the ones with slits, prints, brightness and many other details.

The midi skirt, as well as fashion in general, has proven to be increasingly versatile and creative, allowing us a number of possibilities when it comes to putting together the look.

Mulher em meio a floresta vestindo blusa verde, turbante e saia midi branca.

There are models for all tastes, from classic to stripped, options abound. (Source: Victoria_Borodinova /


When it comes to numbering clothes, especially skirts, there may be variation from brand to brand. Some divide from PP to GG and others from 34 to 46. So it's important that you know what your size is in both cases.

The ideal is that your chosen model should be marked on the waist, and that it respects the modeling length. Flowing skirts should be loose, while tight pencil skirts should be close to the body, but not too tight.

Make sure that your chosen size ensures comfort and does not hinder your movements, but also that it is not too long on the sides.

Finishing and shaping

A good piece of clothing needs a good finish, and even better shaping. It is important that seams, zips, buttons and other applications are firm, so as not to give you durability problems in the future.

Foto em close de uma mulher vestindo blusa branca rendada e saia cor mostarda.

Look at the details of your midi skirt to ensure that it is of quality. (Source: SnapwireSnaps /

And it is important in the same measure that the piece has a good modeling and consequent good fit in the body. Make sure that the skirt chosen is symmetrical and well modeled.

(Featured image source: Godisable Jacob / Pexels)

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