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The mirrored wardrobe is a modified version of its predecessor, the wardrobe with mirror. This then-innovative utility took the world by storm and has indeed endured to this day. In the past, it was still called the toilet cupboard. Today, this popular piece of furniture has other design elements and practical functions.

With our large mirror cabinet test 2021 we want to help you find the best mirror cabinet for your needs. We have collected the most important information and facts about mirror cabinets and summarised them for you in an easy-to-understand way. We hope we can help you and make your decision easier.


  • With a mirror cabinet, you can store daily used hygiene articles sensibly and opaque.
  • The mirror should be equipped with LED lamps and white light. This is not only energy-efficient, but also the most authentic.
  • The cabinet mirror should be made of waterproof, temperature-resistant and robust materials. That way you'll be using it for a long time.

Mirror Cabinet: Our Choices

The market is not lacking in suitable products, that much is certain. But not every mirror cabinet is the same and not every one can convince with its function and quality. We have picked out the five best products especially for you and would like to present them in the next part.

Mirror cabinet: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following section, we will show you how to find the right mirror cabinet for you, taking into account various aspects. You should consider these criteria when making your purchase decision:


Most people have a mirror cabinet in their bathroom. Therefore, a high-quality, rustproof and water-resistant material is very important. It should not only look good, but also last as long as possible.

Aluminium is UV-resistant and is therefore also suitable for rooms flooded with light. However, it can suffer permanent damage from scratches.

Inexpensive, entry-level models can often be found made of plastic. They are available in many shapes and colours and can withstand a lot, especially for a long time. Wood is also a very common material.

It also comes in different colours and looks. It is very robust and resilient and, with the right processing and lacquering, also durable in the bathroom. Aluminium or stainless steel are also popular.

These materials are particularly corrosion-resistant, very stable and can withstand high temperatures. Aluminium is also characterised by its low weight. Cleaning is also relatively easy and uncomplicated.


Good lighting is particularly important for a bathroom mirror and thus also for your mirror cabinet. In many cases, simple room lighting is not sufficient to view yourself as accurately and shadow-free as possible.

When making your choice, you should pay attention to light intensity and colour. Most mirror cabinets are equipped with LED lamps. These are particularly energy-efficient and have a long service life. They also provide natural white light. This reflects reality best.

Mirror surface / size

Cabinet mirrors come in many different sizes, so it's up to you how big you want your mirror to be. It all depends on your taste. For some people, it is enough if their head fits on it, others want to be able to look at themselves over a large area.

A large mirror makes small rooms look bigger and brighter.

Nevertheless, there are tips to make your decision easier. Base the mirror height on the size of the people in your household. At least 10 centimetres of the tallest person should be visible in the mirror.

But even the smallest person should be able to see themselves well. Most people base the width on the washbasin, as the two should fit together harmoniously. But basically you can't go wrong.

The cabinet mirror can also look good if it is a little wider or narrower. You can test which size you like by sticking tape to the wall. Do can also be ordered online.


The features of a mirror cabinet vary from model to model.

For example, you can choose the number of mirrored doors and the interior. Most cabinets come with 1 to 3 doors. The advantage of three doors is that you can look at your head from all sides when you open them. This is not possible with only one door.

The interior compartments can sometimes be individually fitted or adjusted according to need. Individual shelves can be removed if, for example, you want to put in an electric toothbrush with charging station.

Many mirrored wardrobes also have an integrated power socket. So you can use your hairdryer or straightener in front of the mirror at any time.

Mirror cabinet: Frequently asked questions & answers

Now you have learned the most important facts about buying a mirror cabinet from us. In the following section, we would now like to answer frequently asked questions on this topic. We hope you enjoy reading!

Who is a mirror cabinet suitable for?

Hardly anyone can imagine a bathroom without a mirror. For most people, the only question is whether to go for a simple mirror or a mirrored cabinet. The latter is basically suitable for everyone, especially if you have a small bathroom and want to use the storage space efficiently.


Modern bathrooms like this one are often kept in natural colours with a simple design. The mirrored cabinet helps to store the bathroom utensils inconspicuously.
(Image source: Unsplash / Sanibell BV)

A mirror cabinet is a rather small piece of furniture that nevertheless offers storage space for everyday hygiene items. It can fit in any bathroom, no matter how small, which is why it is so practical and popular.

The mirror at the front provides privacy so that the bathroom always looks tidy and intimate items can be stored away.

How much does a mirror cabinet cost?

Mirror cabinets can be found in different price ranges. There is something for everyone, from expensive to cheap.

Type Price
Cheap 40-80 euros
Medium 80-150 euros
Expensive from 150 euros

A cheap mirror cabinet does not directly mean poor quality. You can also find inexpensive, durable models that are convincing in their function. The mirrors become more expensive depending on the equipment, features and design.

You can compare these features and decide what suits you best. In the middle class, you can then decide for or against LED light, the number of doors and shelves in the wardrobe, the size and the material.

In a high price range, LED light and sockets should already be integrated. You don't have to worry about quality here either. It all depends on your taste. What size you want and what design.

You will probably find the best price-performance ratio in the mid-price range.

What types of mirror cabinets are there?

The cabinets are available in many different versions. Different features can be distinguished. We have listed the essential ones in the following table.

Features description
Number of doors usually 1 to 3 doors
Type of lighting all-round, from above, evenly from both sides, preferably LED lamps for the most natural light possible
Body usually made of wood, plastic, aluminium or stainless steel, should be waterproof and rustproof
Surface there are many different sizes, you can choose freely according to your needs or taste
Special features integrated socket, adjustable interior, smart home connection, different light levels, integrated digital clock

What alternatives are there to a mirror cabinet?

A mirror cabinet is practical, but it can also look too bulky on the wall and may not match the style of the bathroom or your personal taste. That's why we show you two alternatives here.

  • Wall mirror: If you don't need the extra storage space and perhaps also want to save a few euros, you can also fall back on a simple wall mirror. These are available in various shapes and versions and now even with an integrated digital clock. They can make a beautiful, stylish addition to the bathroom design without a clunky cabinet behind them. They are also available with lighting, but you can also upgrade them yourself with lamps.
  • Mirror wall: Or convert an entire wall into a mirror. To do this, thin mirror panels are attached to the wall. The room appears larger and has more depth. Only the cleaning could be a bit of a nuisance.

How do I hang a mirror cabinet correctly?

First, you should assemble the mirror cabinet according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then you can measure the height at which you want to hang the mirror cabinet. Usually, the mirror is placed at 1.20 metres with the lower edge or 20 to 25 centimetres above the washbasin.

However, these are only guidelines that you can use as a guide. In the end, you must be able to look at yourself in the mirror without having to bend down. It should hang in such a way that you can stand in front of it comfortably and casually.

You should also pay attention to how the light falls when it is attached. It should not cast a shadow on your face.


In the past, when there were no cabinet mirrors, men shaved with a small hand mirror in the kitchen and women got ready on their dresser in the bedroom. Today, this is done quite comfortably in the bathroom.
(Image source: Unsplash / Supply)

Now it's time to get down to business. Follow these 5 steps to hang your mirrored wardrobe:

  1. Find a suitable place to drill the holes for the cupboard. There should be no cables or pipes running through it. Use a spirit level to determine and mark the exact place for the holes. This will ensure that the cupboard hangs straight.
  2. Use a drill to drill the holes for the dowels. If the surface is made of tiles, you must prepare them beforehand and punch them with a hammer, otherwise they may break or splinter. To do this, carefully hammer a small notch into the desired spot with a nail and hammer.
  3. Once the holes have been drilled, the dowels can be pressed in. Then screws and hooks can be turned into the dowels. They should fit tightly and extend half a centimetre out of the wall in order to attach the cupboard here.
  4. For the next step, the power should first be turned off at the electricity box. Then you can start to take care of the cables for the lighting. Here, the cables must be connected to the individual phases.
  5. The last step is to hang the cabinet on the wall. And that's it.

What kind of lighting is best for a mirror cabinet?

What makes good lighting? It should show your reflection as faithfully as possible. The position of the lamps is also important. They should illuminate the face as evenly as possible. This works best if the mirror is illuminated all around, from above or if an equal amount of light comes from both sides.

The light should never shine into the mirror. Otherwise you could be dazzled or damage your eyes.

The colour of the light also plays an important role. It should not be too warm or too cold. White, cool light is best. It should have the effect of daylight, so it reproduces the colours most realistically.

Most bathroom mirrors have LED lamps. These give a neutral white light and are particularly suitable for your bathroom, especially if you put make-up on there. With some mirror cabinets, the light intensity can be set to different levels on the switch.


As you can see, a mirror cabinet can be quite practical and useful, but it is not a must. Should you decide to buy one anyway, you have numerous options. From simple and inexpensive to very high-quality and functional, there is something for everyone. You can also find a suitable model for every style or bathroom design.

Most cabinets are relatively easy to screw together and hang on the wall. So you can do it without a professional if necessary. Thanks to high-quality and versatile materials, the wardrobe will also keep its promise for a long time.

Image source: epstock / 123rf

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