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Food is an important aspect, since what you eat has a direct impact on your health, but when talking about this topic, drinks also come into play, and there are some very beneficial for you that you may not know about, among those is peppermint tea. If you want to learn more, read on!

Probably, if you have not bought this product before, you do not have a clear idea of what it is, what it provides or how to buy it, if this is your case, you have nothing to worry about, because through this article you will learn everything you need to know about mint tea, so that you can incorporate it into your diet and take advantage of its benefits.


  • Peppermint tea is one of the most classic and beneficial teas on the market, as it helps a lot with the control and cure of common flu symptoms, such as headache and congestion, as well as controlling stress, and it is even an excellent ally for weight loss, as it accelerates metabolism.
  • Within the current market there are several variants in the presentation of mint teas, and there are two in particular that you should know so that you can choose the one that suits you best: the presentation in leaves, which is more natural and beneficial, or the presentation in sachets, which is more practical.
  • Before you make a final decision, it is important that you take into account certain aspects that allow you to make comparisons, so that, among so many options, you can choose the best and most suitable one for you. Factors such as type of use, frequency of use and preparation process are important.

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Buying Guide

After knowing three highly recommended models of green tea, you may have a clearer idea about this product, and you may even have some of the above options as a possible purchase, depending on what you are looking for. However, before you make your decision, it is good to know a few things.

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What are the benefits of mint tea?

Among the most asked questions by the public are the benefits, because although mint tea is one of the most recommended for health, few really know the reason that makes it such a good product, so it is important that you have it clear before consuming. Among its benefits is to reduce fever and congestion.

In addition to helping in case of mild illness, they also reduce headache and stress, so they are excellent to take after a long day of work, especially because the aroma of the plant is very relaxing, allowing it to promote sleep of the person consuming the tea.

  • They help you fall asleep
  • They are all natural
  • They reduce common flu symptoms
  • The aroma and taste may be too strong for some people.

Peppermint leaf tea or Peppermint tea in a sachet - what should you pay attention to?

In today's market there are different presentations of the same product, and in the case of peppermint tea it is no different. Each version has advantages and disadvantages, and there are two in particular that you should be aware of, so that you can choose the one that suits you best: mint tea in leaves and mint tea in a sachet.

Peppermint tea leaves: This is the most natural version of peppermint tea, because it is directly from the leaves of the plant, which must be put in hot water to extract the essence. They are very valuable in their contributions, but the tea takes longer to brew and must be filtered, to prevent the leaf residues from being taken by mistake.

The more natural version of peppermint tea

This type of presentation is excellent in cases of colds, as the fresher the plant is, the quicker the effect, especially on congestion, which is partly cured by the aroma of the tea. Although the preparation process takes longer, the results are effective.

Peppermint tea in sachets: This presentation is more commercial. They are very easy to prepare, as they consist of a bag in which the mint is crushed. Among the most obvious advantages is the speed of preparation, as it only needs to be immersed in water and wait for the essence to permeate before it can be drunk, which takes two minutes.

Also, as the leaves are contained in a bag, there is no need to go through a filtering process, as the water is not contaminated with residue, making consumption almost immediate. Despite the positive aspects, this type of presentation is not fresh, so the benefits are somewhat reduced.

Peppermint tea in leaves Peppermint tea in sachet
Speed of preparation Usually takes about 5 minutes No more than two minutes
Cleanliness May leave leaf residue in the water No residue
Freshness Extremely fresh No guarantee of freshness

Does peppermint tea help to lose weight?

Among the questions surrounding this product is whether or not it helps you lose weight, and the answer is yes. This tea has properties that help to eliminate excess water and sodium that can be found in the kidneys, as well as stimulating the metabolism, so that calories are burned faster.

If you plan to use peppermint tea for dieting, then you are in the hands of a good product. The more natural it is, the better effect it will have on your body, so it is recommended that you try the leaf versions of the tea.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of peppermint tea

As a last section, it is important that you know certain aspects that allow you to compare between the different options you have, so that you can choose the most suitable model for your main need. The idea is that you will be able to differentiate everything that is offered to you, choosing the best.

  • Type of use
  • Frequency of use
  • Preparation process

Type of use

In the first point is the type of use, and although mint has a myriad of applications, there are two points in particular for which it stands out, and depending on this, there will be presentations that work for you more than others.

Medicinal use. In the case that mint is used to soothe symptoms of flu, fever or general malaise, you will need the freshest and most natural versions possible, to ensure that the benefits it brings are fully effective, so the leaf version is much more suitable, even if it is slower to prepare.

Daily use. If, on the other hand, the tea consumption is only to bring more health to your diet, and is used as a personal taste or enjoyment, and not with a specific intention, it may work if you use the sachet versions, as they not only save you a lot of time, but also provide you with a good amount of benefits.

Frequency of use

The next point to analyse is the frequency of use or consumption of tea, because according to this you should buy a certain amount, so that you can buy it for the right price, and that you do not run out too easily.

Sporadic consumption: When referring to this type of consumption, we speak directly of occasions where the effects of mint are needed, such as in case of illness, excessive stress or anxiety. In this case, the frequency is very low, so you can buy between 2 and 4 sachets.

Mid-week consumption: If consumption is intermittent, i.e. consumed weekly, but not every day, the demand for quantity increases, so you will need to buy more. Packs of 10 to 16 sachets are excellent in these cases.

Daily consumption: Finally, if the level of consumption is very high, many times the medium-sized presentations will not be enough, as the daily demand would require at least 15 sachets, if you want to cover per month. It can also be purchased by grams, with quantities between 200 gr and 400 gr.

Preparation process

As a final point, it is important to consider the preparation process, because when you include a new product in your diet, you also include it in your routine, and depending on how it is, you can choose the most convenient alternative.

Manual preparation: This is the most effective method for extracting the essence found in the leaf, so you get the purest version of the tea. However, it takes approximately 5 minutes or more, as it must be filtered carefully and the leaf must be allowed to dilute the minerals in the hot water little by little.

Instant brewing: As you can imagine, this is the type of brewing that the sachets have, as it consists only of submerging the bag with the concentrated, crushed leaf in the water, allowing it to quickly release all of its condensed contents. At most it would take two minutes, depending on the amount of tea to be prepared.

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