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A mosquito trap consists of a cylindrical appliance with electrified surrounds, which emits energy of a certain voltage on contact with an object. These electrical emissions, if pulsed by people, will cause no more than a small current. But when touched by insects, they are killed by incineration.

We know that these insects can be very annoying, so we will try to help you choose the best option to get rid of them without any problems. To do so, we are going to compile information and arrange it in a hierarchical order, prioritising the most important things so that you can make the right choice.

The most important facts

  • A mosquito trap is an object that has a voltage receiving centre. This, when touched, emits electricity in some proportion, being able to kill, depending on how many volts it receives, bugs such as mosquitoes, moths or flies.
  • It has 3 versions. The first, the plug-in ones, which require an electrical outlet to turn on. The second, the rechargeable ones, which can work for some time without this resource. The third, plug-in bulbs, which, being plug-in, can make use of WiFi in many cases.
  • The details that can relativise your purchase are 4. How much voltage it is capable of receiving, its size, whether it has grids that prevent someone from sticking their fingers in it and electrocuting themselves and how strong its light is, if it has one.

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Buying guide

When it comes to such an important household item as this, especially when a warm season may be approaching, it is vital to avoid regrets. And the only way to do that is to know everything about the product. Apart from the comparison, in the following section we explain in detail what it is all about.

The lighting is attractive to moths and flies, which are also killed by the action of electricity (Photo: Kwanchai Chai-udom /

What is a mosquito trap?

A mosquito trap is a household tool that, using the collection of electrical energy, emits enough voltage to kill bugs when they come into contact with electrified grids. As they usually use light, which attracts the insects, they can also kill moths and other similar animals.

This is not always the case, and there are many which, while having attractive luminescence for the latter, do not have sufficient voltage to kill them. On the other hand, in terms of performance it can be said that, if they have luminescence, the most effective are those that make use of LED lighting, which can even change colour.

What are its advantages?

Although it may seem that their main advantage is to get rid of annoying mosquitoes, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays, most of them incorporate cells that prevent people from sticking their hand in and getting a current. This makes them useful for children's rooms.

This is essential to prevent diseases such as dengue fever or malaria, which are often transmitted by this type of animal. And with babies and children being so vulnerable, they are very much needed to be protected against these bugs.

  • They have a long burning time
  • They are an object that can be thought of in the long term
  • They are not difficult to use even by children
  • They help prevent diseases such as dengue fever
  • If they kill moths they keep clothes safe
  • Some can be quite expensive
  • If they do not have a protective grating they can be quite loud
  • If damaged they are difficult to fix
  • Several can be too big
  • Some consume a lot of electricity

Plug-in, rechargeable or bulb mosquito trap - what should you look out for?

Like any product, this one has a number of versions that it is good for the customer to be aware of before deciding. It has to be said that none of them is objectively superior to the other; it depends on what the buyer's needs and disposition are. What they offer and what they require changes from one model to another.

Plug-in mosquito trap. In this case we are talking about those that need a connection or plug to be able to use them. It is common for those that make use of this resource to have no switch or other means of ignition. They are automatic, as they start working as soon as you plug them in, and they usually consume a lot of energy.

Rechargeable mosquito traps. Rechargeable mosquito traps have features that are very favourable if portability is needed or the location where they will be used lacks electrical power. They are highly mobile and can be activated, once charged, in spaces that, for various reasons, lack electrical outlets or connections.

Bulb mosquito trap. These have many nice features. The first is that they are highly mobile, more so than any other. They are quite small, have a moderate weight, and can function as a lamp. In addition they also come with a number of features such as LED lights or control via WiFi.

Plug-in Rechargeable Bulb
Duration Indefinite 10-5 hours Indefinite
Eco friendly Yes No No
On Automatic Switch or WiFi Automatic or WiFI
Dimmable No Yes No No

What about the LED light?

This luminescence is produced by capturing energy from thousands of magnetic protrusions, called "diodes". These collect electricity and distribute it along thousands of these points, resulting in an opaque illumination that can, due to its characteristics, change colour.

LED is a modern form of lighting which, although dim, offers a great advantage when it comes to eliminating insects. This is because it is precisely the phosphorescent light that can be most attractive to bugs such as flies or moths.

LED phosphorescence is one of the most insect-attracting forms of light (Photo: Suriya Kankliang /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of mosquito traps

There are always a variety of details that, at the last minute, can affect your purchase. It is important that you do not make the mistake of being overconfident and check all the features of the product before deciding to buy. Knowing that this can happen to you, we have listed the following aspects that may be important to you:

  • Voltage
  • Size
  • Trellis
  • Light


The amount of volts your trap emits will determine several things. If it is a luminescent trap, this is directly related to the light projection it can offer. But in addition to this, it is also related to the type of bugs it is capable of eliminating.

A voltage capacity of about 50 V will hardly be able to incinerate larger animals, such as moths. These reach quite large sizes and a low output trap door is not suitable for them. If you need it against these insects, try to use 100-120 v or more.


Your dimensions have a direct bearing on a number of points. The first is how portable it is. This is important if, for example, you only have one in your home and need to move it from one place to another. If, in addition to being large, it requires a connection and is not rechargeable, the more difficult it is to move it around.

Those that are around 80 or 70 centimetres high and 30 or 40 centimetres wide can be considered large. If they have such dimensions, keep in mind that they can also be mobile if they can be recharged.


The main way in which this object can be placed in places such as children's rooms is that they have a grille or cover outside the centre of energy emission. This is what prevents people from sticking their fingers inside and getting a shock.

When talking about mosquito traps, it should be considered that their main use is associated with children, as they are the most prone to contracting diseases when in contact with these vermin. The insects are transmitters of problems such as malaria or dengue fever. It is therefore imperative to check if your trapdoor has a grating.


If, in addition to mosquitoes, you are thinking of eliminating moths and other bugs, you need your product to emit light. Because it is precisely light that is attractive to them. It also increases the effectiveness in combating flies, for example, which are also attracted by this element.

Light quality and light projection are closely related to voltage. Therefore, these are two closely linked points that should be considered when deciding on your purchase. Also, consider that those that produce LED light can be substantially more useful than others.

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