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Mop vacuums allow for more efficient cleaning work compared to hoovers, as vacuuming and mopping are done in one step at the same time. Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner but don't quite know what to choose from the wide range on the market?

Then you've come to the right place! With our vacuum cleaner test 2021 we want to help you find the best vacuum cleaner for you. We have compared vacuum cleaners, robotic mops, stick mops and washing vacuums with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

The most important facts

  • Mop vacuums allow you to easily vacuum and mop in one step. They are therefore a perfect everyday aid.
  • When buying, you should not only consider the cleaning performance and handling, but also the capacity of the water tank and multi-surface cleaning capability. In addition, the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the device is also important.
  • Mop vacuums are mostly used for cleaning hard floors such as laminates, wooden floors, tiles, but some models can also be used for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture.

The Best Mop Vacuum Cleaner: Our Picks

Vacuum cleaners: Buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we will show you the criteria you can use to decide between the many possible vacuum cleaners. The aspects that help you to compare the vacuum cleaners with each other include:

Here you can find out more about the main points of the individual criteria.

Cleaning performance

Since a vacuum cleaner is supposed to make cleaning floors easier, the cleaning performance is the most important selection criterion. Of course, you don't want to have to mop the floor again after using the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, when buying a vacuum cleaner, you should make sure that it has enough suction and wiping power.

A high wattage does not necessarily provide good suction power.

According to the motto "a lot helps a lot", many people believe that a high wattage always guarantees high suction power. But in fact, the wattage has only to do with power consumption. So how can you measure the suction power? One important indication is the air pressure in pascals (PA) or kilopascals (kPA).

It reliably indicates how strongly dust and dirt are sucked in. The wiping force depends on many factors, such as the cleaning system of the wiping vacuum, the material of the cleaning roller, the water supply, etc. In addition, a double tank system ensures that clean water and dirty water are kept separate.

This increases the wiping power of your vacuum cleaner and also ensures that your floors are always cleaned with fresh water. Therefore, when buying a vacuum cleaner, make sure that it has such a system.

Tank capacity

A vacuum cleaner usually has two water tanks that hold fresh water and dirty water. When using the vacuum cleaner, fresh water is constantly taken from the tank to perform the mopping function. Therefore, most water tanks have a capacity of 300 to 800 ml.

It is annoying if you do not have enough water in the tank for your home and have to refill it every now and then. Therefore, you should pay attention to a large fresh water tank if you want to clean for a longer period of time without interruption and do not want to constantly refill the water tank.


A good vacuum cleaner should be as easy to use as possible. Ease of use plays an important role here. In most cases, a light and articulated mop vacuum makes for easy handling. If, for example, a vacuum cleaner is difficult and unwieldy to pull back and forth, cleaning takes a lot of effort and sweat. Attention should definitely be paid to this.

A vacuum cleaner with a volume of 60 dB is already quiet.

Furthermore, a loud and continuous noise from the vacuum cleaner could also be annoying. If it bothers you, you should pay attention to this when buying and possibly choose a quiet vacuum cleaner. Since mopping, vacuuming and even drying are integrated into one device, manipulating the mop vacuum could become problematic.

For this, a user-friendly control system is quite important. Here, for example, smooth switching between different cleaning modes can be beneficial.

Ease of cleaning

It is annoying if your vacuum cleaner has to be tediously cleaned every time after use. Some mopping vacuums come with a self-cleaning feature that makes it easier to clean the device. And some may not have such a function, but they may simply be rinsed under running water, thereby making cleaning easier as well.

Therefore, it is important to know whether a mop vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning function or can be cleaned easily.

Multi-surface cleaning

Essentially, mopping vacuums are designed to clean hard floors, but some manufacturers offer appliances with multi-surface cleaning modes. Therefore, not only can it clean hard floors such as laminate, wood flooring and tiles, but it can also clean carpets. If you have carpets at home and want to freshen them up with little effort, you should look for good versatility in the mop vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner: Frequently asked questions and answers

You probably have many questions about vacuum cleaners. In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know all the essential background information about vacuum cleaners.

What is a mop vacuum?

A mop vacuum, suction mop or so-called hard floor cleaner, which is a combination of a mop and a hoover, is a very practical household appliance. With the help of the mop vacuum, dry dirt such as particles and dust as well as liquids are vacuumed up. In addition, hard floors and even carpets are cleaned at the same time by the mopping function.

Mop vacuums are particularly suitable for cleaning and maintaining hard floors. If you are looking for an electronic household appliance that vacuums and mops in one step, a mopping vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for you. Since allergens are bound in the water through the suction and mopping function and then transferred to a water tank, the device is also allergy-friendly.

Vacuum cleaners are the ideal everyday household help. You can use them to clean floors easily and efficiently if quickly and efficiently. (Image source: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG/ Kärcher)

A typical mopping vacuum looks similar to a hoover, but a mopping vacuum is always equipped with water tanks. Instead of just vacuuming floors with a hoover, you can still effectively mop them with a mop vacuum without also using a mop.

What types of mop vacuums are there?

If you want to buy a vacuum mop, there are usually three alternatives to choose from: Robot mops, stick mops and washing vacuums. The main advantages and disadvantages of the three types are summarised below:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Robot vacuum and mop Low noise, Small and flat, Less power consumption, Cleans independently Expensive purchase price, Small dirt tank, Not for stubborn dirt, Limited battery life
Stick mop vacuum Requires less space, More flexible, Better suction and wiping performance Expensive purchase price, Sometimes noisy in operation
Washing vacuum cleaner Better suction and wiping performance, Equipped with larger water tanks, Suitable especially for large areas Relatively noisy in operation, Requires more space, Heavy and unwieldy

The big plus of a vacuuming and mopping robot is that it can work independently once started. Thanks to its flat design, cleaning hard-to-reach places is also possible. If the budget allows it, it is certainly worth buying a mopping robot. The compact design of stick mopping vacuums makes it possible to house the entire mopping vacuum with all the necessary components such as water tanks in one unit. On the one hand, it takes up very little space.

On the other hand, the stick mop vacuum cleaner is easy to move around. There are also two alternatives to stick mops, namely battery-operated mops and stick mops with a mains cable. A battery-operated wiping vacuum cleaner is certainly more flexible, but a wiping vacuum cleaner with a cord guarantees a longer operating time. Here you have to ask yourself what you prefer.

With a stick vacuum cleaner, you can clean the floors effortlessly. (Photo source: speyer-kurier / bissel)

The washing vacuum cleaner is very similar to the mopping vacuum cleaner, but it is equipped with a special nozzle system that sprays the fresh water finely into the textile surfaces. The suction function then sucks up dirt together with the dirty water.

A vacuum cleaner is not recommended for cleaning wooden floors.

However, it is particularly suitable for textile surfaces such as carpets and upholstered furniture. If you are looking for a device for a thorough deep cleaning, a wash vacuum is a good choice.

How much does a mop vacuum cost?

There is a wide range of prices between the different mop vacuums. Depending on the quality and model, the cost varies. The range can go from around 100 to 400 euros. Here you can see that a vacuum cleaner is generally more expensive than a normal hoover.

Type price range
Suction and mopping robot approx. 150 to 400 euros
Stick mopping vacuum cleaner approx. 130 to 300 euros
Washing vacuum cleaner approx. 4 to 210 euros

Mopping robots start at a price of 150 euros, although different manufacturers charge very different prices. Since some robots are only equipped with a suction or wiping function, you should pay attention to whether the robot you want to buy really meets your needs. For stick-mop vacuums, the amounts range up to 300 euros. Some manufacturers offer stick mops with a self-cleaning function for an extra charge.

If your budget allows it, it is better to buy a mid-priced model, as the cheap mop vacuums break down much faster.

Compared to a robotic mop and stick mop vacuum cleaner, a wash vacuum cleaner is relatively cheaper. Most washing vacuums are suitable for cleaning carpets, but for a higher price you can buy a mopping vacuum with extensive accessories for multi-purpose cleaning.

What are the alternatives to a mop vacuum?

There are actually many household appliances that have a suction or wiping function. Each of the appliance models has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the following section, we will give you a brief overview of the alternatives to vacuum cleaners.

Type Description
Robot vacuum cleaner A robot vacuum cleaner is very similar to a vacuuming and mopping robot. But it only has one function, which is why it is usually cheaper than a vacuuming and mopping robot.
Vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaner is one of the typical household appliances. However, it is usually only possible to vacuum up dry dirt.
Steam cleaners Steam cleaners or steam brooms clean the floor with very hot steam and no chemicals are used. This makes steam cleaners environmentally friendly and a very good solution against bacteria.

Each of the devices has certain advantages and is suitable for certain situations. Nevertheless, the mop vacuum seems to be superior to the others in many criteria.

How do I care for a vacuum cleaner?

Basically, you should take care of the cleanliness of your vacuum cleaner after vacuuming and mopping, so that the vacuum cleaner itself has a long life. Cleaning is relatively easier with vacuum cleaners that have a self-cleaning function. However, you will have to clean some parts yourself.

There are usually three parts to clean when maintaining a vacuum cleaner: the water tank, the floor nozzle and the sieve.

Since dry dirt and liquid are sucked up together and directed into the dirty water tank, you should empty and thoroughly rinse the dirty water tank after each use of your vacuum cleaner. A mild cleaning agent is very helpful here. Dirt such as hair often gets caught on the outside of the floor nozzle, which can then be easily removed. You can either remove such dirt with a brush or simply pluck it off by hand.You should also regularly remove stubborn dirt from the sieve so that it keeps its filtering capacity.

It is best to let the strainer dry completely before reinserting it.


If you want to buy a new household appliance for cleaning and maintaining hard floors, a mop vacuum is a good choice. With the help of a mop vacuum you can effectively clean hard floors and even carpets. You save both time and energy, as vacuuming and mopping are done in one step. A vacuum and mopping robot is relatively more expensive, but it is worth having one if you don't feel like cleaning yourself.

Stick mop vacuums are typical hard floor cleaners and include both cordless mop vacuums and corded mop vacuums. Washing vacuums have a special nozzle system and are particularly suitable for carpet cleaning.

Image source: Flisak/

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