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Welcome once again to Reviewbox. Today we will be talking about banknote counters, a device that not only helps you to keep your cash in order, but also helps you to identify which banknotes have been counterfeited. Because we know that for you security is an important aspect of your life.

Banknote counters are extremely popular in companies or businesses where large amounts of cash are handled, such as banks or bureaux de change, we assure you that you will find one in any of these places you go to; we want you to have the best information so that you feel more confident in the choice you make.

In addition to providing you with the necessary information, we want to tell you which are the best banknote counters on the market, because when we are about to purchase a product, it is not only important to know its features in detail, but also to have the best points of comparison, to know which one is the most convenient.

The most important points

  • A banknote counter is a machine used to keep an accurate account of the bundles of cash that are fed into it. They come in different types of models, which usually have other functions that make the accounting much more effective.
  • You can find a wide variety of banknote counters, such as basic banknote counters, detectors and sorters; these can be differentiated according to price, popularity and the speed with which they process different bundles of banknotes.
  • While there are many models that can make your experience using your banknote counter much more satisfying, you should know that there are aspects such as speeds, capacity, among others, that you should take into account before making your purchase, in order to ensure that it is a success.

The Best Money Counter: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about banknote counters

Having a good knowledge of the products we purchase is the key to ensuring that when we buy them there is no error or inconvenience; that is why today we have prepared all the information we think you need to know about banknote counters.

Banknote counters are commonly used in banking institutions. (Photo: belchonock/

What is a banknote counter and what are its advantages?

A banknote counter is a machine used to keep an accurate account of the bundles of cash that are fed into it. They come in a variety of models, each with different features and completely specific functions.

These types of machines are extremely popular and necessary in banks, as they help employees to do their work much more quickly and easily. It is considered to be a very useful and uncomplicated type of device to use.

The main advantage of banknote counters is that they are quick to handle cash and easy to recognise counterfeit or reported banknotes. This is why it is an indispensable tool in banks or establishments where a lot of money is handled.

  • Can identify counterfeit notes
  • Facilitate cash accounting
  • Easy to use
  • Requires maintenance
  • Must be used with care
  • Can be costly

Basic banknote counter, detector or sorter?

As we have already mentioned, there are many types of banknote counters, which, of course, have different functions that make handling large amounts of cash much quicker, more convenient and easier. Today we would like you to find out about the features of each one in detail.

Basic banknote counter: This model works only to keep an accurate count of the bundles without any type of error or failure. You can find them in banks, as they are very common in these environments, especially in the cashier's area.

Banknote counter detector: Banknote counter detectors are used to identify which counterfeit banknotes are in the bundle of banknotes, while counting them at the same time. It is one of the best counting machines you can buy.

Sorting banknote counter: Finally we have the sorting banknote counter, which, as its name suggests, organises the banknotes according to their denomination. An extremely useful function when handling large bundles of different types of banknotes.

Basic banknote counter Banknote counter detector Banknote counter sorter Banknote counter sorter
Price Low High High High
Popularity High High Medium
Speed 1000 banknotes per minute 500 banknotes per minute 1000 banknotes per minute

How much do banknote counters cost?

The prices of a banknote counter can vary depending on the functions they offer, so it is very important that you evaluate the uses you will be giving to your money counter, in order to know which model is best for you and feel much more comfortable with your choice.

You can buy a banknote counter with several functions and excellent quality between 15,000 MXN and 10,000 MXN, while a much more basic, but equally functional one can be purchased from 5,000 MXN and 2,000 MXN. Prices to suit all budgets and pockets.

Purchasing criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of banknote counters

When purchasing a product such as banknote counters, there are a variety of aspects to consider before making a purchase, as this may help you to have a better overview during the purchase, so that it can be completely successful.


As it is an electronic machine, you must know very well which is the most suitable voltage for it, so that its operation is completely perfect without any risk of problems in the accounting or in the performance of it.

Generally this type of machines have or require the same type of voltage, which is between 220 volts; however, we recommend you to consult the seller of the shop or any expert in banknote counters to have a better perspective at the time of purchase.

Power supply

The power supply is also an important point that you should be paying close attention to, as once you are clear about which ones are available among the banknote counters you will know which one is the most convenient for you to have a better experience when using it:

Power outlet: This type of banknote counter is usually mostly purchased by those who will need to use it for a long time, as they are usually much more practical even though they consume more energy than others.

Batteries: Banknote counters with rechargeable batteries are also very useful, however, it is recommended to acquire them in case the use you will give to this one is not very constant, since they are usually discharged in a lapse of 1 or 2 hours.


the counter could lose its performance or make a bad accounting

Although banknote counters are extremely useful for counting large bundles of banknotes, you should be aware that there is a certain limit and if it is exceeded, the counter could lose its performance or make a bad accounting, which is not ideal, so it is important to be vigilant.

The maximum banknote capacity of all banknote counters is between 1000 and 1500 banknotes and the lowest is approximately 300 banknotes. It is always recommended to count from 500 banknotes to be sure that the counting is correct.


There are different speeds that you can find in banknote counters; whether you use them depends only on how fast you are counting your banknotes, so it is important to know them:

Maximum speed: This type of speed will allow you to count between 1500 and 1000 banknotes per minute. If you are in a place where you need to count banknotes quickly, such as banks or cash dispensers, it is best to use this type of speed.

Standard speed: The standard speed, i.e. the most commonly used, will allow you to count between 700 and 800 banknotes per minute. If you are in a more relaxed environment, such as a small shop, without so much pressure when counting the bundles, this is the one for you.

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