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Hello, welcome to Monederosmart, your digital consultation space. We hope that today, as on other occasions, you will find in us what you need to guide your purchase towards the product that best meets your needs. Pay attention and take note, because we will give you all the details of the moon lamps.

To light up when the sun goes down is a basic need that we fulfil with different light sources depending on the place we are in, the area and our budget, but nowadays we have the opportunity to light up with style, giving a romantic touch to our surroundings.

So if no one has managed to bring down the moon and stars for you, you could consider having a moon-shaped lamp, they look spectacular and we are sure they can accompany your most intimate moments. Below we will tell you exactly what they are and what types you can find, as well as their advantages, disadvantages and more.

The most important

  • Moon lamps are dim LED lighting fixtures in 3D designs shaped, in some cases with resemblance and texture to the real full moon. They are ideally suited to be placed in living rooms, offices or bedrooms, giving a touch of serenity to the space.
  • Regardless of other factors, there are two main types of moon lamps, the handcrafted ones or the modern ones whose technology helps us to create this kind of options within the variety offered by the market.
  • As with almost any product, it is necessary to consider indispensable decisions about the factors on which our purchase will depend, such as the size, the type of light it will emit, the energy source it uses, etc.

The Best Moon Lamps: Our Picks

In this section we will show you options that you can find on the market today. They have been taken from one of the largest and busiest e-commerce sites. The products are among the most popular and best rated within the sales ranking.

Buying guide: What you need to know about moon lamps

This is the kind of product that if we see it on the street we buy on impulse. We fall in love with the moon design from the very first moment and if the price is within our reach we hand over our paper money without hesitation, but let's pause our impulse to learn more about the product and buy with a conscience.

Small and majestic imitation of the moon, made into a lamp. (Photo: Brittani Burns /

What are moon lamps and what are their advantages?

Moon lamps are those that seek to resemble the moon, while at the same time fulfilling their function as a lamp. They are either handmade or printed with a special 3D technology that helps to give a very real illusion to the object. In some cases, their shape and texture have been created based on NASA images.

They have traditional or LED light, with one or more types of lighting and with one or more colours. These types of lamps help to give a modern and romantic touch to spaces, and can be placed almost anywhere in the home or office.

Among its main advantages are to be able to have a very real lamp at home, the different sizes available, the variety of colours, in some cases its tactile design as well as its possibility to be charged via USB.

  • Variety of sizes
  • Different types of lighting
  • Hanging, wall, floor or table lamps
  • Recharging via USB, batteries or light
  • High prices
  • Installation required in some cases

Handmade or modern moon lamps - what to look out for?

Moon lamps have long had a captive market, that classic hippie or more relaxed, where you could not miss in your environment a handcrafted lamp design accompanying your dream catchers, in conjunction with your simple but well-chosen decoration. Nowadays there are these and other more modern options.

Handcrafted. Also known as lampshades, these are lamps that are made by artisans from rice paper. They are used to decorate homes or offices, as well as to decorate parties. You can find full moons or half moons, in different sizes; hanging, floor or table lamps.

Modern. They are lamps of different sizes that are made with modern materials, some in half moon, others in full moon and others that electronically allow the moon to pass through its different phases. Some with traditional bulbs and others with LEDs, but all with a modern look.

Handcrafted Modern
Types Floor, table, pendant Floor, table, pendant or wall
Materials Rice paper Plastic and other anti-pollutant materials
Uses Illuminate, decorate homes and parties Illuminate and decorate
Power source Light connection, batteries Light connection, batteries or USB

Buying criteria

In order to go out and buy the lamp we want, we should know that it is probably the product that can offer us more than just light. It is worth considering the following information before deciding what is best suited and what plus we can get.

  • Energy source
  • Brightness
  • Measurements
  • Appearance

Power source

The energy that will give light to our wonderful moon requires a source that can come from different options depending on the design with which it was created. Either by connection to the power socket, by alkaline batteries or via USB.

Wired. The most traditional ones, in this case the handmade ones and some modern ones are usually connected to the current, they have a light cable that will be connected to the closest source to the place where we place the lamp. This option is recommended if you don't mind wires and prefer a permanent power option.

Batteries. Others use batteries, which are normally placed under or behind the object and can be watch batteries, or AAA or AA alkaline batteries. The number of pieces you will use will also depend on the manufacturer. The lifetime of the lamp power will depend on the durability of the batteries and how often the lamp is used.

USB. This is the way in which many, many personal devices are currently connected to recharge. They use a cable with a USB port. The cable is simply plugged into the computer to recharge or into a contact that has the appropriate output. The power time of the lamp can range from 4 to 20 hours depending on usage and brightness.


Generally when we decide to buy a lamp we will also be deciding on the type of light we want to illuminate our space. Usually you buy the bulb with the type of light you like or need, but there are other products that give you the option to switch between a couple of options included. We will see them in the following table.

Warm Light Neutral or Natural Light Cold Light
Temperature 2800 and 3200K 3.800K and 4.500K above 5.000K
Characteristic Ambient light creates cosy atmospheres It is the most similar to natural light Intense light that fills spaces with luminosity

There are also lamps with coloured LED light that add a fun touch to rooms or bedrooms, and serve to give other tones at special times or times of year. Find options with up to 16 colours that you can change, either by remote control or touch mode.


You should look for the right size for the place where you will put it

If you already know where you want to put it or not; this aspect is very important because depending on it is that you can opt for one or another size, either floor, hanging, wall or table. It is essential to know how much space you have.

Look for the right size, with or without a base so that it looks better where you put it

Depending on the model, the variety of sizes, for example, modern moon lamps with base, have moons ranging from 8cm to 24cm the largest with 6 other intermediate measures. If you have a large space we definitely recommend you to choose a regular sized moon lamp which will give an enviable look to your home.


Since you're choosing a moon lamp, make sure you're getting something that looks like what you want. Since you will be downloading your own moon we recommend taking care that it has a well defined look no matter what design you go for.

If you are deciding on an imitation moon, you can check that the texture is as close to the image of the real moon as possible, the one that has been based on NASA, and not that you are getting something with a smooth finish. If you choose a handmade lamp you will find options with paint and shapes to help give it the look it needs.

(Featured image photo: mescanilla /

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