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Hello and welcome. In today's article we'll help you choose an item that is the dream of those who like or work with fashion, beauty and make-up: the mirror with light. The embodiment of glamour, mirrors with lights populate the imagination of hundreds of people because they refer to the dressing rooms and the life of Hollywood artists.

Ideal for doing make-up, shaving, eyebrows and other tasks that require good lighting, the mirrors with light are now affordable and available in several versions. Follow this article to the end and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features that you should pay attention to make the best choice of mirror with light for your home.

First things first

  • Available in portable and wall-mounted versions, the mirror with light must be chosen according to the intended use and the dimensions required for this use.
  • The type of light, size, design and the power source are some of the features to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • The price of mirrors with light varies greatly according to the model, size and brand of the product. It is possible to find simple models starting at R$30, while the most robust wall mirrors can cost over R$500.

The Best Mirrors With Lights: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Have you fallen in love with any of the mirrors in our Ranking? But hold on! Before clicking on buy, check our Buying Guide for tips on the product, variables, values and where to buy and to help you choose the mirror with light tailored to give a 'lift' to your productions and meet your needs and expectations.

Moça posa sentada em cadeira de costas para espelho com luz de parede

In addition to helping with make-up, the mirror with light helps to decorate rooms. (Source: Godisable Jacob/ Pexels)

What is a lighted mirror?

The lighted mirror is, as the name suggests, a mirror equipped with lights in its frame. Lighted mirrors can be of the portable tabletop type, or wall-mounted. The type of light installed in the mirror varies according to the model, and can be Led strips, mini incandescent or LED bulbs, or even conventional nozzles, so that the user can install lamps that are to their liking. Whether you want to install it in the bedroom, dressing room or bathroom, use it on the countertop, carry it in your handbag or take it on trips, the mirror with light is the ideal option for those who don't want to miss any details of their make-up or facial hair removal.

What are the advantages of having a mirror with lights?

A good mirror makes all the difference in any outfit. A mirror with a light is a guaranteed success! Although some may consider the light just a detail or decorative item, it does make a huge difference in visibility. In addition to greatly improving vision, the positioning of the lights in a lighted mirror simulates natural daylight and avoids the shadows that can get in the way of putting on make-up, making up, styling hair or even shaving or routine skin cleansing in front of the mirror. Unisex, most of the products can be adapted to the person's tastes, regulating the quantity and intensity of the lights making them ideal to promote the right lighting for each of the activities performed in front of the mirror.

  • Versatile and practical
  • It is decorative and functional
  • Prevents shadows on the reflected image
  • There are versions for all tastes and pockets
  • Wall models require installation
  • Some models may have high power consumption
  • Robust versions are expensive

Countertop, pocket or wall: Which type of mirror with light to choose?

Before choosing your mirror, bear in mind the intended use of the product, the desired style and the space available for installation. Portable models are ideal for those who have little space and want more versatility for the product, being able to easily take it to other rooms of the house and even on trips and outings. After defining the model, check the form of feeding of the product, the type of battery or battery used by him, and if this can be easily found in your region.

In the case of mirrors powered by electricity, it is always good to assess whether there are plugs available in the place where the product will be used, and whether the power cable is the right size. Make sure the power cord is not exposed at the time of installation, which can be aesthetically unpleasant for some people. In the case of wall models, also pay attention to the mirror measurements. Make sure it is the right size for the space. Also check the recommended installation method to ensure it fits your reality and possibilities.

Countertop Pocket Wall
Installation Not necessary Not necessary Should be done with screws
Power source Batteries or electric power Batteries or batteries Electricity
Values Less than $ 100, depending on model Less than $ 50, depending on model Above $ 300, depending on model
Differentials Portable but good size, easy to store and transport Super portable, easy to store and transport Can come in different sizes, help to compose dressing tables and decorations in general

How much does a mirror with light cost?

The price of mirrors with lights can vary greatly according to the model, design, brand and size of the product. It is possible to find simple table or purse versions for less than R$30, while the more sophisticated versions, made of fine materials, can cost several hundred reais.

Where to buy a lighted mirror?

You can buy your lighted mirror at shops that sell decorative and home products, such as Lojas Americanas, Tok Stok, Camicado and Etna, for example. However, it is on online platforms such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and that you will find a greater diversity of brands and models of the product.

Espelho com luz de mesa com batons e pincel de maquiagem a frente

Portable versions of the mirror with light are the ideal option to always have on hand to retouch makeup. (Source: Dids/

Buying criteria: how to compare mirrors with light

With so much great information you've practically become an expert on mirrors with lights, right? But before we wrap up the article, we'll give you another teaspoon, presenting you with a list of characteristics you should pay attention to when comparing the types and brands of mirrors with lights. It's to buy without fear of making a mistake! Check it out:

Let's put any doubts to rest once and for all? See the breakdown of each of these features below:


The mirror with light, obligatorily, will have mirror as the main masterpiece of its constitution. However, the material used in the manufacture of its base or frame can vary greatly. Wood, MDF, acrylic, plastic and metal are among the most popular options. In order for the mirror to be durable and resistant, it is essential that it be made of good quality raw material. The ideal material should have two basic characteristics: it should be firm and resistant. The choice can be made purely on the basis of personal preference or to harmonise with the other decorative items in the room where the product will be used. Prefer reputable brands to ensure the reliability of the materials.

Type of Light

The lights most commonly used in mirrors with light are Led and incandescent or fluorescent. They can also be of the type:

  • Warm: yellowish colour which favours the feeling of cosiness;
  • White: similar to sunlight, it is known as neutral light;
  • Cold: bluish colour, stronger and favours attention;

For mirrors that will be used with make-up the ideal light is White, which provides greater fidelity to the colours, thanks to its similarity with natural light. Another way of categorizing lights is by the Color Reproduction Index (CRI), which is usually indicated on the packaging. The CRI indicates the degree of colour fidelity in relation to sunlight, which is considered ideal. The closer the index is to 100, the more faithful are the colours reflected in the mirror

Imagem de closet feminino equipado com espelho com luz de corpo inteiro

In addition to helping in make-up and beauty routines, the mirror with light is ideal to keep in the wardrobe or wardrobe and help in the composition of looks. (Source: Zhanzat Mamytova/

Magnifying effect

The magnifying lens function is more common in small, pocket or table mirrors. The magnifying capacity varies depending on the model, ranging from 2x to 10x. The mirrors with magnifying effect are ideal for performing tasks that require precision and attention to small details, such as cleaning skin, applying some more complex make-up items like eyeliner, removing eyebrows, etc.

Power source

The power sources of the mirrors with light vary according to model and manufacturer, and may be battery, common battery, rechargeable or electric power, via USB or conventional plugs. Tabletop models usually use batteries and USB inputs as a power source. Wall-mounted models, more robust and with higher power consumption, usually use electric power.

(Featured image source: Sean Patrick/

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