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The topic this time is military backpacks, created to store all your belongings in a practical, effective and safe way. More reinforced than a common backpack, the military offers several features, such as being waterproof, more resistant to weight, besides being quite versatile and functional.

Are you interested or have you been looking for a military backpack to call your own for some time? Check out our article! Here we've raised different options of the product, advantages and disadvantages, prices and much more.


  • The military backpack is ideal for those who want to carry their belongings with great versatility, efficiency, practicality and safety.
  • Made of reinforced material, this product is designed to last for years and to be resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain, sun and wind, as well as rips and punctures.
  • With a padded back and shoulder straps, it is a very comfortable backpack that can be used for several hours Prices vary according to size, material and configurations. In this guide are listed military backpacks that cost at least $ 65 and, at most, $ 270.

The Best Military Backpack: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you're out and about all day, carrying your belongings efficiently and comfortably is essential. Those who travel a lot or do outdoor activities also need something to store their things. That's what the military backpack is for: to carry everything safely and practically. Looking for the perfect backpack? Check out our tips below!

 Imagem mostra um homem de costas com mochila militar em meio a uma multidão

The military backpack keeps everything with practicality, efficiency and safety (Source: Hugo Wong / Pixabay)

What exactly is the military backpack?

Of course, a conventional backpack everyone knows what it is. But what about a military backpack? Do you know about it or have you heard of it? If you're in this guide to learn a little more about this product or if you still do not know, rest assured that we will remove your doubts. The military backpack - or tactical backpack - is made of resistant materials, often waterproof, able to withstand large amounts of belongings and weight, as well as friction and extreme survival situations.

Created to store everything in a very efficient way, with a lot of practicality and, mainly, safety, it is ideal for trips, camping, trekking, but also for everyday life and for those who want to carry everything comfortably.

As they are mostly designed for soldiers in the army, this type of bag is very versatile, with several divisions, allowing for a very effective organization of belongings and accessories - just as it would be for the organization of a military. In this video from the Brothers of the Woods, with over 10,000 views, you can learn how to store a number of things in the military backpack. Check it out:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a military backpack?

As mentioned above, the main advantage of the backpack is that it is able to store all the things with extreme practicality, organization and efficiency, leaving everything in order and easy to reach. In addition, it is also very resistant, being strong against adverse weather conditions, such as rain, heat, sun and wind, for example, and also against perforations and tears.

Another positive point is that the military backpack is made of high quality materials and has top finishes, being a highly durable product that can withstand many years of use. This product also has the advantage of being - depending on the model - very comfortable, with padded back and shoulder straps, in addition to having fastening belts, such as on the chest and waist, leaving the backpack stabilised on the body.

There are many advantages and positive points and perhaps one disadvantage: the price. Although you can find several models with interesting values, the military backpack ends up being more expensive than conventional and simpler models on sale on the market, due to all its features See in a simplified and comparative way the benefits of the military backpack and also its main disadvantage in the table below.

  • Able to store belongings with extreme practicality, organization and efficiency
  • Resistant to rain, heat, sun, wind, perforations and tears
  • Made of high quality materials and with top finishes, being highly durable
  • Very comfortable, with padded back and straps, besides having fixation belts that let the backpack stabilized to the body
  • It is often more expensive than conventional and simpler models for sale in the market

What are the differences between a military backpack and a conventional backpack?

You must be wondering if the military backpack is that different from a conventional backpack, right? Actually, the purpose, obviously, is the same, but some features differ from each other. Want to know what the main differences are? Take a look at the table below.
Military backpack Conventional backpack
Made of very resistant materials to last several years Made with more common materials, depending on the use is less durable
Several compartments, pockets and divisions to store everything in a practical way Usually has few pockets and limited spaces for belongings
Most are waterproof, resinated with PVC to be waterproof Made of fabric, many of them can not face rain
Quite secure, with many locks and zips Has normal security level, with only the basics in terms of closures

Purchase criteria: how to compare the options of military backpack

There are a few factors that differentiate one military backpack model from another. To help you buy the product that best fits your needs, we've put together the list below with the following buying criteria:

Below we will show in detail what should be taken into account when buying your military backpack


Military backpacks can be found in different sizes. If you want a more compact one just to store the basics - but in a very efficient way - look for the product in smaller sizes. But if the backpack is for travelling, trekking and hiking, you'll definitely prefer a large one that fits all your accessories and equipment with peace of mind and comfort.

This is one of the benefits of the military backpack: it comes in various sizes, ideal for different situations. The video below from the Rota Extrema channel, with 37 thousand subscribers, shows which is the best model of military backpack to use at school. See how this is a versatile product that can be used in various situations?

Storage capacity

As well as size, the ability to store and hold weight is also an important buying criteria. You can find backpacks on the market that hold 24 litres, 30 litres, 40 litres, 75 litres, among others. his capacity will be directly related to your need to carry more or less weight, belongings and indispensable items.

Imagem mostra uma mochila militar com diversos compartimentos e faixas de segurança

The military backpack is found in various sizes and has different storage capacities (Source: Invictus / Amazon)

Quality of material

The military backpack is usually already made with a material of great quality, created to be quite resistant and last for many years. However, different backpacks are made from different materials, providing diverse features, such as waterproofness, for example. A waterproof backpack will be waterproof and others are made from fabrics that are highly resistant to tears, cuts, punctures and punctures. A more affordable backpack may present simpler finishes and the more expensive ones will offer a lot of quality and durability. With thousands of options, it's up to you which military backpack you choose!

(Featured image source: Marek Szturc/ Unsplash)