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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! If you are interested in beauty products and skincare, you will be glad to know that today we are going to talk about moisturizer for oily skin.

People who are more prone to release oil naturally through their pores should opt for products that balance this production, either on the face or body. In the following guide, we'll give you all the tips on using moisturiser for oily skin, as well as explaining its benefits and who should use it.


  • Oily skin requires care and hydration just like combination or dry skin. Using the right product not only moisturizes, but also helps to balance the production of natural oil.
  • People with oily skin should choose a moisturizer that is 100% oil-free.
  • Face moisturizing is different from body moisturizing, and that is why you should use different and specialized products in each of these regions.

The Best Moisturiser For Oily Skin: Our Picks

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Just like all other organs, our skin deserves care. Daily moisturising is the best way to keep it healthy, and to do this, it is important to make use of a moisturiser that is compatible with your skin type. In the guide below, we'll point you to all the tips and information you need about moisturiser for oily skin.

Foto da parte do corpo de uma pessoa, com pouco de creme e o desenho de um coração provavelmente feito com os dedos.

It is important that you respect the needs of your skin type when choosing a moisturiser. (Source: akz / 123RF)

What are the advantages of moisturiser for oily skin?

If you think that people with oily skin don't need moisturisers, you are wrong. Quite the contrary. In these cases, moisturizing should be even more careful, as a way to balance the excess natural production of oil on the skin. In a tropical country like ours, it is very common to find people with this condition, either due to food, genetics, stress or even hormonal changes. The moisturizer for oily skin, like all the others, aims to nourish, hydrate and ensure smoothness. Its differential is that it does not have oil-based substances in its composition.

Using a moisturizing cream is a matter of health. Besides keeping a pleasant aspect to the skin, it prevents possible infections, which can be caused by microorganisms coming from excessive sun, soap, sea water and the constant use of scouring pads. Both body and face suffer with several daily situations, and need specific products for hydration, rejuvenation and removal of dead cells.

It is also important to mention that, especially in the case of cosmetics for oily skin, you should respect the differences between the products for the body and for the face, because each one of these regions has its specific needs. However, it is worth mentioning that the moisturizer for oily skin works as a method to prevent possible diseases, not as a remedy. The ideal is to always consult a dermatologist. Finally, if you have oily skin, know that there are products that help control excessive oiliness, ensuring hydration and a dry and soft touch.

  • Controls excessive skin greasiness
  • Leaves the skin hydrated, healthy and soft
  • Guarantees a dry look and soft touch
  • Works only as a precautionary method
  • It is necessary to use a specific moisturizer for the face and another one for the body
  • Some moisturizers can be very expensive

How do I know if a moisturiser for oily skin is right for me?

Ideally, before choosing a moisturizer to call your own, you should consult a dermatologist who can make a deeper analysis of what your skin needs are. However, there are a few ways to find out if moisturizer for oily skin is right for you. Above all, observe. Keep an eye on your face and body, and notice if it produces more sebum than usual, causing a shiny, sticky look. Furthermore, oily skin is much more prone to blackheads and pimples. So, if your skin is quite acne-prone, moisturiser for oily skin is probably an option.

Did you know that people with oily skin should take special care in their cleansing and moisturising routine? The excessive production of sebum damages the dermis and clogs the pores, causing the appearance of acne and pimples, besides leaving the skin shiny

To deal with oily skin it is extremely important to use an oily skin moisturiser and an oily skin soap. In the case of the face, this care should be even more intensified, and it is also important to tone and exfoliate. Finally, you should avoid any product whose base is oil, and prioritize those that are water-based and contribute to rapid absorption.

What are the best types of moisturisers?

Every moisturizing cosmetic has the function of hydrating and nourishing the skin, but its presentation form may interfere in the result, once each one of them is indicated for a specific skin type. Next, we will point out the differences between cream, lotion, gel and mousse.


As the name suggests, the cream has a very creamy texture. It is easily found in shops and is the most popular at the time of sale. It has a high moisturizing factor, but it is only a good choice for people with oily skin if it has a 100% oil-free composition, otherwise it will be a full plate to clog the pores and increase oiliness even more, especially on the face.

Foto que mostra as mãos de uma mulher segurando um pequeno pote com creme hidratante.

Moisturizing cream is only a good choice for people with oily skin if it is 100% oil-free. (Source: Rido / 123RF)


Moisturizing lotion is a good choice for all skin types. It is not sticky, usually has water base, is more liquid and is quickly absorbed. Besides, it is super refreshing, being a great choice on hot days.


The moisturizing gel is the best option for very oily skin, which is the case we are dealing with here. It is light, oil-free, absorbs quickly and leaves both body and face with a very dry and soft texture.

Cream Lotion Gel
Skin type Dry All Oily
Absorption Slow Rapid Fast
Base Oil Oil or water Water

Purchase Criteria: How to compare moisturizers for oily skin

Everything that deals with your skin should be chosen with care, and so before you buy your moisturiser for oily skin, a few factors should be observed:

  • Formula
  • Texture
  • Aroma
  • Yield

Now, let's comment on each of them in more detail.


Oily skin requires more care than combination skin, so it is important that you keep an eye on the formula of your moisturiser when choosing it. The first issue is that you should opt for a moisturiser that is oil-free, as we've already said a few times. Other than that, choose those that have faster absorption and water base. If you are buying cosmetics for the face, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are welcome.


The lighter the texture of your moisturizer for oily skin, the better. Products with a thick, heavy texture tend to stay on the surface of the skin for longer, taking time to absorb. Light, fine-textured moisturizers, on the other hand, disappear quickly without leaving your face or body feeling sticky.


For facial skin, we recommend moisturisers without scent.

If you are looking for a body moisturiser, it is worth choosing a pleasant-smelling option. However, for facial skin, we recommend moisturisers without scent. The smell can end up bothering you and, in the case of allergy sufferers, even causing sneezing.


Before buying your moisturiser, it is important to pay attention to its performance. Remember that the ideal is that you use it every day, so it may not be interesting to buy those that come in small pots.

Pote com creme hidratante ao lado de vela acessa em formato de flor e colar de pedras.

Choose a jar that yields for better value for money. (Source: saponifier / Pixabay)

If you're tight financially, it's also important to cross-check the quantity against the value, to make sure you're getting a good product for a good value for money.

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